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25 Best Middle Part Hairstyles For Men in 2024

Like many other 90s trends, center-parted haircuts have made a major comeback this year. And they’re considered just as debonair as they were thought of back in the good old days.

A middle part is ideal for guys to balance out the symmetry of any face shape and can be rocked with all hair lengths and textures. The final result can be variable; you can opt for a relaxed tousled hairdo with face-framing bangs or slick back the sides for a more polished look.

Consider the following middle part hairstyles for men before going to the salon to make an informed decision.

Attractive Middle Part Hairstyles for Men

All of these manly middle part hairstyles will help you enjoy a traditional yet contemporary look with minimal styling and maintenance. There’s nothing to lose!

1. Classic Curtain Cut

middle part brown hair for men

Center part hairstyles for men are often referred to as curtain cuts. The name implies a long center-parted top that falls on both sides of the face, much like curtains.

Couple it with an undercut or a fade and use a barrel brush to achieve perfect M-shaped swoops at the front.

2. Soft Taper Fade

men's middle part short hairstyle

Guys who want to stay on the shorter side can consider getting a taper fade that elongates gradually toward the top. Achieve texture with layers to avoid a flat look.

The buzzed sides and height on top can help elongate an otherwise broad face.

3. Center-Parted Bouncy Curls

curly haired man with middle part hairstyle

Take advantage of those god-gifted ringlets to create volume around a slender face making it appear less oblong.

Ask for dry-cut layers to graze your shoulders and throw in some highlights or opt for a balayage instead, with a center parting, of course. Zero regrets involved!

4. Face-Framing Dreads

middle part dreadlocks for men

African-American men can express their masculinity with dreadlocks. You can keep them short or long, whereas a chin-length mane is ideal for putting all the focus on your best features.

Keep the chunks at varying lengths for a layered effect and also to avoid a blunt look.

5. The Eboy Hairstyle

short middle part hairstyle for men with glasses

The Eboy hairstyle emerged from TikTok and is sported by many youngsters today. It works best with textured hair where the strands are tousled on both sides of the parting for a carefree vibe.

The undone top is suitable to elongate the face while keeping it easygoing.

6. Korean Two-Block Haircut

Asian man with middle part blonde hair

The two-block haircut is another modern middle-part hairstyle for men, especially Asians given their straight, sleek tresses. It is defined by two varying blocks of length; short back and sides with a prominently long top.

The curtain bangs and platinum blonde hair color are worth a shot too!

7. Modern Mullet

middle part layered haircut for men

Mullet haircuts of today aren’t as rebellious as before. Although the basic features are the same, with a short top and even shorter sides coupled with a long tail at the back, the disconnection isn’t that sharp anymore.

Plenty of texture and a soft center part is all you need.

8. 90s Middle Part + Undercut

middle part hairstyle for men with thin hair

Look like a 90s gentleman by opting for a basic long top at ear level with subtle layers. Pair it with an undercut along the sides for a neat look.

Brush back all the hair with a central split and allow it to settle naturally. The end result varies according to hair texture.

9. Salt and Pepper Ivy League

middle part hairstyle for older men

A middle parting does not need to be very prominent all the time. Go short by asking for an Ivy League haircut that spares enough length on top to be styled sideways.

Men getting on in years can flaunt their salt and pepper locks with neatly clipped sides and a beard.

10. Medium-Length Split

Asian guy with middle part blue hair

A medium-length hairstyle is low-risk as you can always go shorter or grow it out within a minimal duration.

Recreate the look with a middle-parting to break down the bluntness of your face with a slightly longer back. The blue hair color is sure to pop some eyes.

11. Sculpted Afro Kinks

middle part hairstyle for black men

Middle-part hairstyles for men work with all hair types, and that includes afro curls too. Mixed-race guys can style their natural fluff differently for a change by splitting it in the center and twisting the ends for some dreadlock vibes.

Snipping the strands in a round shape beforehand will make a huge difference.

12. Boho-Chic Box Braids

middle part braids for men

Make all the ladies swoon over you with some debonair box braids. Carve out a triangle or square-shaped sections along your center part, braid them down, and add metal cuffs at the ends.

Pull the knits back, sparing two chunks at the front to frame the face. Getting an undercut is optional.

13. The Bro Flow

medium length middle part hairstyle for men

The bro flow hairstyle features shoulder-length layers that are swept away from the face to open it up. Customize the classic hairdo with a soft central split allowing the front tendrils to fall alongside your eyes.

This style is a must-try for men with textured tresses.

14. Careless Curls with Fringe

middle part curly hairstyle for men

Let your curls bounce in all their glory with a layered top that tapers towards the sides and back. Keeping the front coils slightly longer than the rest of the hair is what makes this hairstyle stand out from others.

The center parting will become a must automatically!

15. Professional Slick-Back

bradely cooper's middle part hairstyle

Guys bored of their brow-skimming side curtains can slick them back for a more professional look. Carve out your parting, brush back all the strands away from the face, and apply pomade afterward to keep everything in place.

The flipped-out ends can be achieved in the case of wavy locks.

16. Surfer Boy Hairstyle

blonde guy with middle part straight hair

Surfer hairstyles feature wind-swept medium to long hairdos that you can part in the center with ease. Men who don’t have naturally curly or wavy tresses can use sea salt hairspray to achieve some texture.

Spice up the look further with a fresh hair color, highlights, or a balayage.

17. Angled Curtains

blonde hairstyle for men with middle part

Asian men can make their middle-part hairstyle stand out from others with a slanted snip. The result is a long top that elongates from the crown towards the front at an angle.

Get noticed from a distance by dying the top only, leaving the buzzed sides untouched.

18. Tucked-In Long Top

redhead guy with middle part hairstyle

Keeping the top strands long leaves you with various styling options. You can tuck the middle-parted mane behind your ears or assemble it in a man bun instead.

Balance it out with an undercut and try a long beard to channel your inner hipster.

19. Middle-Parted Ponytail

older man with middle part ponytail

Talking of length, men with long tresses can experiment with a center part without fully committing to it. Simply detangle your mane and style it in a low ponytail with a central split on top.

A beard pony will ensure several stares along the way.

20. The Man Bob

middle part hairstyle for Asian men

The man bob has emerged after the man bun and is the cutest way to sport medium-length locks. Long face-framing layers at the front and short strands resting above the nape at the back are all you need to ask for.

Finger-brush the mane to end up with charming swoops that won’t go ignored.

21. Wavy Camaro Cut + Temple Fade

middle part mullet for men

The Camaro haircut is yet another name for a mullet. Get yourself noticed with a long top that extends towards the back, much like a mohawk with a sharp temple fade above the ears.

Part the hair down in the middle and leave the rest to your natural texture.

22. Asian Sleek Center Part

nerd guy with middle part hairstyle

Asian men are best known for their thick, sleek hair. Take away the bulk with a simple long top and buzzed sides. Again, opt for an angled cut, but this time let the strands shorten towards the front with a disconnected long fringe.

Comb down the strands, and done!

23. Romantic Mop Top

young man with middle part blonde hair

Although mop tops are known to be shaggy and messy, you can go for this soft, sleek version instead to appear super romantic.

The long layers on top are sculpted in a way to shorten towards the sides to hug the face. Wait till the front tendrils graze your cheeks!

24. Short Feathered Part

short middle part hairstyle for men
royalbarber_maksbaczynski /Instagram

Short middle-parted hairstyles for men often result in a subtle M shape at the front in the case of straight hair, while you’ll most likely end up with S-shaped swoops if you are blessed with a wavy texture.

Accentuate the top with a clean undercut along the sides, and that’s it!

25. Peaky Blinder’s Brush-Back

middle part fade haircut for men

Tommy Shelby’s hairdo in Peaky Blinders is undoubtedly one of the best middle-part hairstyles men can ever get.

Go for a 1920s look with a tight skin fade and a slicked-back top. Apply gel to freshly washed hair to maintain a wet look all day long.

Middle-part hairstyles for men are super versatile. There are so many ways to style them, plus they can be coupled with undercuts, fades, and so much more, just as mentioned above. So what are you looking for?

Book an appointment to frame your face with one of these sexy split-down-the-middle haircuts.