18 Cool Fringe Haircuts for Men You Need to Try

Fringe haircuts for men come in many styles – very short, shaggy, wavy, and choppy. They all flatter a variety of haircuts and can be worn handsomely on many men’s face shapes. If your current look could do with an update, try one that incorporates fringe.


Fringe Haircuts for Men

These 18 fringe haircuts will show you how you can rock the coolest trend for yourself.

1. Fringe Haircut with Fade

Men's Fringe Haircut With Fade

This cropped fringe looks great with a medium fade. Be sure to leave the hair on the top several inches long to have enough to add texture to.


2. Textured Fringe

Textured Fringe Haircut For Men

On rectangle faces, textured fringe is especially flattering. Cut the sides short or just give it a fade to draw attention to the front of your haircut.


3. Short Fringe Haircut

Short Fringe Haircut for Guys

Short, choppy fringe has a European vibe especially when worn with a fade. Keep the fringe about an inch above eyebrows to copy this look, then use fingers to shape texture at the top of the head.


4. Curly Fringe

Curly Fringe For Men

Curly hair can be quite handsome when worn the right way. Keep it semi-short and shape fringe so it falls subtly over the forehead. Keep sides short or leave them longer to round out your face.


5. Long Fringe Cut

 Fringe Cut for Men with Long Hair

If long hair is your thing, don’t give it up. Embrace your natural texture, but add in some fringe for a cool hippie vibe. If your hair isn’t naturally straight, try flat-ironing it to control the texture.


6. Undercut Fringe

Undercut Fringe for Men

An undercut added to a fringe haircut is especially rocker and hot. Leave the top hair to grow out and embrace its pieceyness by letting it fall flat across a fade.


7. Blunt Fringe Haircut

Blunt Fringe Haircut for Guys

Blunt fringe is similar to a bowl haircut except the rest of the hair is still long. Giving your fringe a blunt cut will draw attention to your eyes and make your style dramatic.


8. Spiky Hair with Fringe

Men's Spiky Hair with Fringe

Your spiky hair will stand out with a bold color like dark blue or turquoise. With a blunt-cut fringe and short sides, this style comes across as futuristic.


9. Straight Fringe Cut

Straight Fringe Cut for Boys

Straight fringe under a wavy top is a hip contrast and usual for men’s haircuts. To keep the vibe edgy, a medium or high fade should be added to sides.


10. Angular Fringe

Men's Angular Fringe 

For men who want to cover up a large forehead, an angular fringe is a great option. Straighten it and brush it down over a corner of the forehead to create a cool effect; layers on top will create movement and volume.


11. Cropped Fringe

Men's Cropped Fringe

When you see a stylist to get your own fringe haircut, have them cut it bluntly or slightly choppy for a cropped look. Thick layers up top create built-in texture you can play with using product.


12. Fringe Hairstyle for Square Shape

fringe haircuts for men

Men, who have a square face shape i.e. a square jawline, should go for a V-shape fringe in their hair. The hair can be cut into choppy layers look that fall in a V over the forehead to really accentuate the jawline of the face.


13. Front Fringe for Wavy Hair

fringe haircut for wavy hair

Having wavy hair is blessing itself as the messy hair creates a “bed hair” kind of look. Keeping front fringes that lie on one side of the forehead is perfect for faces that are diamond shaped.


14. One-Side Front Bangs

fringe with bangs for men

Men who have a chiseled jaw structure should go for a one-side front bangs look. It gives the face a nice angle and asymmetry that evens out the facial cuts topping it off with choppy front bangs lying on one side of the forehead.


15. Side-Fringes for Blond Hair Men

men's fringe haircut for blonde hair

This hairstyle is one of the trending hairstyles as of now. All of the hair is directing towards one side with the bands falling over the forehead. It looks amazing in blonde hair as the hair color is light and more of the hairstyle can be seen happening.


16. Pointy Side Swept Fringes

edgy fringe haircut for men

Men who like an extra edge to their haircut can go for a pointy front fringe look. The hair is cut into wispy layers that are pointy towards the end. The front fringe is falling over the face covering half of one side of the face.


17. Messy Fringe with Glasses

men's fringe haircut with glasses

Fringe is a awesome hairstyle for men who wear glasses. Pointy fringes help in giving a man a nice frame to really make those eye-glasses pop out and make them look younger.


18. Face Framing Fringes

popular fringe haircuts for men

One can also refer to this hairstyle as “The Young Version of Steve Jobs” look. If you Google pictures of him in his youth, you’ll find that he had the same haircut as the one shown below which has the hair framing the face from above and the sides in a square shape.


Fringe haircuts can be worn by men who love styling their hair in different ways according to their face shapes and also to give their facial cuts, like the jawline or forehead a nice frame to create attractive facial angles.

One can try these styles out regardless of hair texture as we have mentioned fringes for hair that is straight, silky and wavy or cut into different types of layers.

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