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15 Curly Pompadour Hairstyles for Men to Try

Curly Pompadour looks fantastic with straight hair, but they look even better when they are styled with curls. Adding curls to a pompadour hairstyle actually gives the look a really retro feel, which you will love to wear. Even if you have completely straight hair naturally, you can add a few curls to your look to change your pompadour hairstyle.


Men’s Popular Curly Pompadour Hairstyles

Curly pompadour is named after a French hairstyle and the “combs” that roosters have on their heads. Roosters wear these combs with pride and they play an important part in attracting a mate. Likewise, an impressive pompadour comb over will help you to look great and get positive attention.

#1: Subtle Curly Pompadour

Curly pompadour hairstyle for men

A few subtle curls can really change the look of a Pompadour hairstyle. If your hair is naturally curled, try leaving the curls in place, rather than straightening them out.


#2: Men’s Curly Pompadour With Waves

Waves and Pompadour Curls hairstyle for young boy

Teaming up waves and curls in a Pompadour hairstyle gives a really retro look. Create a finger wave at the base of the style but leave the rest of your hair in tight curls.


#3: Straight and Thick Pompadour Comb Over

Straight and Thick Comb Pompadour hairstyle for men

Wide pompadour combs are one of the easiest options for people who don’t want to overstyle their hair. Brush your hair forward so that you have more volume at the front than at the back.


#4: Pompadour with a Quiff

Pompadour with a Quiff Combs hairstyle for men

Use a fine brush to roll the front of your pompadour comb into a quiff style. Roll the fringe section up and over to give your quiff a curved peak.


#5: Side-swept Pompadour

Side swept Pompadour hairstyle for young boy

Backcomb your hair to give your style a volume boost. Once you have got a little bit of volume into your hairstyle, brush your hair so that your pompadour hairstyle sweeps over to one side.


#6: Thin Rolled Pompadour for Men With Curly Hair


Use a comb to style in a parting into your hair at both sides. Curl the hair in between the two partings so that it rolls up and over into a voluminous pompadour hairstyle.


#7: Line-Up Cut

Line-Up Cut Pompadour Curls hairstyle

If you love rocking a pompadour comb but want to try out a different style as well, try mixing things up by styling in a line-up cut. Sharp angles and smooth curves will create an amazing mixed hairstyle.

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#8: Basket-Style Pompadour


In order to create a basket-style pompadour, you should style your hair so that it rises sharply at the edges. Then curl it over so that it creates a bread basket dip in the center of the pompadour comb.


#9: Curly and Wavy Pompadour

Wavy Pompadour hairstyle you like

Very soft curls in a pompadour style help to give a beautiful wavy look to your pompadour comb. This style can be hard to emulate if you do not have natural waves in your hairstyle.

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red curly pompadour hairstyles for men






curly pompadour hairstyles


Even if you don’t have curly hair, there are lots of fantastic pompadour comb styles that you can try out. You will love the looks that we have to try out in all of our other lists.