15 Best Mexican Mullet Hairstyles for Men

Mexican men have wonderful hair and no wonder they style in so beautifully. The world has got enough of Mexican heroes who have become idols in hairstyles. Here are 15 of the best Mexican mullet hairstyles for men.


Mexican Mullet Hairstyles

Mexican mullet haircut is not just about a particular type of haircut but how differently you can style the trend that has been going around for decades now. Feel free to check other Mexican hairstyles for men too!

1. Spiked Mexican Mullet

Spiked Mexican Mullet

You can emulate Miguel Herrera with this spiked Mexican mullet hairstyle which became quite a style statement. The hair is cropped on the sides to accentuate the length of the hair at the back and the front part of the hair is spiked for some special effect.


2. Curly Mullet

Curly Mullet

Look at this awesomeness in the form of blonde curls creating a surprisingly unique kind of Mullet. Let your natural curls do the talking by trimming the sides to create a curly canopy on top. If you have curly hair, check out these curly hair ideas for men too.


3. Classic Mexican Mullet

Classic Mexican Mullet

The classic Mexican mullet is the most basic one that you get to see. The front and sides are kept medium length while the tuft of hair near the neck is kept long and flowing for the typical Mexican mullet look. Doesn’t it look great on Mexican men who are born with beautiful hair naturally?


4. Bald or shaven on top mullet

bald mullet for women

If you would love to sport a shaven look and a mullet together, this is it. This style is suitable for those with a bald front and mid-section or those who would love to shave the front of the head and yet like to keep it long and flowing at the back. The hair at the back of the head is kept long in the style of a Mexican mullet.


5. Square mullet

Square mexican mullet for men

This is a very symmetrical kind of mullet design almost resembling a square box on the top of the head. The front section of the hair is kept voluminous but is not left long and flowing. Instead it is shaped into a square box like structure to stand up from the rest of the section at the back which is naturally long and dense.


6. Long and flowing natural mullet

Do you want your hair to wave long and naturally like a horse’s mane? A natural and careless mullet is the best one you can have if you are blessed with such amazing hair texture and growth. Leave it all flowing long with very slight trimmings in the front to shape the mullet and then let nature take its course. This one surely looks romantic on Mexican handsome hunks.


7. Mexican mullet with men’s bangs in front

mexican mullet with bangs

Getting bangs or fringes isn’t only a woman’s business. It is as much as a man’s as a woman’s. While you let the mane flow long and densely near the neck, the length of hair in the front is cut into front bangs for vintage and classy Mexican mullet look. This really utilizes the entire section of hair and is a great choice for the bold Mexican hunks.



short Mexican mullet

short Mexican mullet



Mexican spiky mullet


Mexican spiky mullet



80s Mexican mullet

80s Mexican mullet



blonde Mexican mullet



Mexican mullet with fade



Mexican mullet with taper fade





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