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7 Unique Mohawk Hairstyles for Little Girls

Mohawk hairstyles as you have already heard of is one of the trendiest hairstyles of all time. Mostly worn by men and women of adulthood ages, now it has also become a thing for younger children especially for little girls.

This style looks super-cute on little girls who love following trends from such young ages. In this article today, we are going to talk about 7 Mohawk hairstyles for little girls that you can try on your little sisters or daughters.


Mohawk Styles for Your Little Girl

We have handpicked some trendiest mohawk hairstyles that will inspire your daughter’s next hairstyle.


1. Pull Through Faux Mohawk

faux mohawk for little girls

This mohawk hairstyle is super easy to make and can go on any little girl who has a medium to longer length hair. The hair is simply tied up into 5-6 ponytails and the first ponytail is divided in half and then tied under the next ponytail and so on.


2. Afro Puff Mohawk Ponytail for Little Girls

Afro Puff Mohawk Ponytail for Little Girl

This is perfect for little girls who naturally have afro hair. Although afro hair is difficult to deal with, hairstyles like Mohawk puff ponytail can make the hair look classy in no time. To style this look, divide the hair into 3 sections, make ponytails and then tuck them below into a bun style.


3. Mohawk Puffy Tail

Mohawk Puffy Tail for little girls

Something similar to a faux Mohawk, this hairstyle looks extremely adorable on little girls who love rocking the tomboy look. It’s very simple to make, all you need to do is tie 5-6 ponytails depending on the thickness of hair and just tie them up with the following ponytail instead of going under the ponytail.


4. Mohawk Flower Bun Style

mohawk with flower bun

This look is unique and a new edition to the family of Mohawk hairstyles for little girls. Just like every other Mohawk style, divide the hair into 4-5 ponytails, grab the ponytail and stuff it up into a bun style. Secure it with pins and pull out some hair to create a flowery look in the hair.


5. Pull Through Braided Mohawk

braided mohawk for little girl

This little girl mohawk hairstyle is super sleek and can perfectly work in any type of medium length hair. To Achieve this look, just take the top hair and make it into a braid and take the side hair And neatly comb them back and add the braided hair with the side hair into a ponytail.


6. Half Braid French Mohawk

Half Braid French Mohawk

This look can go well with little girls who have short hair. The top is neatly made into a French braid and the rest of the hair is tied up with the braid.


7. Knotted Bun Mohawk

knotted bun mohawk for little girl

For little girls who have long and thick hair can have their hair tied up into a Mohawk knot bun style. The hair will be neatly tied and won’t be bothering them for the rest of the day in school.


Watch The Following Video of How To Do Braided Mohawk Hairstyle for Little Girls


All these hairstyles are easy and fun to make. From pull through faux to French braided knots and flowery stuffed buns. Try them out on your sisters or daughters and let them have fun by enjoying the day out in school or at playgrounds.