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80 Cute Short Haircuts for Little Girls

Many parents prefer to keep their little girl’s hair short for easier maintenance. However, they are afraid their little princess won’t like it as short hair might make them look less cute.

But there are some short hairstyles for little girls you will find easy to manage and your daughter will find it cute too. 

Adorable Short Haircuts & Hairstyles for Little Girls

If you want to check out some of the trendiest and most modern short hairstyles for little girls, take a look at the haircuts below:

#1. Mauve Hair

little girls short hair with undercut

Adding a touch of color won’t do any harm to your girl’s hair. The short layered top is dyed in a light mauve shade to contrast with the buzzed sides. This hairstyle is ideal for girls with blonde hair as it won’t require bleaching.

#2. Pushed Back

short headband hairstyles for little girls

Hair accessories come in handy for little girls. The straight textured hair is styled into a subtly layered chin-length bob. Use a headband to push back the strands away from the face. The strands falling over it create a cute appeal.

#3. Braided Top

short half pony for little girls

Little braids look adorable on little faces. The top curly strands are intertwined into a fine braid and secured at the back with a hair tie. The remaining hair is tucked behind the ears with some strands falling on the forehead.

#4. Puffy Afro Ponytails

little girl with short pigtails

With a bit of care, short afro curls can be styled with ease. The hair is slicked back into two high and puffy ponytails accentuated with a headband having an oversized bow. You can go for more than two ponytails depending on your choice. 

#5. Bowl Cut

short blunt cut for little girls

This short haircut for little girls never goes out of style. The sides are shaved with a bluntly cut top just above the ears. This effortless-to-maintain look can be achieved at home and works great on a straight hair texture. 

#6. Uni-Length All Over

short side part haircut for little girls

There is no need to complicate a haircut when a simple style like this can refresh the hair. The strands are chopped evenly all around the head reaching the chin. Brush down the hair with a side or middle part and the look is done.

#7. Let It Grow

little girl with short thin hair

Fine hair requires some time to grow before it can be styled in any way. Be patient during this and use some hair accessories like these cute hair clips to style your little one’s fine strands. The wispy bangs falling on the forehead add cuteness to the face.

#8. Curly Layers

little girl with short brown hair

Curls should be flaunted with confidence regardless of age. Little ladies can go for a layered bob haircut with tousled bangs. Leave the rest to the natural coils bending in all directions. This look is easy to achieve and style.

#9. Micro Braids

little girl with short braids

Looking for a hairstyle that can be kept for some days? Opt for this look with trimmed sides and a longer top. The curly strands are weaved into micro braids falling over the sides with a middle parting.

#10. Carefree Appeal

little girl with wavy short hair

Teach your little one to show off her curls with pride while keeping it carefree. The short hair is layered to frame the face all along with a headband that is somewhat hidden in between the curly strands.

#11. Asymmetrical Look

short asymmetrical haircut for little girls

Some girls like to stand out from others. Play with the symmetry of the hair to create this style. The strands are chopped to ear length with wispy bangs at the front. One side is buzzed with a shaved slit for a disconnected feel.

#12. Unkempt Shag

short ginger hairstyle for little girls

An unkempt shag looks adorable on little girls. If your little one has thick curly hair layer it around the face with bangs reaching the eyes. Hand-tousle the curls and allow them to curve in all directions. Curly ginger heads can recreate this style exactly.  

#13. Blunt Bangs

little girl's short straight hair

Bangs look the cutest on young faces. Couple a short boy haircut with bluntly cut bangs at the front just above the eyebrows and neatly clipped sides saving the hassle of styling the hair daily.

#14. Highlighted Tips

little girl with short afro curls

The boring appeal of kinky afro curls can be enhanced by adding a touch of color to them. The tips of the coils are dyed in a honey blonde hue to contrast with the darker base shade adding an instant playful glow to the face. 

#15. Half-Up Ponytail

Asian little girl's short hair

All the girls have flaunted this style at least once in their life. The jaw-length bob has eyebrow grazing bangs with the top being styled into a half-up ponytail. This look is ideal for fine hair texture.

#16. Boyish Appeal

little girl with short pixie

There is nothing wrong with rocking a boyish haircut. The top is long and textured falling over the trimmed sides and forehead as wispy bangs. Add a floral hair accessory for a girly touch to this trouble-free style.

#17. Stacked Short Hair

little girl's short stacked bob

This short haircut is all about the layers at the back. The front fringe reaches the jaw while the layering enhances the hair volume prominently. Natural waves are ideal for this style as they create a textured appeal that won’t be ignored.

#18. French Girl Bob

little girl's short hair with bangs

A classic French girl bob never goes out of style and is an ideal short haircut for little girls. The blonde locks are chopped to jaw-length with straight bangs falling on the forehead. Pin back the side-parted strands on one side with a bow hair clip.

#19. Auburn Highlights

Asian little girl with short curls

If you don’t mind dying the hair of your little princess, try auburn highlights on curly chocolate brown hair to keep it low-key but equally noticeable. The coils fall on both sides of the face while the top front is secured back with a hairclip.    

#20. Braided Headband

little girl's short hairstyle

Another hair look that is perfect for fine hair. The strands are brushed with a side parting and plaited to create a braided headband. The rest of the hair is styled into a low bun or ponytail at the back.

#21. Colorful Hair

Little Girl's Multi-Colored Bob

Create this fun yet high-maintenance look by going for a short bob cut and side-swept bangs. The strands are then dyed in rose gold, royal blue, olive green, and plum shades to create a plethora of colors.

#22. Deep Side Part

little girl's short curls with bow

A simple deep side parting is enough to style shoulder-length curls. Enhance the look further by adding blonde babylights peeking through the darker strands. A cute bow hair accessory tops off this style.

#23. Two-Toned Look

All girls love pink. Why not try it on their hair too? The hair is cropped to a medium length wavy lob with the natural light blonde shade melting into a baby pink hue midway and re-emerging near the ends creating a patchy look.

#24. Go Bold

Incorporating different hair shades and hair lengths in one haircut will keep all the eyes on your little girl. The ruffled bob with micro bangs is dyed in different shades of copper and blonde. Two long braids emerging from both sides top off this bold look.

#25. Keep It Simple

Short Blonde Hair with Bangs for Little Girls

Here is another hair look that is quite common among young girls. The fine-textured blonde strands are trimmed into a straight haircut just above the shoulders with eyebrow skimming bangs accentuating the face.

#26. Sleek and Short

Concave Bob for Little Girls

A sleek angled bob looks equally chic on little faces. The bob is rounded at the back and has pointy ends at the front. Tuck the strands behind one ear with a side part and the stylish look is done.

#27. Brunette Bob

Short Hair with Headband for Little Girls

Try out a short lob on brunette hair. Upgrade this simple haircut by adding subtle blonde babylights. Push back the hair using a polka dot headband with a side part for an easy-going look.

#28. Long Pixie

Little Girls with Short Layered Hair

A short haircut like this is ideal for little girls and never goes out of style. The side-parted pixie is defined by a short back with longer sides and a top having light beige-blonde streaks in between the dark strands.

#29. Ravishing Short Waves

Highlighted Short Curly Bobs for Little Girls

Between the curly and straight strands lie these ravishing waves that cannot be overlooked. The French girl bob is curled up and brushed down to create distinct waves with a subtle brown to blonde ombre effect.

#30. Play with Purple

Play with different shades of purple to give your princess a lively hair makeover. The layered bob with side-swept bangs has a dark brown base hair shade accompanied by chunky streaks of light plum and mauve.

#31. Perky Curls

Baby girls with natural perky curls don’t need much styling. Grow them out and keep them free to coil in every direction. Retain the untamed strands from getting into the face using cute hairpins.

#32. Futuristic Appeal

Short Hair with Red Highlights for Little Girls

Rock an unconventional hair shade on black hair to create a futuristic hairstyle. The locks are cut to a medium-length bob with a thick chunk of hair dyed in a rich plum shade falling over the darker strands.  

#33. Denim Blue Highlights

Blue hair is popular this year and young girls can follow this trend by getting vivid denim blue highlights on a chin-length short haircut with micro bangs. Concentrate the highlights at the front or scatter them all around the head. Your choice!

#34. Loose Waves

Little Girl's Edgy Bob

Girls entering their teenage years can add a blonde tinge to their natural brown hair to boost their look. Go for loose bouncy waves and with a ruffled middle part carry this short lob with confidence.

#35. Curly Mess

Curly Shag on Short Hair for Little Girls

The messier it gets the better it looks! Here is yet another hair look to help your girl sport her flashy curls. The layered strands sit gently on the shoulders with a messy face-framing fringe topping off the lovely haircut.  

#36. A Touch of Blue and Green

Shades of Green on Wavy Bob for Little Girls

This hairstyle combines a conventional haircut with an unconventional hair color. The strands are cropped into an A-line bob cut with turquoise and light green streaks going against the dark hair.

#37. Smooth and Glossy

Little Black Girls with Short Hair

Give your little girl’s hair a new life by choosing this smooth and shiny short haircut that will never go out of style in decades. Straighten the hair before chopping it into an edgy short bob with a deep side parting.

#38. Subtly Highlighted Front

Chocolate Short Wavy Hair for Little Girls

The ones with a medium-length brunette lob can refresh their look without much effort. The front chunk is subtly highlighted by dying it in a dull magenta hue. Curl the strands and the look is done.

#39. Blonde Moment

This style is to die for. Upgrade the look of natural beige-blonde hair by cutting it into a straight jaw-length short haircut and incorporating thick light blonde streaks lightening up the overall hair look.

#40. A-Line Scrunched Curls

Little Girl with Short Tousled Hair

Ask the hairstylist for an A-line cropped bob cut with longer strands at the front and shorter ones at the back. Scrunch the hair when wet or use a curler to achieve this voguish look.

#41. Bob with Bangs

Probably, the most common option that hits your mind when you think about the best little girl haircuts for 2024. This bob has many styles as well as the forward-swept bangs. Besides, it is a standard chin-length bob that little girls love so much.

Check these Long Hairstyles for Little Girls

#42. Side Parted Bob with Streaks

This gorgeous side-parted bob haircut looks so cute and cool on little princesses. It frames the face amazingly with the extravagant streaks adding touch and elegance to this cute bob look.

#43. Side Parted and Side Swept

This is sided more to a boy haircut that incorporates a chic side- part, and the frontal locks swept to the side for a perfect look. The haircut suits little dolls quite a lot.

#44. Conventional Bob Haircut for Little Girls

Conventional bobs are ever trendy and in fashion. This is an ideal example of that. This glamorous bob haircut can be worn throughout the year, and it is probably the best hairstyles for toddlers with short hair.

#45. Little Girl With Short and Wavy Bangs

This is a subtle variation of hairstyles for little girls with short hair thanks to the wavy touch that gives the style a definition. Besides, the extended fringe swept neatly to the side makes it look even more glam.

#46. Pixie Bob

This little girl pixie haircut is a blend of the features of a pixie haircut and a bob hairdo. It looks great on blonde hair. It also suits perfectly straight tresses with natural texture. Your daughter will adore this haircut so much. You should surely give her this gorgeous look!

#47. Short bob with fringe

What do you prefer to call this? A bob haircut? Well, maybe we can call it short haircuts for little girls with fringe. The hair is trimmed short enough that is rests on the ear and doesn’t cascade to the chin. It is a hassle-free haircut for little dolls.

#48. Funky Bob Haircut

The beautiful hue streaks give this gorgeous stacked bob haircut a funky texture at the sides. Besides, it is a standard bob and can be created very quickly. The style is just exciting entirely.

#49. Short Hair with Bangs

Old is gold, and this haircut is gold. We have seen little girls wearing this hairstyle over the past few years and never go out of fashion. The tresses are maintained to the neck length from the back, and those gorgeous bangs on the forehead make it a hot cake.

#50. Side Swept with A Girlish Vibe

This haircut has a more girlish vibe with the manes at the back trimmed short. The hair at the side is let free to fall on the ears, and the neat side-swept frontal fringe gives it a stunning look.

#51. Side Swept Layers

This is yet another cute kids hairstyle for short hair. All those extravagant layers give it definition. A perfect edge cutting look is created by sweeping it well to the side while still maintaining that messy look to the cut.

#52. Short Pixie Hairstyle

This is a cool little girl pixie haircut. The tresses are extended on one side and maintained shorter on the other side, with fringes at the front which are cut short and side-swept. Overall is just gorgeous.

#53. Short Asymmetrical Haircut for Your Little Girl

This is an ideal little girl haircut with fine hair that is improperly grown out. The hair is first combed all around and asymmetrically cut. Small chunk is raised and secured with a hair band.

#54. Side Swept with waves

Another cute little princess haircut that is made adorable by the wavy texture at the sides. The hair is side parted at the top, and side-swept perfectly to the side while the entire look looks very boyish.

#55. Short and Boyish

Just as the title connotes, this is a more boyish look. It is side swept, and side parted with a subtle part. You cannot be looking for anything better and alluring as this little girl’s hairstyle.

#56. Pixie Bob Variation

Bob hairdo on one side and a pixie cut on the other; this gorgeous hairdo looks as cute as ever. Essentially, it is entirely different as well. The top hair is swept to the front to get the final look.

#57. Cropped Back with Layers

If your little princess doesn’t like much volume at the nape of her head, you can always eliminate it by trimming the hair short to almost the ear length. Leave some layers, and she will love the final look.

#58. Short Bob

This little cutie looks so adorable in this short haircut with bangs, and we are sure your little girl will appear pretty much the same. Just ensure you don’t cut off those glam little bangs.

#59. Short Hair with Natural Texture

Chopping off the hair short doesn’t imply you have to eliminate the natural texture of the hair of your little girl as well. This haircut is an ideal example for that. Just trim the hair short and then finger-comb it to the side to keep that natural touch.

#60. Short and Curly Hair for Little Girls

Bob haircuts for little girls can be as versatile as you want. This is a classic example that is maintained unruly and naturally frizzy. There is absolutely no reason to style and later cut it to a bob length, just let the tresses flow freely. It looks great.

#61. Messy Bob Hairstyle

This is another gorgeous haircut for curly hair. It resembles the curly bob, but this one doesn’t have many brutal curls. It is a perfect short hairstyle for little girls with curly hair. You can opt to part it at the side for a cooler cut.

#62. Little Girl Pixie

Pixie hairstyles are some of the common short haircuts for little girls, and they are famous for presenting a more of a boyish look to your little princess. It can be created in various ways to get varying looks. It is every girl’s dream, and you shouldn’t hesitate to try it for your little doll.

#63. Chin Length Bob

This is a cool selection for haircuts for little girls with short hair. The cute little bangs make it even more unique. When complemented with a sweet smile, her overloaded beauty will be unmatched.

#64. Unconventional Pixie

Same as standard pixie haircut, the difference in this is the fact that tresses are grown out at the sides covering the years perfectly. The hair at the top is maintained at the same level and swept to the side.

#65. Layered Short Hairstyle for Little Girls

This layered haircut is a suitable choice for a little girl haircut with fine hair. Besides, it is a low maintenance haircut that will keep your girl’s hair out of her face. It is a charming hairstyle to try.

Other Hairstyles for Little Girls With Short Hair


With all these beautiful short little girl haircuts out there and possibly many other choices available as well, it shouldn’t be a daunting task selecting the best short haircut for your little girl. You just need to be mindful when deciding which one suits her face type and how adorable she will look in a particular haircut.

We hope you will find the perfect hairstyle for your little girl that will flatter her looks, as well as make her happy and feel unique.