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10 Happiest Nappy Hairstyles for The Positive Souls

Nappy hair is back in style. Afro-textured hair was once reviled, but it now plays an important part in African history and culture.

Many African women are now keen to celebrate their nappy natural hair type. One of the best things about nappy hair is that there are loads of unusual styles that other women just can’t wear.


Unique Nappy Hairstyles to Boost Yourself

Nappy hairstyles need special hair care products, or else they can end up looking tired. Afro-textured hair can get dry very quickly, so moisture protection products are essential. These will stop your style from getting very brittle.

A special Afro comb can stop your hair from getting tangled and knotty. Some people also use light relaxant products on their hair to make it more flexible. Be careful if you choose to apply any relaxant products to your hair because some of them can be very harsh and damaging.

1. Combed Over Nappy

4c nappy hair

Before you start doing anything, remember that you need to comb your 4c nappy hair! It will become so much easy to handle! Use a wide-tooth comb to detangle it. 


2. Bun Nappy Hairstyle

nappy hair

Nappy hair can look so damn stylish. Dye your coils in a warm brown shade and style a pony on top of your head. Use translucent lipstick and a pair of huge rounded earrings to gain that glam. 


3. Black Nappy Hairstyle

nappy hair for white girl

Nappy hair looks good, even on white girls. If you naturally inherited these fabulous coils, dye them in a black color that will make your blue eyes stand out and wear a big pair of rounded golden earrings. 


4. Big Nappy Curls

Big Nappy Curly hair

Some women have very tight coils, but some are blessed with big curly hair that gives them so many styling options. If you’re a future bride, use that texture to your advantage and decorate the hairstyle with a crown. 

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5. Large Soft Afro Hairstyle

Large Soft nappy hairs

Afro American hair is dense and needs a lot of care. Conditioners are your best friends if you want a nappy hair that is soft and healthy. Style a one-sided part and let your mane shine. 


6. Spiked Afro with Highlights

Spiked Afro with Highlights nappy hairs

Whenever you want a hairstyle that truly astonishes, get a rounded nappy hair and even style blonde highlights. To make them stand out, you can roll your coils and create some spikes that will complete your whole outfit. 


7. Asymmetrical Medium Afro Hair for Women

Solange Knowles loves to look sexy and glamorous, but you will frequently spot her wearing a nappy hairdo. She just creates a one-sided part and wears her coils with pride and confidence. 

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8. Short Tight Afro and Undercut

Not all women feel confident enough to show off their coils and get out of the house without using loads of hair products. If you adore your natural hair, get a short cut that allows the coils to build, and you’ll only need some jam to look breathtaking.


9. Amazing Cornrows with Afro Mohawk

You will have to put all your hairstyling skills into this mohawk with braids, but the effort will totally worth it. Build thin cornrows starting from the hairline and you’ll be able to get a rebellious, chic nappy updo.


10. Glamorous Soft Afro Hairstyle

Glamorous Soft Nappy Hairstyle

Keep your coils in their natural state and create a part on one side. It will create a large bump that will show off the fantastic texture of your curls.

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Be natural by choosing to wear your hair in a nappy hairstyle. There are lots of beautiful nappy options on our latest list.