Black Women With Red Hair: Explore The Beauty

Far too many people don’t know that black women with red hair even exist. It’s unbelievable that such a thing could be true in 2020, but it is, and I’m of a mind to bring reality to the forefront. Black people can absolutely be born with red hair, in every shade on the spectrum, practically. I’ll wager that you’ve never seen anything so gorgeous.


Beautiful Black Women with Red Hair

Yes, to put it simply, there are black people with red hair. They come from everywhere with a variety of skin tones. There’s no cookie-cutter here, no pattern to follow—but don’t just take my word for it.

Below, I’ve picked out seven stunning examples proving that black women and men can also be gingers. I fell in love 15 times while writing it, and I hope the same thing happens to you!


black woman with natural red hair

black woman with natural red hair





black woman with dark red hair



ginger red hair for black women










9. Luminous Ginger

black women Red Hairstyle

Black people with red hair aren’t a myth, but the combination of fine features and red locks is almost mythical in its beauty. One way to show off the rare mix is to let your natural coily curls shine brightly.

Beautiful Black Women Flaunting Blonde Hairstyles


10. Cropped and Curled

black girl with red hair

The color is vibrant, and the texture seems pleasing to the touch even through a photograph. I love the contrast this hair creates against her skin, too. Woof!


11. Richly Red

Black women rich red hairstyle

Shades of red come in every imaginable variation. Rich auburn isn’t a common hue among black people who have natural red hair, but neither is it unheard-of. It throws off so many highlights and lowlights that you have to admit it’s breathtaking.


12. Fire Orange

black people Fire Orange haircolor

Many black people with red hair boast a shade similar to this one. It’s warm, coppery, and brilliant as a sunset. What might come off as a brash orange on pale skin is a masterpiece here? Vivid hues were made for black women.


13. Radiant Russet

Russet red, which has orange undertones, is another glorious shade. It’s vibrant and autumn-toned, with flecks of darker red and deep gold. You can’t even hope to get this color out of a box.


14. Carroty Curls

Here, carrot-top is no longer an insult. It’s a compliment. Look at this lovely black woman with short curly hair. She’s brighter than the sun she’s smiling under, don’t you think?


15. Softly Shorn

It’s important to reiterate that there are all types of black people with red hair—women and men.

Red Highlights for Different Colored Hair


Were you aware that there were black people with red hair? It seems like such a silly question, doesn’t it? Just as black people encompass a variety of melanin-rich skin tones, they can also be born with red hair, blue eyes, and yes, even freckles. And they’re frigging beautiful.