40 Gorgeous Curly Hair Bobs That’ll Set You Apart

No one can deny that curly hair bobs are bold, bouncy, and beautiful. Curls turn the timeless bob into something fresh and unexpected.

The cut goes from a sleek style into a coif with volume, dimension, and shape. Curly, kinky, and coily girls, stop trying to straighten out those pretty spirals. Embrace them instead! A shorter snip might be just what you need to enjoy the benefits of life and movement.


New Ideas of Curly Hair Bobs

A curly bob is sassy, saucy, sexy, and sophisticated—often all at the same time. The change of a part, the flip of a spiral, and the angle of the cut, all small details, can nevertheless change the entire vibe of this versatile ‘do.

Without some wave or texture, traditional bobs are somewhat limited. They’re gorgeous, don’t get me wrong, but speaking as someone who’s frequently rocked a straight bob in the past, you can only style them in so many ways. It’s entirely different with curly bob haircuts—but you don’t have to blindly believe me. I got receipts.

#1. Curly Long Bob 

long bob for curly hair


#2. Medium Curly Bob

medium curly bob


#3. Curly Bob with Layers

layered bob for curly hair


#4. Curly Weave Bob

curly bob with weave


#5. Curly Bob for Woman Over 50

curly bob for women over 50


#6. Inverted Bob for Curly Hair

Inverted Bob for Curly Hair


#7. Stacked Curly Bob

Stacked Curly Bob


#8. Curly A-Line Bob

Curly A-Line Bob


#9. Thick Curly Hair Bob

Thick Curly Hair Bob


#10. Bob Cut for Thin Curls

bob for thin curly hair


#11. Sew in Curly Bob

Sew in Curly Bob


#12. Curly Undercut Bob

Curly Undercut Bob


#13. 3b Curly Hair Bob

3b Curly Hair Bob


#14. Middle Part Curly Bob

Middle Part Curly Bob


#15. Curly Pixie Bob

curly pixie bob


#16. Blonde Curly Bob 

Blonde Curly Bob 


#17. Swing Bob on Curly Hair

swing bob for curly hair


#18. Full and Rounded Curly Bob

Full Round curly bob hair

Straightened, this curly hair bob might look like a pageboy with bangs, perhaps with a few layers. That’s why bobs are different when you have curls. The full roundness almost belies the bob tag altogether, but within all this lovely lushness, there’s definitely a bob.

Layered Curly Hair Styles for Women


#19. Curly Bob With Waves

 Wave curly bob hairstyle

A long curly bob will pull some of the shapes out of your curls. The extra weight stretches the spirals and creates waves in their place. A shoulder-length bob thus results in a head full of messy, tousled waves and random curls. Do you love it?


#20. Short Curly Bob

Short curly bob hairstyle for girl

You might not think you can classify a haircut this short as a bob, but you can. It’s an extreme variation, but extremism is appealing for a reason. The spirals are longer in the front and get much shorter toward the back, where they layer over a shorter undercut.


#21. Curly Bob for Black Hair

Afro Bob with curl hairstyle

We love this simple short bob cut for black hair. While giving your hair a rest—and nourishing and pampering it in the interim, of course—you can still splash out with a fun, flattering coiffure. I adore the curls in this Afro bob and the inverted angle that makes it longer in the back.

Spiral Perm vs Regular Perm


#22. Spirals

The retro edge in this hairstyle is sustaining me. This whole look makes me think of San Junipero. What you see here is what you get when you nurture and celebrate your curls rather than straightening them into oblivion. Give them space to be themselves.


#23. Short Curly Bob With Blunt Bangs

The bangs are blunt, the bob itself is blunt, and the timeless stylishness of this cut is blunt, too—it’s all up in your face. A coif like this genuinely never goes out of style. You can see variations of it all throughout the 20th century. You can also try curly bob with bangs styles.


#24. Curly Angled Bob

Angled bob curly hairstyle

Angled bobs are my favorite, and curly bobs with an angle are just as edgy as their straighter counterparts. The line from front to back is subtler, sure, but it’s unmistakable. Check out how shiny her hair is, too. Totally crushing.

Make The Head Turn with Short Stacked Bobs


blonde curly hair bob





curly hair bob





short bob curly hair





curly bob hairstyles for black hair




curly bob hairstyles


Crop your coils into a curly hair bob, and you’ll never look back. It might become your favorite haircut. Have you thought about showing off your curls while adopting a new signature style?