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5 Stunning Nigerian Hairstyle Ideas for Round Faces

Every Nigerian girl wants to look beautiful all the time and one of the essential parts of a girl’s look is her hair. The hairstyle can make or break the style. When choosing your hairstyles, you have to consider your face shape.

For example, if your face shape is round, certain hairstyles will not fit you or accentuate your features. We have handpicked some Nigerian hairstyles that look like they are absolutely perfect for round faced women.

nigerian women hairstyle round face shape


Hairstyles for Nigerian Women With Round Faces

No matter for a special event whether it is going out with the girl or for a date night, Nigerian women love to style their hair accordingly. Here are 5 hairstyles dedicated for Nigerian women with round faces you can try in 2024.


1. A Neck or Chin Length Bob

Chin Length Bob

I know what you are thinking but a short bob is perfect for round face. A bob will fit your round face as long as it cut and layered properly. Bobs can be shaped to fit and accentuate the features on your round face as well as your comfort level.

Ensure that you hire a professional hair stylist in order to achieve your hairstyle. Once you achieve this look all eyes will be on you with your hair flowing in the wind. The hairstyle will be very easy to maintain on a daily basis since it is short. So, you can wake up, fluff your curls, and go on the road.


2. Cornrow Braids

Nigerian hairstyle with Cornrow Braids

This Nigerian hairstyle can be worn if you want a long hairstyle for your round face. Braids, especially cornrows, are very trendy this year. They are suitable for any occasion such as work, birthday party, date night, family gatherings and even more.

Depending on how they are styled you can wear them out, in a half up or down, ponytail and even a bun. In addition, you can experiment with different colors other than the standard black such as red, blue, brown, and many more. It doesn’t require much maintenance because your hair will be protected for 4 – 6 weeks.


3. Dreads

As you can see in the picture that her dreads frame the shape of her face naturally. It is a simple hairstyle for Nigerian women with round face shape that can be achieved naturally using freeform locs or going to professional to get I done.

Dreads are becoming a trend within the hair community and are definitely a crowd pleaser. Lastly, it does not require any touch up for the next time you decide to go out.


4. Crochet Braids

Crochet Braids Nigerian hairstyle for women

Longer crochet braids will frame your round face well. Crochet braids will add volume to the top of your hair, as well as length needed to frame your cheekbone very well. You can choose to do the top half into a bun. This hairstyle requires little to no maintenance.


5. Bob Nigerian Braids

bob braids for round faces

This Nigerian hairstyle is for round faces. Instead of the braids being long, for example, to butt length, it is cut to chin or neck length so it frames your face really well. In addition, it can be used to accentuate your features such as a high cheekbone. The style requires little to maintenance because your real hair is protected underneath the braids.


Which Hairstyle to Pick, I’m Confused…

If you own a round shaped face, try any one of the above and you should look picture perfect. Consider consulting with a professional hairstylist if possible before selecting one on your own to avoid embarrassment. Just take one of these photos, go to a good salon and ask the hairstylist if it would go with you… that’s pretty simple, right?

Nigerian women are stylish and have a great fashion sense. There are many other hairstyles that’ll look good on most Nigerian women with a round face. From the above 5 hairstyles, No 3 is our favorite pick. Which hairstyle will you be wearing for your round face? Let us know in the comment.