25 Hottest Purple Box Braids to Try

Purple box braids can be a lot of fun, particularly when paired with dark roots to create an ombre effect. This rich color is both versatile and eye-catching, but this fashion-forward and fabulous look is definitely not for the faint-hearted.


Why Choose Purple Box Braids

Box braids are easy to wear, easy to style, and are the perfect way to keep your hair out of your eyes and off your head during the hot summer months.

They originally got popular in the 1990s, thanks to their frequent appearances on the runway and in music videos, modern box braids are now available in a wide rainbow of colors and styles. Among those, if you want to get a unique look, go for the purple box braids!

The best thing about box braids is they are not made using your natural hair, you can experiment with as many bright and bold colors as you wish without damaging your own hair.

Purple is a great color to experiment with. Here are some fabulous and fashion-forward purple box braid styles for you to explore:


purple ombre box braids

purple ombre box braids



purple and black box braids

purple and black box braids



light purple box braids

light purple box braids



pink and purple box braids

pink and purple box braids



dark purple box braids



purple and white box braids

purple and white box braids



purple box braids



purple color box braids

medium purple box braids







purple box braids for women


12. Long Vibrant Purple Box Braids

long Purple Box Braid HairStyle

Long hair is feminine and face-flattering, but it can be difficult to maintain. By wearing your hair in long-box braids you will get all the benefits of having long hair but without the tangles, styling problems, or daily upkeep. Sweep your hair away from your face to create a glamorous Hollywood style.


13. Lavender and Lilac Double Knots

Double Knots Box Braid haircut

If you’re looking for a truly eye catching and fashion-forward style then choose light and bright box braids in shades of lilac and lavender, then style then into double knots on the top of your head, leaving the length of your hair loose to show it off.


14. Long Purple Box Braids with Undercut

Long Purple Box Braid hairstyle for girl

If you have very thick and heavy hair that you would like to thin out then why not shave the sides of your head to create an undercut effect and then have the rest of your hair woven into skinny purple box braids. Curl the lengths of this hair to soften your style.


15. Box Braided Top Knot

Pull your purple box braids away from the nape of your head by piling them on top of your head in a fashion-forward twisted knot style. Not only is this a great way to move your hair out of your face, it is also an excellent way to showcase your color.


16. Purple Box Braids with Shaved Design Sides

side Shaved Box Braid hairstyle

Purple box braids are a bold and eye-catching style, but if you want to make yours stand out even more, try shaving an angular, geometric pattern into the undercut at the side of your head. This is a great look that combines two hot trends into one hairstyle.


17. The Purple and Grey Ombre

Purple and Grey Ombre box braid hairstyle

To create a sophisticated and eye-catching style using grey and purple braids, choose braids that perfectly blend the two shades for an eye-catching ombre effect. Start with a deep purple, which will merge into the natural roots of your hair.


18. Two-tone purple box braids

Add texture and dimension into your purple box braid style by adding a hint of another colour. When it comes to color, a little goes a long way, and just one or two strands in a shade lighter than your all over color will have a dramatic impact on your style.


19. Purple Crochet Box Braid Knot

Looking for a glamorous and show-stopping updo that will look fantastic with your long box braids? Try crocheting your hair into a box braid knot at the front of your head: not only will this make an incredible visual impact, it is also a great way to sweep your hair off your face.


20. Purple Box Braids with Beads

Purple Box Braid

Add an extra style-dimension to your purple box braids by clipping in some fun hair beads. These can be easily added and removed and home, and come in a wide range of colors, helping you to match your hairstyle to your outfit.


21. Purple Highlights

Purple is such a bold hair color that, often, a little can go a long way! If you want to inject some color into your classic black or blonde box braids then why not add a few vibrant strands into the front of your style to create a flattering and eye-catching frame for your face.


22. Lavender Mid-Length Box Braids

Looking for a warm shade of purple to liven up your skin tone? Vibrant lavender is a great choice. Blend your braids with your natural hair color at the roots to ensure your regrowth looks as flattering as possible.


23. Rainbow Colored Box Braids

Box Braid hair Style with Rainbow Colored

If you love purple but want to inject even more color into your hair then why not incorporate your favorite colors into fabulous rainbow box braids? This is a great way to add warmth to your hair: choose brighter shades of pink and green to contrast with the cooler lavender shades.


24. Purple Box Braided Mohawk

For a fashion-forward and edgy style, have your stylist cut your hair into a punk-inspired mohawk before adding your braids. You can then choose to wear your hair loose to cover the shaved sides or pull your hair into a crochet pattern or pleat to show the full visual impact of your style.


25. Purple Box Braids on Dark Skin

Purple with black mix Box Braid hair Style

When it comes to purple box braids, there is no limit to the length you can choose to add to your hair! The extreme length looks ultra-feminine and makes a huge style statement, making it very popular with fashion-forward girls. This is a style that can be very heavy though, making it a serious commitment during the summer months.