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75 Ultimate Ways to Style Half Shaved Head

Your hairstyle is one of the most important things that express your entire personality. For that reason, you should be thoughtful when selecting a hairstyle.

Half-shaved head hairstyles are increasingly popular among young women. Many celebs are also going for those wild and sexy styles, including the half-shaved head hairstyles.


Bold and Beautiful Half Shaved Head Hairstyles

Half-shaved heads are beautiful, but this hairstyle also gives a very dynamic, hardcore look to the people. The styles show how bold and adventurous you are to play with different styles. Check out the hottest looks for half shaved head hairstyles to embrace your bold, blunt personality.

1. Long Hair with Purple Color

half shaved head hairstyle

With a leather jacket and purple lip, long hair parted off-center with purple on platinum hair color and a shaved side is super edgy and dramatic.


2. Half Shaved Head with Blonde Hair

half shaved head blonde hair

The shaved side on this hairstyle is practically bald. With long blonde hair full of textured waves, you’ll still have plenty of ways you can wear this look.


3. Half Shaved Head with Ponytail

half shaved head with ponytail

There’s obviously more than one way to do a half shaved head hairstyle. This one shaves both sides and leaves a mohawk strip of dark red and black hair gathered in a messy ponytail.


4. Half Shaved Head Hairstyle for Round Face

To make your half shaved hairstyle a little bit feminine and a little bit edgy, make one side completely bald and add flirty light pink to the long hair.


5. Half Shaved Head Hairstyle with Bangs

Try out the half shaved style on your long hair by just shaving in a patch on one side. Add light blonde and black with blunt straight bangs and you’ve got a statement look.


6. Half Shaved Head with Box Braids

Black box braids decorate the long side of this half shaved hairstyle. White braids are interspersed for classy contrast. Wear with a bold pair of dangle earrings and you’re golden.


7. Chocolate Brown Half Shaved Hairstyle

half shaved head brown hairstyle

To make your hairstyle classy and keep its feminine touches, color the non-shaved side with chocolate brown. Worn straight or slightly wavy, you’ll love the mix of edge and sophistication.


8. Layered Pixie Half Shaved Style

half shaved head choppy hairstyle

Do you already have a long pixie hairstyle you love going on? Add layers to it, wear it straight, and shave one side for a style no one else will have.


9. Wavy Hair with Shaved Lines Hairstyle

half shaved head messy hair

One of the ways to liven up your long wavy brown shaved hairstyle is by shaving in lines or special patterns. You can use designs to express your personality.


10. Red Highlighted Shaved Hairstyle

half shaved head red hair

Instead of shaving an entire side, pick just one part of the head to shave to make it a standout feature. Dark red highlights look beautiful on ginger hair.


11. Wavy Pixie with Shaved Side

half shaved head hairstyle for older women

Just because you’re getting older, that doesn’t mean you can’t keep rocking those edgy, hot hairstyles. Wear this long purple pixie straight or wavy; the shaved side will keep you looking hot!


12. Blue Dreads and Braids

half shaved head hairstyle with extension

This long blue hairstyle flaunts a combination of dreads and braids, and proves you don’t have to shave the entire half of your head to make a statement. Just do a few inches and you’ll still make an impact!


13. Extensions for Natural Hair

half shaved head hairstyle with balayage

If you’re a woman of color looking for a way to rock a half shaved head hairstyle on her natural hair, you can add blonde and caramel extensions to get this long wavy look. It’s feminine with a classy edge.


14. Platinum Blonde with Angled Fade

platinum hair with half shaved head

No one says you have to shave half your head in one perfectly straight line. This long platinum blonde pixie is super cute with its angled shave. You still have plenty of length to play with and get to keep that punk detail.


15. Shaved with Burgundy Curls

half shaved head curly hair for ladies

Want to do something really special for your curly hair? Opt for a half shaved head hairstyle and give those curls a rich burgundy coloring! The shaved side looks great with all the texture from layered hair. 


16. Messy Bun Half Shaved Style

Even when you’re out running errands or going for your morning run, you can still look amazing if you’re flaunting a half shaved hairstyle. The long hair seen here is gathered into a messy bun and looks very hot.


17. Voluminous Poof

updo with half shaved head

When you have a special occasion to attend, you can be sure no one will have this voluminous updo that boasts a hot shaved side. The key is in lots of teasing and blow drying to get the height!


18. Tapered Curly Natural Hair

half shaved head hairstyle for women

For your tight, springy curls, shape them into this short pixie to help them look their best. Shave half your head for a beautiful contrast to those soft caramel-tipped curls.


19. Angled Haircut with Half Shave

asymmetrical half shaved head hairstyle for women

Are you used to sporting the same old shoulder-length haircut for your long tresses? Switch it up by asking your stylist to cut it at an angle. The modern, chic look will pair nicely with a half shaved head.


20. Cornrows and Natural Hair

half shaved head hairstyle for black women

We’re all about helping you flaunt your beautiful natural hair, and we definitely think you should experiment with a side shaved hairstyle to give them an edgy update. This look features cornrows and thick natural curls. Any teenager or young woman will feel like a queen!


21. Loose Low Ponytail

Half shaved ponytail for women

A small shaved section on one side of your head instantly makes this low ponytail hotter than ever. To get the texture, work in a little product with mousse or hair gel.


22. Curly Hair with Shaved Stripes

half shaved red hairstyle

Another option for the half shaved head hairstyle is shaving in lines. The long curly hair seen here is even prettier with patchy shaved lines on one side of the head.


23. Blonde Mohawk

women's half shaved viking hairstyle

What woman or teenager doesn’t appreciate a hairstyle that no one else will have? Load up your hairstyle with detail by making a pull-through ponytail down the middle, and framing the shaved half of your head with a tiny intricate braid. 


24. Layered Pixie with Tapered Shave

short half shaved head hair with line

Short layers on a pixie cut will give you the gorgeous texture you’re after, but it’s the shaved side hair that lets you really play with detail. Opt for a taper fade for a softer version of the half shave.


25. Half Shaved Head with Thin Hair

half shaved head brown hairstyle

For women or teens who are self conscious about their thin hair, rocking a half shaved hairstyle and adding lots of waves will help you feel confident no one will even be looking at how thin your hair may be.


26. Updo Shaved Hairstyle

By shaving both sides of your head, you can create this gorgeous bun updo with long hair. When it’s not up, wear it down and just a peek of the shaved parts will show.


27. Bald Fade Ombre Pixie

half shaved head hair

An inch-wide bald fade is small but makes a big impact on this voluminous pixie. For blonde hair, add a light pink ombre to express your girly side.


28. Asymmetrical Half Shaved Hairstyle

short half shaved head hair

What would normally be just an asymmetrical bob with straight locks becomes a completely different hairstyle with a shaved side. Light pink decorates the sides of a mostly blonde look.


29. Blue Balayage Half Shaved Hairstyle

To put a twist on black hair, try a half-shaved hairstyle and add dark blue balayage. The two dark colors are slightly gothic and super edgy.


30. Half Shaved Hairstyle for Black Women

While letting your naturally curly hair grow out, you can have a little fun by shaving one side. Not only will your face take on all new dimension, but the curls will stand out even more.


31. Mermaid Half Shaved Hairstyle

Now you can combine the mermaid waves you love with edgy contrast by trying a half shaved hairstyle. Fill the hair with platinum hair color and use brushed out curls to create this amazing look.


32. Rainbow Half Shaved Hairstyle

If playing with color is your thing, try mixing red, green, yellow, and orange highlights on a half shaved hairstyle. Top it off with curls and your look is one of a kind.


33. Partial Half Shaved Hairstyle

A medium shade of blue is a flattering base color for many skin shades. Add a shaved patch up front by the temple and a few colorful highlights to make the blue pop.


34. Half Shaved Mandala Hairstyle

A shaved mandala design above the ear is a great way to make your half-shaved hairstyle unique. On the side with long hair, try a bold shade of red for ombre or balayage.


35. Half Shaved Head Dreads

Since dreads are quickly becoming a popular hairstyle choice for women, experiment with your own version by adding rainbow hair color, beads, and a shaved side.


36. Pointed Layers

Half Shaved Head Hairstyle 2

This style is totally a beautiful madness of layers giving a very elusive yet subtle touch to your beauty. This look has a slight shade of burgundy that molds the complete look altogether giving an extreme edge to your personality.


37. Black Cascade


Although nowadays there is an ongoing fashion of dyeing your hair in distinct colors but Black is the reigning king of all. The charm and attraction of black hair have no match to any other. In this particular style, there’s a beautiful cascade of shiny black hair and with an addition of half shaved head, it seems even more alluring.

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38. Braided Look

This particular look gives you the best of both worlds; you can have side braid to give a glance of half shaved head and to put the rest of hair on the other shoulder, or you can get rid of side braid giving you hair all over your head. The best thing about it is that you don’t even have to shave half of your hair.


39. Half Shaved Bob Cut

Half Shaved Head Hairstyle 4

This style looks more elegance and alluring when combined with highlights. It is a classic bob cut with an alteration of the half-shaved head that gives a sexy look to your personality with a hint of cuteness.


40. Glorious Waves

Half Shaved Head Hairstyle 5

Blonde hair with a bit of highlight gives a radiant look. Here the shaved head gets blended with the whole softer image of your personality and make it look very delicate and elegant.


41. Violet Spectrum

Half Shaved Head Hairstyle 7

This style is perfectly portrayed by the style Diva Demi Lovato with the perfect violet shades. So if you are a Lovatic, you better be looking forward to this style.


42. Designed Illuminati

Half Shaved Head Hairstyle 8

If you are a fan or promoter Illuminati, then this can be then this style must be the best option for you. It gives you nice groove as well as your favorite fictitious occult party.


43. Blonde Black Fusion

black women Half Shaved Head Hairstyle

It is a typical braided look of Africans, but it also has a dramatic effect combining the blonde and black colors into one hairdo. It also forms a Faux Hawk to give a much spectacular sight.


44. Short Hair with Highlights

Half Shaved Head Hairstyle 12

Demi Lovato again is portraying a dynamic yet strong and confident look with one of the trendiest hairstyles. It shows that shaved hairstyle looks good even on medium or short length hair, adding a bit of a highlight on the end give it a wilder look.


45. Long Layered Look


It is an incredibly sexy look; it has the perfect edge and attraction in just one style. So if you are looking forward to having a half-shaved style, this might be the one you should prefer. It also suits all face shapes.


46. Long Hairstyle with an Undercut

cute girl Long Hairstyle with an Undercut

Sometimes a half shaved hairstyle looks most effective when it is part of a long haircut. The contrast between the two lengths looks truly amazing. If you want to hide the shaved section you can easily sweep your hair back over to the other side.


47. Black Beauty


Black hairstyles are really intense. Slightly layered cuts with a half shaved patch can help to stop the hairstyle from seeming too morbid. Black and layered is a really cool look for a punky women’s hairstyle.


48. Rainbow Warrior

 Rainbow Warrior hair color for cute girl

Brighten up your look with a splash of brilliant colour. Bleach your hair so that it takes intense colours well, and then choose a mixture of different hair dyes. The colours that you choose for this shaved hairstyle will help you to express your individuality.


49. Orange and Black


A fiery intense orange hairstyle can be contrasted really well by leaving your half shaved area as your natural hair color. Alternatively, dye your shaved patch a dark black color to enhance the contrast between the two areas of this super cool hairstyle.


50. Hearts and Flowers

Hearts and Flowers design hairstyle

Using hair art in your hair is a fun way to make your half shaved style look even more individual. Shaved hairstyles for women can be adapted to meet any style if you are careful with your razor. This woman has chosen hearts and flowers to express her individuality.


51. Super Simple Undercut

Super Simple Undercut hairstyle

A super simple undercut hairstyle for women is a nice choice if you want something subtle and do not want to make too much of a statement. These undercuts can easily be covered up if you work in an environment that is a little bit stricter about your hairstyle choices.


52. Barely There Babe


‘Barely there’ styles are ones where there is little to no hair present in the shaved area. A barely-there shaved area requires a lot of maintenance and you might have to shave your head every single morning to keep things looking silky smooth.


53. Lady Pompadour

sweet Lady Pompadour hairstyle

Shave both sides of your hair whilst keeping the middle sections long, so that you can fashion your hair into a faux hawk style or a lady pompadour. Use a comb and some styling gel to run your hair up into a perfect pomp hairstyle for women.


54. Half Pixie Cut

An elegant and soft look, when merged with half shaved head style, gives a very edgy look. This style mostly suits the girls with long and thin face cut, as it gives your face a very clear outline and a broader look at it.


55. Edged Layers

The look from GOT star Natalie Dormer giving out an actual mesmerizing appearance. To get this look just add some mousse to your hair to make an extreme edge to your layers.























Half-shaved heads once when came in fashion seemed unusual but with time when many actresses adopted the style, it looked not only acceptable but the trendiest fashion of all. So if you are looking forward to a venturous haircut, then you better give a look to our collection and let us know which one you liked and want to adopt.