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Waist-Length Box Braids: The Trend That’s Taking Over

Choosing the ideal length for box braids might be confusing for some, but one of the most popular decisions is around waist length. Not short, nor too long, waist length seems just perfect.

If you want to know why you should consider waist-length box braids and you’d like to find out more about braids length, this article is for you.

Why Waist-Length Box Braids?

girl with waist-length box braids
Waist-Length Box Braids

If you want to get pretty long braids so you can play with them by trying lots of styles, and at the same time, you don’t want them to be too heavy; waist-length could be the best choice. That is probably the reason why most braiding-hair extensions are made to be about this long. 

However, the braiding hair extensions aren’t all made to end at everybody’s waistline. They generally end between the midback area and hips, depending both on the extension’s length and the customer’s height.

Waist length is usually a general term used for lower back length, above the butt, or even “normal” length, which is about 20/24 inches. 

So, if you don’t want to waste extensions, waist-length is the best length.

Things to consider before choosing the length of your braids

Your Natural Hair Length

consideration before waist-length box braids - natural hair length

If you’re using hair extensions, they must be at least 2 cm longer than your natural hair, if you don’t want to trim your ends when you take them off. 

Anyway, you can’t choose a shorter length, right? Wrong, everything is possible. You can also have shorter braids, but you’ll need to install them by using the crochet method.

Hair Used For Braiding

consideration before waist-length box braids - extension used

Braiding hair extensions come in different length sizes (you can check each, as these details are written on the pack), and you can cut them according to your will. 

However, pay attention to what type of braiding hair you choose, as if it is ombre or multicolored, you will only cut from the last color, and if it is pre-stretched, you’ll need to stretch them again by yourself after trimming them. 

Most of the time it is easier to work with the same size of hair extensions, so the braids will not end all at the same point, just like the normal layers of naturally grown hair. 

If you want all the braids to end at a certain point, you’ll need to cut or stretch every piece extension differently for each upper row, and that would be time-consuming.


The same length of hair extensions would end at the waistline to some and at the hips to others, depending on their height. 


You might think the shorter the braids are, the lower the price, and that’s quite logical. This law applies when you can cut all the braiding hair at once.

For example, you cut the extension in two, three, or four (PS: don’t expect the price and the time to be cut in the same way). The lengths will generally be estimated, and braids will fall naturally in layers.

But there are particular cases when this law doesn’t apply. For example, bob box braids can be ranked at the same price as waist-length box braids, due to the meticulous and time-consuming work of trimming all braiding hairs differently. 


consideration before waist-length box braids - comfort

The longer the braids, the heavier it will be (assuming we’re talking about the same amount of braids). You need to know how much you can handle, so you’d better not start with super-long braids. 

The second thing to think about when talking about comfort is the way you’re going to wear your braids. If you want to play with different styles, tie it up in one second, it will be easier to do it with long braids. 


The most important thing to consider when opting for the length of your braids, in my opinion, is your will. Your desire is the only thing that matters after being aware of everything related to box braids length.

If you take ownership over carrying, washing, paying, and wearing over-the-knee braids, and this is your desire, then go for it.

In conclusion, choosing the length of your braids is an important fact, but don’t worry – the best choice is already at hand (already chosen by most braiding-hair suppliers). You only need to be sure your hair isn’t longer, and your will isn’t different. 

I hope this article helps you out with the matter of box braids length, and I hope you have a wonderful time wearing braids! 


Is waist-length, lower back, and above the butt the same?

In the box braids universe, waist-length, lower back, and above-the-butt level are mostly the same thing, being the general length of braiding hair extensions.

What is the regular length of box braids?

The regular length of box braids is waist-length, which can be anywhere under the bra strap and above the hips.

What is the best length to choose for my first box braids?

To have the best experience, which includes having the possibility to style them, not being too heavy for you, or hard to manage, the best length for your first box braids would be anywhere between the upper back and the lower back.

Can I change the length of my braids after installing them?

Yes, you can trim your braids, or make them longer after installing them, but it will be challenging. When cutting your braids, you’ll need to do it individually to each braid, thin out the end, and rebraid it. In the end, you’ll need to secure them with boiled water.

If you need to add length, it is even more complicated, as you’ll need to unbraid a bit, and add small pieces of hair extensions, so you won’t see where it was added.