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Rainbow Hair Colors: 25 Glamorous Ways to Wear It

2022 is the year of bold hairstyles. But what can be wilder than a blend of rainbow hair colors? The opportunities to create hairstyles with these prismatic hues are endless. Whether you go for highlighted streaks, hidden hues, or a monochromatic look using one color spectrum, all the shades work together creating a brilliant style statement. 


Beautiful Rainbow Hair Color Ideas

Here we have covered 25 glamorous ways for you to wear rainbow hair colors and express your hipster personality. 

1. Flowy Layers of Red, Orange, and Blue

Wavy Rainbow Hair

Make your tresses pop with color by adding hues in the form of layers. Keep in mind that the color starting from the roots goes all the way to the ends. Add layers of bright red, orange, and blue that will intermix naturally creating a multicolor blend on the head.


2. Rainbow Braids

Rainbow Color Braids

Those who love micro braids all over their head can take part in the rainbow hair trend without dying their hair. Start by entwining the strands while incorporating red extensions that melt into vivid yellow, light blue, and deep purple hues while moving along the length.


3. Multi-Colored Fringe

Short Rainbow Hair

Keep all the attention on the face by going for a short feathery pixie cut accompanied by a thick layered fringe falling over the eyes. Add whatever shade you want to it including yellow, orange, red, green, and purple for a plethora of colors.


4. Unicorn Bob

Bob with Rainbow Hair Color

Get noticed from a distance by selecting and mixing vibrant hair colors with lighter tones. Each chunk of strands melts into three shades along the length. Add as many colors as you want. Complete this unicorn look by adding bouncy curls to the short bob.


5. Vivid Streaks

Rainbow Highlights on Straight Hair

Referring to the ladies who want to keep it low-key but noticeable, go for these highlighted streaks popping through the natural dark strands. Add neon green, yellow, and magenta hues with a touch of purple and turquoise. Keep the hair straight for a flawless finish.


6. Bright to Dark Ombre

Rainbow Hair Color for Little Girls

Who loves the rainbow more than young girls? Add all the colors of the spectrum on the head each merging into the other creating an ombre effect. Include a touch of purple to the side-swept fringe for a contrasting look. This style is however high-maintenance.


7. Bold Fauxhawk

Rainbow Colored Mohawk for Men

Flaunt a bold fauxhawk without the need of trimming down the sides. Use pomade to spike up the center while slicking down the rest. Go for permanent or temporary hair colors to dye the hair with yellow, orange, red, green, and blue colors for a patchy look.


8. Futuristic Hair Look

Crimped Rainbow hair

Here is another glamorous way to wear rainbow hair inspired by the future. Add fierce red, yellow, and orange hues with a touch of pastel blue and green to the dark ash blonde locks. Crimp some parts of the strands while keeping the rest straight to set off the style.  


9. Melange of Colors

Medium Hair with Rainbow Hair Color

Choose a bright raspberry red hair shade and intermix it with your black hair to create a two-toned base color. Add fine streaks of light blue and yellow overlying the brighter chunks to form a unique mix of dark and light colors.


10. Play with Pastels

Rainbow Hair with Undercut

A boyish haircut won’t hurt when combined with pastel hair shades. The sides are buzzed with a shaved line for a disconnected feel from the longer top. Dye the sides and top in an array of pastels peeking through the powder blue strands like a hidden rainbow.


11. Rainbow Bangs

Rainbow Colored Bangs


Don’t want to overpower your natural black base color but still want to flaunt different colors on your head? Go for this look that features all the colors of the spectrum on the eyebrow-grazing wispy bangs coupled with monochromatic long hair.


12. Flamboyant Waves

Rainbow Hair with Side Part

Amp up a boring layered lob by intermixing bright pink, orange, yellow, blue, purple and lilac shades creating a torrent of colors. Each shade melts into the other seamlessly to create a beautiful rainbow. Add curls to the strands and brush them out to create gorgeous loose waves.


13. Short and Savage

Show off your wild side by trimming down the hair into a buzz cut. Divide the strands into sections and color each one in a vibrant hue. This multicolored look is ideal for women who don’t want to spend much time styling their hair every day.


14. Gothic Blend

Rainbow Hair into Braid

Create this colorful gothic hair look by dying the hair in an icy violet shade. The hair is braided on the top of the head just behind the hairline while incorporating electric blue, pink, yellow and green strands. Twist the braid to create one huge spiral falling on one side.


15. Holographic Effect

Rainbow Hair Color

This iridescent illusion effect on the hair is the most glamorous way to wear rainbow colors.  Pay a visit to the salon and get a short straight bob haircut. Ask the hairstylist afterward to turn your head into a piece of art!


18. Rainbow ombre

If you are not a big fan of bleaching, you can’t leave the idea of getting a rainbow hair color alone. You can go for an ombre. Leave the top part of your hair pastel color and play around with the bottom part.

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17. The real deal

 special Rainbow Hair Color for women

If you want a real rainbow hairstyle, then you need to mix the 7 rainbow colors. If you want your hair to be even more extravagant, you can opt for a special haircut. A rainbow undercut or a mohawk can definitely turn some heads your way.


18. Half and half

 asian girl Rainbow Hair Color idea

Think about dividing your hair into two parts and dyeing each side a different shade. You can go further and add some similar colored highlights to each side. Another fun idea is to add one strand of the opposite color to each side.


19. Pale and beautiful

beautiful Rainbow Hair Color for girl

Wild rainbow hair colors don’t have to be bright and rich. You can achieve a great result by using paler colors, such as aquamarine, light blue, and yellow. These shades allow you to make maintenance less frequent.


20. Highlights

 Highlight with Rainbow Hair Color for young girl

If you are a fan of bright red or blue colors, you can diversify your look by adding rainbow highlights. Bright red looks perfect with the shades of green, yellow, and orange. You can make as many as you wish. Just keep the majority of your mane one color.


21. Hidden Rainbow

 Rainbow Hair Color

If you are not a fan of awed glances and turned heads but still want to sport a rainbow hair mix, consider hiding it. As you can see in the picture, only the middle layer of the girl’s hair is dyed. She can choose to hide or flaunt it.


22.  Closer to nature

 Rainbow Hair Color

While this rainbow hair color is hard to call natural, the shades are used to make you feel close to nature. Green and blue hues remind me of the fresh grass and clean water. Adding flower accessories can make the hairstyle truly fantastic.

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23.  Rainbow Layer

 natural Rainbow Hair Color for girl

This is another example of a beautiful rainbow layer. You don’t have to keep your natural hair color on the rest of the locks. You can use this opportunity to experiment with lighter and softer shades for a bigger contrast with the rainbow.


24.  Darker Shades

 Darker Rainbow Hair Color idea for women

Rainbow hairstyle doesn’t need to include bright, rich, or pale colors. You can experiment with dark tones. For some of them, you might not even need to bleach your hair. Ask your hairstylist for advice.

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25.  Blinding Beauty

If you really want to blind people with your beauty and style, go for the brightest rainbow colors. They are not too long-lasting but will stay intact long enough for you to make an impression.


Rainbow hair colors vary greatly. Now that you know your options, you have something to think about. Ask yourself if you are ready to dive into the amazing world of crazy colors. If yes, go for it today.