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15 Modern Layered Haircut Ideas For Brunettes

How do you usually style your brown hair with layers? Do you love keeping it long, chopped in a bob haircut, or curly? Whatever your pick is, one thing is for certain, layers are a fabulous asset when you want more volume and aim to transform your dull brown hair into a masterpiece.

You’ll see lots of brunettes around you with layered hair. They work great with all hair types, adding texture and movement, and can be easily adapted to all hair lengths.

Gorgeous Brown Hair with Layers

If you don’t know how and where to build layers to your brown hair, read below and follow our tips and tricks!

1. Long Layered Brown Hair

long brown hair with layers

Brown long hair looks amazing when your hair has many different lengths. It achieves stunning richness, dimension, and volume. The layers will add depth to your shade and enhance that dark brown nuance. 

To gain more height for your bangs, you can tease that section with a comb and swipe it on the side. 

2. Layered Bob

short brown hair with layers

One of the best things about a layered bob haircut is its versatility. This characteristic allows it to flatter most face types, depending on the way you choose to style the layers.

Also, angles are very important, especially when you need to cut off the roundness of your face. And for that, side-swooped bangs are a must! 

3. Side Swooped Bangs

brown hair with layers and bangs

When you want to frame your face, you should consider this not-so-common ombre that starts with a dark-brown color for the roots and transforms into a warm brown.

Layers are very important if you also want to define and enrich the color. Wear your bangs on one side, slightly spread on the forehead. 

4. Layers + Asymmetrical Bangs

brown face framing layered hair

These bangs are perfect for most face types, depending on how you style them. However, if you have an oval or a heart-shaped face, this fringe will flatter you more than any type of bangs.

The length and thickness are also important so get recommendations from your hairstylist before doing such a dramatic transition.

5. Layered Brown Curls

curly brown hair with layers

Everybody knows that if you have gorgeous ringlets, layers are your best friend. They tend to cut off the volume without giving up the length.

Also, when layers are shorter, your strands won’t need to support too much weight so your brown curls will have more bounce and movement.

6. Layered Ombre

medium brown hair with layers

A light brown ombre hair with layers will warm up your look and give so much definition to that beautifully blended ombre. In this case, the layers are just a few, concentrated in the bangs area, giving the face a fabulous frame. 

7. Step Layers

light brown layered hair

In this layered brown hairstyle, the layers are shorter and concentrated in the top area to build more volume. Combined with side-swooped bangs, this technique is perfect for women with a round shape face that needs to add more height in that particular area. 

8. Wavy Side Locks

chestnut brown hair with layers

By swooping most of your hair to one side you will build a lot of volume, making your layers fall in a cascade on your shoulder.

A great trick to achieve even more dimension and richness for your mane is to blowdry the hair with a rotative brush and curl it with an iron. 

9. Blonde Highlights

brown layered hair with highlights

By combining blonde highlights with brown layered hair you will gain more dimension and volume and that amazing modern glammy look.

You can place those blonde pieces strategically to highlight the layers and accentuate them. You will also obtain a sun-kissed effect. 

10. Layered Waves for Black Women

brown layered hair for women with dark skin

Get those loose feathery waves by using a curling wand or by rotating your straightening iron. Also, you can style the front tips outwards, revealing your face.

If your hair is naturally curly, it is crucial to use protectant products otherwise your hair will get easily burnt and soon you will spot unwanted split ends. 

11. Long Straightened Hair

straight brown hair with layers

This brown hair with layers can gain this flawless look after you straighten it. But before you use any heated tool, you must apply a heat protectant or your fav serum that will prevent your hair from heat styling.

Firstly, brush your hair and dry it with your hair drier. To seal up the cuticle, use the nozzle attachment, which will also help you reduce frizz. 

12. Wolf Cut 

brown hair with choppy layers

Wolf cuts are probably the most popular layered hairstyles this year and if you love being trendy, you certainly need to hop on this train.

This medium brown hairstyle involves lots of layers that are shorter in front and get much length in the back. 

13. Feathered Layers

brown hair with feathered layers

Give your layers a smooth curve and direct them to the back, revealing the face. Opt for a very dark brown color, that looks natural and suits your skin tone. Get long bangs that you will also arrange in the back. 

14. Ponytail with Bangs

brown layered hair into ponytail

If you have brown hair with layers and bangs, a simple ponytail is a great way to secure your hair. It is a proper hairdo for school or casual or busy days.

If you want your pony to look flawless, you can straighten it before tieing all your strands in the back of the head. 

15. Face Framing Layers

brown hair with step layers

A chestnut blonde color looks marvelous if you have fair skin. With layers, it creates an impressive contrast and makes your face look elongated and slimmer. Go for a side part and toss those bangs to the lateral.

Brown hair with layers adds a lot of volume to your tresses and enriches the color. It builds more dimension and texture and has a marvelous effect when ombres or highlights are involved. Creating layers will add value to your flat and dull locks and help you reinvent yourself, and boost your confidence.