8 Grooming Tips for Short Haired Border Collies

If you are a lucky owner of a short haired border collie, you know about all the advantages of such a low-maintenance dog. While long-haired breeds require daily brushing and regular hair cutting, the short coated collies need minimal attention on your part.

Regardless of the length of their hair, these dogs have thick and shiny coats. The border collies with short hair have a shinier look but some feathered hair on their haunches, forelegs, and chest, while the rest of their bodies are smooth.

Your short haired collie needs to be trimmed about once every 3 months. You need to pay attention to the excess hair on its feet and hocks.


Grooming Procedure for Short Haired Border Collies

Border Collies with short hair

When you go to the grooming salon with your short haired border collie, you’ll most likely get an offer to brush and bathe the dog. A slight shaping of the overall coat will be done but an onlooker will hardly notice the difference.

Since the border collie’s short hair is rather thick, some groomers prefer to thin out the coat in order to make the dog feel more comfortable. Thinning out won’t reduce the coat’s sheen. Take a look at these grooming tips to make your short haired border collie look beautiful.

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Interesting Haircut Approaches to Border Collies with Short Hair

Border Collies

Border collies with short hair have long whiskers that don’t need any trimming. In fact, if you over trim your border collie, you might be penalized at the dog show.

If you are not prepping your pet for a dog show, then you might avoid trimming altogether for half a year or even a year. Their naturally short coats are considered to be perfect without any adjustments from the owner’s side. You have to make sure to keep the dog clean and brushed.

Buy a special wide-toothed comb for short and thick hair. Brushing is not required on a daily basis. You can do it once a week or even a month.


1. Practice smart brushing


When you just start brushing your collie, use a pin brush. Always start at the head and go down toward the tail. Even if your dog’s hair is very short, it’s still rather thick. So you need to make sure to reach toward the skin.


2. Know when to stop


Just like most of the dog breeds, short haired border collies are capriccios. When you are starting the brushing process, make sure the animal is feeling comfortable. Stop as soon as you see that the pet is not enjoying the grooming session.


3. Choose the right comb


Combs for dog hair care come in all shapes and sizes. You need to buy a wide-toothed and a fine-tooth steel comb. The wide-toothed one should be used to brush against the grain and remove large pieces of debris. Fine-toothed comb is used to comb through the delicate parts, such as ears and the head.

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4. Wield a stripping comb


Short haired border collies tend to shed their coats just like the long haired dogs. You need a stripping comb to help get rid of all the dead hair from your dog’s coat. Make sure to do some serious brushing during the shedding season.


5. Consider thinning shears


Since your collie has extremely thick hair, it might feel uncomfortable in a very warm climate. So as soon as the warm days come, consider buying trimming shears to thin out the hair and make your pet feel more comfortable. The thinning will also make the bathing much easier.


6. Start young

short haired border collie 8

Start grooming procedures when your dog is still a puppy. You need to teach your pet that the grooming is going to become part of its life. Don’t force grooming on a puppy. Start with just a couple of minutes and then extend the time. Stop as soon as the dog shows signs of discomfort.

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7. Don’t bathe often

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Border collies require a bath once a month. If your dog stays at home most of the time, it can go without a bath for as long as three months. Buy natural shampoos created especially for dogs. Don’t ever use your own hair care cosmetics on your pet.


8. Visit a grooming salon

short haired border collie 16

Even if you are taking the best possible care of your pet, a yearly grooming salon visit shouldn’t be overlooked. You can get professional advice as well as a nice shaping trim for your pet.


These tips can help keep your short haired border collie looking beautiful and feeling happy all year round. Don’t hesitate to ask a professional for advice in order to hone your grooming skills.

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