9 Grooming Tips for Long Haired German Shepherd

The long haired German Shepherd is a beautiful dog, which needs special care. Such dogs are wonderful friends and can be real warriors when it comes to depending their owners and homes. Buying a dog is always a tough decision, especially if you are looking for a large one. Big dogs require more care, more space, and more training. You have to be 100% sure you want a large do before getting it. Shepherds love their owners and have a hard time getting used to new families. That’s why if you buy a shepherd, you have to be ready to keep it.


How to Take Care of A Long Haired German Shepherd

Taking care of any dog is complicated. Each breed requires its own approach. We collected 9 important tips that can make your ownership of ling haired German Shepherd fun and easy. Once you know how to keep the dog looking beautiful and feeling healthy, you can enjoy your relationship in full. All dogs require special attention. It’s up to you to learn how to take care of it. The savviest dog owners say that taking care of the dogs is even harder than taking care of the children. So make sure you are ready for it. These tips can make your job easier.


1. Regular brushing

Nice Long Haired German Shepherd

Long haired German Shepherds have a single coat that requires regular brushing. Get ready for the brushing sessions at least every other day. By keeping the hair brush, you can avoid knotting and too much loose hair. The dog sheds its coat throughout the year. Long hair can become a nuisance for homeowners since it tends to lie around and clog their vacuum cleaners. Regular brushing can diminish the amount of fur on the floor.

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2. Not Too Much Bathing

Cute Long Haired German Shepherd

As an inexperienced owner, you might feel as if long-haired dogs need to be bathed often since they collect plenty of dirt on their coats. However, frequent bathing is bad for the shepherds. They have a sensitive skin that becomes dry when comes int contact with water. It’s sufficient to bathe your dog once a month. You can wash if more often if the dog has fleas or gets too dirty. When washing the dog with a shampoo, make sure it doesn’t touch the skin.


3. Check The Teeth

Long Haired German Shepherd dog

Long-haired German Shepherds often have problems with their teeth. Even if you feed the dog right, it can still develop harmful plaque. You need to clean the dog’s teeth every week with a special brush. You can purchase a toothpaste, developed specifically for dogs. Make sure to brush the gums as well. You can also buy hard cookies that can clean the plaque off mechanically while the dog is chewing.


4. Trim the Toenails

black Long Haired German Shepherd

Long toenails are any dog’s worst enemies. They can hurt you or themselves with such nails. Meanwhile, long nails tend to break. You have to check the toenails at least once a week and clip them if they are too long. The dog might not be happy with your trimming plans so some homeowners take their pets to professional groomers for toenail clipping. Be very careful when trimming. It’s better to leave them little longer than cut too deep and cause bleeding.

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5. Clean the Ears

black and brown Long Haired German Shepherd

Ears are your dog’s most sensitive body part. That’s why its imperative to keep it clean. Check your dog’s ears at least once a week. They tend to be covered with wax and debris. Use ear drops to clean out the dirt. A few drops and a soft cloth can do the trick. Don’t ever clean your pet’s ears with tap water. It might cause infection. Make sure you don’t start the ear cleaning until your German Shepherd is fully calm. Try to avoid loud noises and crowded areas for grooming.


6. Schedule Regular Checkups

amazing energy Long Haired German Shepherd

All dogs are prone to certain diseases. Long haired German Shepherds suffer from the same problems as regular German shepherds. Hip dysplasia, epilepsy, eczema, and stomach problems are very common for these dogs. You have to make sure you show your pet to the vet at least once a year to check out its health. The checkup may include x-rays, blood tests, and other diagnostics. German Shepherds live for 9 – 13 years.


7. Be Ready for Daily Exercises

German Shepherds require extensive daily exercise to stay healthy. These dogs have an amazing energy that needs to be spent. They are good indoor dogs but only when you allow them to run around as much as they want. You can satisfy the dog’s need for exercising by playing active outdoor games, running, or jogging. Your dog will love to join you when you are exercising so you can kill two birds with one stone.

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8. Create Good Living Conditions

Long Haired German Shepherd

The long haired German Shepherd is an indoor dog. Even though its coat seems like a good protection against weather, it isn’t. Meanwhile, strong emotional attachment to the owner makes it impossible to keep it separately. You have to create a place for the dog to stay indoors. You’ll need to buy a large enough bed for the dog to lay on as well as some toys to make the dog feel that space is its own. Some owners prefer buying or building a crate to fit a large dog.


9. Provide Human Contact

Long Haired German Shepherd

German shepherds are very emotionally attached to their owners and require plenty of attention. If you are a workaholic, who spends long hours away from home, this dog might not be suitable for your needs. This dog is perfect for large families, who are ready to play and exercise with it all day long.  Shepherds are very good with children and can make amazing companions.

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Long haired German Shepherds are wonderful dogs. All you have to do is keep them clean, groomed, and happy. If you are a true dog lover, it shouldn’t take too much time and effort.

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