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10 Common Thin Hair Mistakes You Need to Stop Making

Thin, fragile hair can be challenging to manage and style. Those of us with thin hair often look at those with thick hair with envy, wishing we had luxurious locks with which to work. That’s where many of us make a mistake.

Knowing which thin hair mistakes to avoid can make the most of what you have on your head. These mistakes can make your hair look even thinner and may even cause damage – the damage your thin hair can’t afford to take on.

Learn what mistakes to avoid to keep your thin hair healthy and beautiful.


How To Know if You Have Thin Hair

How To Know if You Have Thin Hair

People define thin hair in different ways. Some distinguish thin hair from dense hair. Thin hair refers to the thickness of the strands, while dense hair refers to the number of strands on your head.

Still, some experts believe that the terms thin or fine hair can include three different parameters:

  • Density/Volume
  • Strand thickness
  • Hair resistance

Overall, you may have thin hair if you lack in either or both areas of density and strand thickness. Both of these factors can make the appearance of your hair lifeless and flat.

You can easily tell if you have thin hair by comparing one strand to a piece of copy paper. Those with delicate strands will see that a single strand is thinner than the copy paper. Someone with thick hair will find that a strand is about twice as thick as paper.

As for density, look in a mirror and pull a section of your hair to the side. If you can barely see your scalp, you have dense or thick hair. If you can easily see your scalp through your hair, you have thin hair.


Thin Hair Mistakes to Avoid

thin hair mistakes infographic

Thin Hair Mistakes Infographic ©HairstyleCamp

If your quick experiments above indicate you have thin hair, don’t panic. It doesn’t mean you can’t rock fun hairstyles or look your best.

And to make sure you achieve the latter, make sure you’re ruling out these thin hair mistakes to avoid.

1. Growing Your Hair Too Long

Unless you’re prepared to take over-the-top protection measures, it’s not a good idea to grow thin hair long. The finer the hair, the more prone it will be to damage. And the longer you grow your hair, the more exposed to damage it has been.


2. Getting Straight Hairstyles

Thin Hair Mistakes to Avoid - straight hairstyling

Straight hair can be appropriate at times, but when you straighten fine hair flat, it only draws attention to its thinness.

Straight hairstyles remove all traces of depth, volume, and texture. Avoid overly straight styles to prevent your hair from looking flat, uninteresting, and lifeless.


3. Parting Hair In The Middle

Middle parts are all the rage right now, so it may be disappointing to hear that it is a mistake for those with thin hair, and they should avoid them.

But adding a side part is an easy way to instantly boost your hair’s volume. It adds movement and excitement to fine, flat hair for a better look overall.

Ditch the trendy middle part and opt for a fun side part to amp up your look.


4. Going For A Flat Hair Color

Thin Hair Mistakes to Avoid - Flat Colors

Fine hair lacks depth and dimension, and one way to ensure it stays that way is to only dye your hair with solid colors.

Colors with no highlights or lowlights will keep your hair looking dull and flat. Adding these techniques and layers of colors can give the illusion of thicker, fuller hair.


5. Using Heavy Shampoo and Conditioner

Wispy strands of hair can easily get weighed down by too much product. Heavy shampoo and conditioner formulas add unnecessary weight to thin hair and pull it down, making it look flatter and more lifeless.

Certain shampoos and conditioners that target frizziness and flyaways are particularly bad for fine hair.


6. Wearing Tight Ponytails

Thin Hair Mistakes to Avoid - wearing tight ponytails

Who doesn’t love a fierce, high pony every once in a while? Although you may love how it looks, your fine hair doesn’t love what it does. Because thin hair is more prone to damage, pulling it back too tight and too often can cause breakage.


7. Washing Your Hair Every Day

Believe it or not, washing your fine hair daily is another common mistake, it may be causing it to dry out and take on damage. Daily washing can be a hard habit for those with fine hair to break. If you have thin hair, it likely gets dirty and oily pretty quickly.

But reducing your washes over time will get your hair into a new rhythm. While at first, it may seem overly greasy on day two, it will start to get used to your washing schedule and adjust its natural oils accordingly.


8. Using Oils

Thin Hair Mistakes to Avoid - using oils

Many people love hair oils because they help tame frizzy hair and achieve a great shine. But using oils on thin hair is another mistake that people make.

Cause hair oil is another product that can weigh down thin, fine hair and reduce its overall volume. Hair oil is a thick product that can flatten lightweight strands on your head.


9. The Wrong Haircut

Getting the wrong haircut for thin hair can make it look even thinner. We already mentioned growing your hair long, but what about cutting it? In general, short to medium styles tend to suit thin hair the best. Styles that include bangs can also add some fun dimension.

While layers do a great job of making thin hair appear thicker, too many layers can have the opposite effect. Avoid overdoing your layers to stay away from making the mistake and get a fuller look.


10. Brushing Hair While Wet

Thin Hair Mistakes to Avoid - brushing wet hair

It’s never a good idea to brush your hair while it’s wet, but it’s especially detrimental to thin, fine hair. This thin hair mistake can hurt your strands when they’re at their most vulnerable.

Your hair is weakest when it’s wet, so it’s best to let it dry before brushing.


Tips to Take Care of Thin Hair

Tips to Take Care of Thin Hair

Because your thin hair is a lot more fragile than other hair types, it requires a little more care. Try to work some of these tips into your hair care routine to avoid damaging your thin hair:

  • Wash your hair in lukewarm, not hot, water.
  • Try to only wash your hair once or twice per week.
  • Condition only the end of your hair; don’t condition the roots.
  • Trim dead and split ends once every four months.
  • Drink plenty of water to ensure your hair stays hydrated.
  • Don’t overuse heat tools; use a heat protectant when you apply heat.
  • Sleep with a silk pillowcase and a loose ponytail to avoid nighttime damage.

Adding just a few of these tips to your regular hair care routine can help improve the health of your thin hair and keep it looking its best.


Many people see thin hair as a curse, but with some knowledge and extra care, you can turn it into a blessing. This list of thin hair mistakes can help you avoid unnecessary hair damage and minimize the appearance of dull, fine, and lifeless styles. Keep this list in mind and follow some of our hair care tips for thin hair.