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U-Shaped Cuts Vs. V-Shaped Cuts: The Complete Guide

Are you looking to spice up your hairstyle while still maintaining its length? Both u-shaped and v-shaped cuts are great options! But before you tell your stylist which haircut you want, you will need to familiarize yourself with the similarities and differences between U-shaped haircuts and V-shaped haircuts. This will help you to communicate to your stylist exactly what you prefer.

In this article, we will compare U-shaped cuts vs V-shaped cuts and discuss the similarities and differences between these two popular haircuts. Keep scrolling to see some inspirational photos of both styles!

What Is a U-Shaped Haircut?

U-shaped Haircut
U-shaped Haircut

Simply put, a U-shaped cut is a haircut that is shaped like the letter “U.” The U-shaped haircut gradually becomes longer in the back and the bottom shape is soft and rounded rather than pointy.

U-shaped haircuts can be extreme with a large difference between the shortest ends of the hair to the longest ends. Or they can be more subtle, simply showing a soft curve in the bottom line of the hair. U-shaped hairstyles can be worn on short, medium, or long hair.

What Is a V-Shaped Haircut?

V-shaped Haircut
V-shaped Haircut

The V-shaped haircut is a cut that is shaped like the letter “V.” A V-shaped cut angles down in the back until each side meets at a distinct point. This point is not rounded like a U-shaped cut.

V-shaped cuts are usually a bit more dramatic than U-shaped cuts and are typically worn on medium-length or long hair. It’s important to know that although v-shaped cuts can be a bit more dramatic than u-shaped cuts, there is still a wide variety within the realm of v-shaped hairstyles.

Here is a table to quickly describe the difference between u-shaped cuts and v-shaped cuts:

DifferenceU-Shaped HaircutV-Shaped Haircut
Bottom ShapeRounded, u-shapePointed, v-shape
LayersRound, angled layersPointy, angled layers
LengthAll hair lengthsMedium or long hair lengths

Inspiration Photos

Below are some inspiration photos for both u-shaped and v-shaped haircuts. The first section is all u-shaped hairstyles, and the v-shaped styles come after. As you look at these photos, notice the difference between the soft curves in the U-shaped cuts versus the pointier angles in the V-shaped cuts.

U-Shaped Cuts Inspiration Photos

Below you will see some examples of U-shaped haircuts. Notice the rounded bottom edge of the hair in each haircut, the rounded layers, and the variety of lengths in these hairstyles.

Long Wavy U-shaped Hair

u-shaped wavy haircut

This long, wavy, u-shaped cut showcases sleek waves and a beautifully subtle u-shape. This haircut doesn’t appear to have any layers, but the u-shape of the cut gives it character, body, and movement.

Thick Curls

thick curly u shaped haircut

This curly, u-shaped cut is thick from roots to ends and sports a nearly perfect u-shape. The layers in this hairstyle also follow the u-shaped line of the cut, and decrease the weight of the hair, allowing these curls to bounce.

Platinum Blonde U Cut

U shaped blonde hair

This cool, silver style showcases a textured u-shape and sleek, piecey layers. This cut has some subtle, long layers that softly accentuate the shape of the hairstyle without drawing attention away from this trendy hair color.

Rounded Edges

thick rounded U cut

This soft, blonde hairstyle is cut into a subtle u-shape with long layers. The rounded curves on the sides of the cut add body to this hairstyle and frame the face, and the long layers add volume and movement to the cut.

Textured Curls

u-shaped haircut for afro women

This long, curly, u-shaped hairstyle is simply stunning! The bottom edge of the haircut starts at the shoulders and angles softly down to the waist.

The long layers in this cut add volume to the ends of the hair. The textured, choppy ends also add movement and a natural character to the cut.

U-shaped Bob

u-shaped bob cut

This hairstyle is a beautiful example of a short u-shaped cut that showcases sleek straight hair. The U-shape of this cut blends perfectly with its length. This bob cut is best for those with silky straight hair who want to showcase their gorgeous dyed hair.

Long Brunette Hair

sleek long u-shaped haircut

This long hairstyle showcases a subtle u-shape at the bottom of the hair. It also has long layers that no doubt eliminate a little bit of the extra weight of this long, thick hair. The layers and shape of this style definitely add movement to this long, straight hair.

V-Shaped Cuts Inspiration Photos

Below, you will see some examples of v-shaped haircuts. Notice the pointed bottom edge of the hair in each haircut, the dramatic, pointed layers, and the fact that all of these hairstyles are medium length or long.

Ginger Curls

V-shaped ginger curls

This v-shaped cut is a great example of a classic, layered, v-shaped hairstyle. The bottom edge of this cut starts above the shoulders and angles all the way down to the waste at a perfect point.

Medium Natural Curls

V-shaped natural curly hair

This curly v-shaped hairstyle showcases dramatic angles and layers, giving these curls body and definition. The v-shape of this haircut adds face framing layers around the face, which gives the curls around the face even more volume.

V-shaped Hair with Hollywood Waves

V-shaped Brunette Hair with Hollywood Waves

These sleek, Hollywood waves are cut into a v-shape that angles all the way down to the waste. The soft, rounded waves contrast beautifully with the pointed, v-shaped edge of the cut.

Sleek Black Hair

V-shaped straight hair

This super long, v-shaped cut reaches all the way down to the hips! The v-shaped bottom of this cut adds the illusion of layers, and also relieves some of the weight of this long, thick hair.

Brown V-cut Waves

V-shaped brown waves

This stunning, long, v-shaped cut showcases shiny waves and long layers. This haircut is suited best for those who have thick, long hair and want to add a bit of movement to their style.

Bright Orange Hair

V-shaped orange waves

This long, v-shaped cut sports a beautiful orange color and silky body waves. The angles of this cut start right below the shoulders and travel down to meet at a point near the waste. The v-shape of this cut adds body and volume to the hairstyle

Layered Straight Hair

V-shaped long layered hair

This v-shaped cut almost borders on a u-shaped cut with its softer angles. The thing that puts this cut in the v-shaped haircut category is the pointed bottom edge of the cut. The layers in this cut add texture and body to the hairstyle.

In Summary

Both u-shaped and v-shaped cuts can add character, texture, and movement to your hairstyle. They both allow you to maintain the length of your hair while still framing the face and providing the illusion of layers.

Of course, as you saw in the above photos, the fundamental shapes of u-shaped cuts and v-shaped styles are different. U-shaped cuts are more rounded, while v-shaped cuts are pointier.

Now that you know the difference between these two types of haircuts, you can make an informed decision about which one would be best for your next new style. There’s no doubt that you will rock whichever style you choose!

Key Things to Know:

  • U-shaped haircuts have a rounded bottom edge.
  • U-shaped cuts are suitable for short, medium, or long hair.
  • V-shaped haircuts have a pointed bottom edge.
  • V-shaped haircuts are most suitable for medium length or long hair.
  • Both types of haircuts help maintain the length of the hair while still adding face framing and the illusion of layers.