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Jewel Flores

Reviewer: Jewel Flores, Licensed Hair Stylist

Lives in: USA

Expertise: Styling and treating hair of all textures, Braids, Natural Hair

Education: Career Development Center, Longmont, Colorado

Experience: 7 years

Jewel Flores studied cosmetology in Longmont, CO, and went on to start her career in Denver. She knew from the beginning that she wanted to cater to all hair textures, so she began working in ethnically diverse salons to gain knowledge and experience.

Her clientele increased even more when she started her own business and opened her salon. She consistently proved that a beautiful style does not have to damage a person’s natural hair if it is done correctly. Jewel’s clients were confident that she would care for their hair and recommend the best possible regimen for their specific needs.

Jewel is not only a Hair Stylist, but an artist as well. When she married her husband, who is a traveling nurse, she decided to leave her salon so that they could pursue their dream of traveling throughout the USA and the rest of the world. Now, Jewel uses her creative talents as an art teacher and oil painter.

Her love of art and genuine concern for people made her a great hair stylist. Jewel’s expertise and knowledge of all hair textures in invaluable.

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Reviewed By Jewel Flores