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U-Shaped Haircuts: Complete Guide and Inspiration Photos

Are you searching for a new look? Or, is your haircut seeming a little “blah”? U-shaped haircuts never go out of style, and they are so easy to achieve.

Practically any haircut can be turned into a U-shaped cut, so whether you have short hair, medium-length hair, or long hair, you can achieve a fabulous U-shaped hairstyle!

Also, any hair texture can be cut into a “U” shape! Even the tightest curls or the straightest locks can be cut into this trendy shape.

What Is a U-Shaped Haircut?

U-Shaped Haircut
U-Shaped Haircut

Simply put, a U-shaped haircut is a cut that is shaped like the letter “U.” Not to be confused with V-shaped cuts, a “U” cut gradually becomes longer in the back and the shape is soft and rounded, rather than pointy.

“U” haircuts can be extreme, with a large difference between the shortest ends of the hair to the longest ends, or they can be more subtle, simply showing a soft curve in the bottom line of the hair.

Why Get a U-Shaped Haircut?

U-shaped haircuts are great if you want a hairstyle that frames your face, without sacrificing your length. Because the shortest pieces of a ‘U’ haircut are those directly next to your face, they bring all the attention to your beautiful features.

Then, your hair gradually becomes longer towards the back, so you’re able to retain the length of your hair. Also, u-shaped cuts are not quite as dramatic as V-shaped cuts, so U-shaped cuts can add softness and subtle curvature to your hairstyle. Read the differences between U-cut and V-cut here.

Who Should Get a U-Shaped Haircut?

The truth is, anyone can get a U-shaped cut! This style can be short, medium, or long. And, it can be worn by those who have curly, wavy, or straight hair. There is no limit to who can rock a U-shaped cut!

If you want some gentle face framing, while adding some movement and shape to your hair, this is the cut for you.

Inspiration Photos

 It can be difficult to picture how a U-shaped cut will look on your own hair. That’s why I have compiled some photos of this cut on a variety of hair lengths and textures.

Here is how they are organized:

  1. Short U-Shaped Cuts
  2. Medium Length U-Shaped Cuts
  3. Long U- Shaped Cuts

Within those categories, you will see subsections of curly hair, wavy hair, and straight hair! You could be just seconds away from finding your dream hairstyle!

Note: Each caption describes the photo above the caption.

Short U-Shaped Cuts

It can be difficult to imagine a short U-shaped cut other than a bowl cut. Yowza! That’s not the style we are going to be looking at here. Actually, there are dozens of stylish ‘U’ cuts that are shoulder length or shorter, and they look fantastic on all hair textures. Take a look!


Curly, u-shaped cuts are so stylish, chic, and let’s be honest, low maintenance. They provide style, volume, and face-framing, and can be combined with bangs as well. Here are several short, curly, u-shaped cuts for inspiration:

U-Shaped Curls with Bangs

short u-shaped curls with bangs

This short, curly, u-shaped cut is a classic way to combine face-framing bangs with volume and just a bit of length in the back. Because the curve is gradual, you get a subtle effect that blends with your layers. This hairstyle is fun, flirty, and just downright adorable.

Afro Curls

short u shaped afro curls

This style is similar to the previous picture, but with a tighter curl texture. This hairstyle gradually gets shorter as it approaches the face, which serves to create bangs without a distinct line that separates them from the rest of the hair.

As you can see, the cut also has very short layers at the top of the head, which create a lot of volume!

Short Ginger Curls

short u shaped ginger curls

This u-shaped hairstyle is similar to the previous picture, but with thicker, tighter curls. The layers are longer, so most of the volume is around the bottom part of the hair. This cut has a certain simplicity about it that really brings the focus to these beautiful curls, rather than the cut itself.

It is possible to pair this style with bangs or wear it with some whimsical face-framing curls. And let’s not forget to mention this beautiful copper color that makes this style pop!

U-shaped Pixie Bob

u shaped curly bob

This is one of the shortest u-shaped, curly styles that we will be discussing, and let me just say, not everyone can pull it off. These soft, copper curls frame the face like a halo, and the short, blended bangs and layers serve to add volume without drawing attention away from the face.

This cut pairs especially great with a distinct jaw-line and soft features.

Curls with Frosted Tips

u shaped short curls with highlights

This u-shaped cut with frosted tips is absolutely gorgeous! It is full of volume, and frames the face wonderfully.

As you can see, this is more of a dramatic U-shaped cut that tapers up quite sharply on the sides of the head. The short layers in this hairstyle create bangs that are perfectly blended with the rest of the hair.

Corkscrew Curls

u shaped curly haircut

This is another stunning, u-shaped cut that shows off a more dramatic upward slant. These corkscrew curls appear to be the same length all over the head, which gives a uniform look to this style. By directing some of the curls in front in a downward direction, you can create mini bangs!

Also, because of the shorter layers, this style can be easy and manageable even for those with the tightest curls.

Short Fine Curls

short u-shaped fine curls

U-shaped cuts are wonderful for thinner, softer curls as well! Thin, fine, curls tend to be weighed down easily, especially as they grow longer. Getting this style is the perfect way to still maintain some length while adding a bit of volume and texture.

There is nothing worse than seeing your curls limp and flat against your head, and this haircut is a great solution for that. Not to mention, it is fun, cute, and stylish!


Short, wavy, u-shaped hairstyles are elegant and stylish. Whether you have natural waves, or you style your hair wavy, getting a U-shaped cut can be the perfect way to add even more style to your waves. Check out these short, wavy styles for inspiration.

U-Shaped Brown Waves

short u-shaped brown waves

This wavy, u-shaped cut is probably right in between short and medium-length, but we are going to keep it in the short category.

As you can see, the u-shape of this cut is very subtle and creates an elegant, classic look that just barely frames the face. These glossy waves were most likely styled using a flatiron or curling iron, and they complement this cut perfectly.

Loose Messy Waves

u-shaped short wavy haircut

This style is similar to the previous one, but has looser waves, and is a bit shorter. Again, the u-shape of this haircut is very subtle and elegant, only angling up slightly around the face.

There may be some longer layers in this cut, but they are also very subtle, which creates a softer, sleeker look.

Wavy Bob

very short u-shaped short waves

This u-shaped cut is a classic for all ages. The subtle waves are layered to create volume around the face and stack down toward the neckline. The slight u-shaped curve of this hairstyle would pair perfectly with some face-framing layers or long bangs.

Short Blonde Waves

short u-shaped blonde wavy haircut

These beautiful, blonde waves showcase a u-shaped cut perfectly. As you can see, this cut slants upward at a sharper angle, which creates short, face-framing pieces of hair that eventually blend into bangs. This contrasts with the longer layers around the sides and back of the head.

This haircut looks elegant, professional, and stylish at the same time. The subtle u-shape paired with plenty of layers gives this style a sleek yet voluminous look. Wispy side bangs blend perfectly with this cut’s layers.


Short, straight, u-shaped hairstyles are cute and classic! A u-shaped cut can really spice up a short, straight haircut by adding pieces of hair that frame the face and add style and texture to otherwise flat, boring hair. Check out the photos below for inspiration!

U-shaped Cut with Feathered Bangs

u shaped straight bob

This layered, u-shaped cut adds some spice to the classic bob. The u-shape angles up from chin-length to jaw-length in order to frame the face without adding too much bulk right around the sides of the face. The short layers of this hairstyle blend beautifully with feathered side bangs or curtain bangs.

Rainbow Hair

straight u-shape cut with rainbow highlights

Where do I even start with this amazing hairstyle? As you can see, a subtle, u-shape cut is paired with long layers to create a wispy, tapered effect. We can’t talk about this photo without mentioning these amazing colors!

Combining a variety of vibrant colors with a u-shaped haircut and wispy layers has transformed a potentially “blah” hairstyle into anything but boring. 

Straight Rounded Bob

Straight Rounded Bob

This short, u-shaped cut is another variation of a classic bob. The gradual u-shape of this hairstyle delicately frames the face while maintaining a bit more length in the back.

The long layers of this cut taper down to the neck, creating more volume right at the jawline. These layers are best suited for those who have a narrower face or softer jaw-line.

U-shaped Short Layers

u shaped layered bob

This cut has a similar u-shape as the previous photo, but the layers are shorter and placed differently, creating more height at the top of the head, and less weight around the jawline. The messy texture of the layers, along with the brown to blonde ombre, makes this style chic and fun.

This cut can be very flattering for those who have a shorter or wider face shape and want to elongate their face. 

Colored Straight Hair

dyed straight u-shape short haircut

Check out this amazing u-shaped hairstyle that sports a vibrant orange color! This style is board straight, with a subtle line of tapering layers at the bottom.

The bottom edge of this cut angles up gradually on the sides to frame the face and add even more dimension to this style. And, let’s not forget to mention this awesome orange color!

Sleek Straight Hair

short sleek straight u shaped hair

This is one of the most dramatic u-shaped cuts in the short and straight categories.

The sharp, 45-degree angle of the bottom edge of the hair tapers up all the way to the bangs without any disconnect with the back of the hair. The textured layers and flipped-out ends give this board-straight hair a funky style.

Short Textured Cut

short textured u-shape haircut

This u-shaped hairstyle showcases the simplicity of straight hair and the volume of waves all in one! The dramatic taper of this haircut creates plenty of volume right at the jaw-line while the shorter layers at the top of the head add height to the style. This hairstyle is sexy, fun, and classy all at the same time.

The textured ends of this hairstyle create a body and give it a bit of a messy look, which contrasts the softness and subtlety of the U-shape. This cut boasts a great combination of classic, soft, and messy.

Medium Length U-Shaped Cuts

Medium-length, u-shaped cuts are a perfect marriage between length and style. If you are growing your hair out from a short cut, or simply maintaining your medium-length hair, you may notice that as your locks grow out, they can gradually lose their style.

But it doesn’t have to be that way! Here are some inspirational medium U-shaped haircut ideas:


U-shaped Brown Curls

medium u shaped curls

This medium-length, u-shaped hairstyle is absolutely gorgeous! This cut maintains some length while still framing the face with curly locks.

It appears that this haircut not only has a U-shaped line at the bottom but also has layers that gradually get shorter as they approach the face. This haircut would pair great with some curly bangs as well!

Face-framing Curls

medium u shaped face framing curls

This curly, u-shaped cut starts at a seemingly straight line at the back of the hair and curves up at a sharper angle to frame the face. This style is full of volume and texture, and the highlighted ends accentuate the beautiful form of these curls!

Honey Curls

medium u shaped loose curls

This u-shaped cut pairs perfectly with these soft, honey-colored ringlets to create a classic, elegant, and voluminous style. The shorter layers in this haircut add volume all over the head by allowing those soft curls to really spring up!

This haircut would be especially stylish with some shorter, face framing pieces or curtain bangs.

Thick U Curls

coarse medium curls

Coarse, thick, curly hair looks absolutely amazing in a u-shaped style. The long layers in the back create evenly distributed volume in this thick hair.

The shorter pieces in the front help distribute the weight of the hair by the face, and avoid the dreaded “shelf” layers. Thick, coarse, curly hair can be manageable, defined, stylish, and absolutely stunning with the right cut.

Curls and Highlights

medium u shaped curls with highlights

This haircut displays a u-shape that is a bit dramatic and more sharply angled, which creates length and volume at the same time.

The shortest layers, which are in the front, are parted loosely to the side and directed back to showcase the face and add volume and height to this style.

U-shaped Blonde Curls

medium u shaped blonde curls

This u-shaped cut adds movement and style to these soft, fine ringlets, which otherwise may be easily weighed down. Curly girls with fine hair may struggle with adding volume while still maintaining length, which is why this cut is so ideal for those who want the best of both!

Medium Curly Hair with Balayage

medium u shaped thick curly hair

This thick, u-shaped haircut with long layers is perfect for these locks that border on curly and wavy. The dramatic angle of the u-shape in this haircut, paired with long, subtle layers, gives the hairstyle an elegant and trendy look.

Of course, let’s not forget to mention the beautiful ombre color that makes these curls look bright and sun-kissed.


Medium-length waves that are cut into a u-shaped style are classic, elegant, and whimsical. U-cut adds movement to waves, making them even more beautiful! Here are a few examples of some wavy, medium-length, u-shaped styles:

Medium Ombre Waves

u-shaped medium waves with blonde balayage

This u-shaped, medium length, wavy haircut is simple, yet stunning. The angles of the u-shape are more dramatic, giving a deep “U” effect, which maintains length, while leaving some shorter, wispy waves around the face.

The brown to blonde ombre completes this style and highlights the ends of these wavy locks.

Tousled Waves

medium u shaped cut tousled waves

These sleek waves look absolutely stunning in a u-shaped cut. It appears that this haircut either has no layers, or very few long layers, but because the hair is very thick, it still maintains its volume.

Plus, the u-shaped cut adds movement to an otherwise boring haircut and gives an illusion of a layered look. And of course, we can’t forget to mention this stunning, chestnut-brown color!

Copper Blonde Waves

medium copper blonde u shaped waves

These thick, copper blonde, natural waves look elegant, sleek, and whimsical in this subtle, u-shaped cut.

As you can see, the u-shaped angle of the haircut is very gradual, giving this style a measure of softness and naturalness. Pair this cut with a few face framing pieces to really enhance your features.

Medium Brown Waves

u-shaped medium brown waves

This u-shaped haircut is sleek and classic. These body waves appear to be subtly layered. The bottom line of the hair angles down from the shoulders to the middle of the back. This style maintains a good amount of length in the back, while adding face framing style to the front.

By keeping the waves a bit shorter in the front, you are also ensuring that the waves near your face don’t become weighed down and flat. 

Medium Layers

u-shaped medium layered waves

This wavy, u-shaped style is similar to the previous style, but instead of very subtle, minimal layers, you can see that this style showcases quite a bit of layering.

The layers of this cut add texture to the style and create volume around the sides of the face. Shorter pieces of hair around the face are absolutely necessary for this type of finer hair because they add volume and style to otherwise limp hair.

Jet Black Waves

u-shaped medium jet black waves

These sleek, Hollywood waves are beautifully cut into a blunt, u-shaped hairstyle. The lack of layers in style gives it a sleeker, longer look, and really highlights the bottom line of the cut.

While this style doesn’t have a lot of volume, it certainly makes up for it with plenty of shine!

U-shape Cut with Wavy Ends

u-shaped medium bronde waves

This u-shaped haircut displays a mixture of straight and wavy hair, with the hair being straight until it reaches the shoulders, and then loosely curling at the ends. We can also see that this haircut has long layers that get shorter around the face.

This allows the wavy ends of the front pieces to be closer to the face, thereby subtly framing the facial features.

Blonde Hollywood Waves

u-shaped medium blonde waves

This hairstyle just screams “Hollywood!” These platinum blonde Hollywood waves are cut in a subtle u-shaped style.

These waves are just dripping with texture. This dramatic, u-shaped cut adds length to the style while framing the face, and the many layers add texture and body to the hair.

These waves are directed towards the back of the head, which pulls the hair away from the face, thus allowing the whole face to be seen. This is a great style for those who want some length but also want to keep their hair out of their face.


Straight, medium length hair can be a blank canvas for so many styles! The U-shaped haircut is a great start if you want to add some pizzazz to your hairstyle. And, the great thing about a straight, medium-length, u-shaped style is that it can be sleek and refined, or messy and trendy! Check out these inspirational U-shaped hairstyle photos.

Sleek Straight ‘U’ Cut

sleek straight medium u cut

If you want to see a perfect “U” shape, here it is! This board-straight hair maintains its density down to the very ends, where it is cut very precisely to form a rounded “U”. The blunt ends and lack of layers brings all the attention to the perfectly rounded shape of this cut.

Of course, in order to pull off this style, your ends have to be in pristine condition. No split ends allowed! And let’s not forget to mention those stylish red tips peeking out from the sides!

Rounded Soft Layers

u-shaped medium blonde layers

This u-shaped haircut is subtly rounded with long, soft layers. These subtle layers give the haircut a bit of body and movement while still maintaining a slick, uniform appearance.

The solid light color also adds to the uniform appearance of this style.  Add some face-framing pieces in the front to frame your gorgeous features and bring this hairstyle to life!

Red Wispy Layered Hair

red medium straight u-shaped haircut

This wispy, layered style is another classic example of a U-shaped hairstyle. The u-shape of this cut is gradual and subtle, and the layers are long, giving this style a soft look.

The textured, uneven aspect of the layers and the ends give this cut a lot of texture and movement. Some face-framing pieces would complete this haircut wonderfully. This haircut would look fabulous with some side bangs or straight-across bangs.

Textured Gray Hair

medium straight u-shaped gray hair

This textured, u-shaped cut is great for those with thin or fine hair. The u-shaped aspect of this style gives the hair movement and also serves to frame the face. The short, piecey layers provide volume without subtracting any of the thickness at the ends. If your hair tends to lay flat and look limp, this is a great style for you!

Classic U-shaped Haircut

u shaped straight thick haircut

This fun, sassy, u-shaped cut is perfect for those who want to add a little spice to their straight hair. The hair in this photo is thicker, and the layers are longer.

As you can see, the U-shape of this cut is subtle, only curving up slightly on the sides. The long layers provide some volume and shape to the hair without taking away its sleekness.

Razored Cut with Bangs

u shaped razored layers on medium straight hair

This u-shaped cut showcases ends that are textured to the max. The sleekness of the rest of the hair significantly contrasts with the super choppy ends and the long, textured layers. Choppy, straight-across bangs would look absolutely great with this style.

As a hairstylist, my only problem with this cut is that, while the ends are choppy and textured, you still want to maintain some sort of pattern to them. These ends seem to be cut totally randomly. But hey, if that’s the style you want, go for it!

Long U-Shaped Cuts

Long, u-shaped cuts are perhaps the most popular, because as hair grows longer, it can lose its style and become limp. Cutting long hair into a U-shape brings style and volume back into play!

It is possible to have super long hair while still maintaining its body and framing your beautiful face. Here are some hairstyle ideas of long, u-shaped cuts:


Long curls cut into a U-shaped style are simply stunning. This is perhaps one of my favorite styles, and as someone with curls who is trying to grow out her hair, I highly recommend this cut to all of my fellow curly girls.

Besides a U-shaped cut, there are a few other styles that maintain the length of your curls, while giving them plenty of volume, movement, and style.

Long Spiral Curls

long u-shaped spiral curls

These long, spiral curls cut into a ‘U’ shape are simply stunning. As you can see, the layers of this haircut start at shoulder length and continue all the way down to the ends.

The bottom of this u-shaped cut also begins at the shoulders and continues down to the waist. This cut is best for those who have thick hair.

Brown Curls with Bangs

U-cut long brown curls with Bangs

This curly, u-shaped haircut is full of volume from the top of the head all the way down to the ends! If you don’t have natural curls, don’t fret! You can always style your long locks using a curling iron, straight iron, or even a no-heat styler.

This thick brown hair is cut in a dramatic u-shape that starts above the shoulders and goes all the way down to the waist. The long layers and dramatic angles of this style give it both softness and body.

The layers in this haircut allow the curls to spring up without being weighed down. Pair this cut with some shorter, face-framing bangs!

Half-Up Curls

U-cut half up curly hai

These beautiful, black curls are flawlessly cut into a U-shaped style that adds movement and body to the hair. It appears that this cut has some subtle, piecey layers around the head to add volume and frame the face, but the majority of the layers in this cut are long.

And of course, I have to mention this gorgeous natural hair color. You can easily adapt this half-up look.

Ginger Curls with Flowers

u shaped long ginger curls

This whimsical, u-shaped, curly hairstyle is fun, elegant, and boho. This cut doesn’t appear to have any layers, but the dramatic u-shape of this style adds movement and the illusion of layers.

The curls naturally vary in their exact texture, and the choppy ends add even more character to this style. Plus, those flowers are so cute! What a fun idea for a summer hairstyle!

Long Highlighted Curls

long u-shaped curls with highlights

These thick curls are beautifully cut into a u-shaped style that provides plenty of body. The long layers of this cut add a softness to the style, while the dramatic u-shape gives it volume and character.

The highlighted curls serve to add a textured look to the cut, making some curls stand out more than others. This hairstyle is simply stunning, and would look fantastic with or without some face-framing pieces.

U-Cut Thick Curls

u-shaped long springy curls

This long, curly hairstyle has a soft u-shape and minimal layers, creating a natural, soft look. The hair gradually transitions from wavy on top to curly at the ends.

This is most likely because there are no layers to lighten these heavy locks, so the hair around the head is more weighed down. This creates a romantic, natural look.


Long, wavy, u-shaped hairstyles bring two words to mind: mermaid hair. There are few styles more elegant, stunning, and classic than long, wavy hair.

By cutting these beautiful locks into a U-shaped style, you will add body and dimension to your already gorgeous hair. Check out the below wavy U-shaped haircuts!

U-shaped Hollywood Waves

Long U-shaped Hair with Hollywood Waves

These shiny, hollywood waves are beautifully cut into a U-shaped hairstyle. This shape is neither subtle nor dramatic, which compliments the loose waves perfectly.

Adding some shorter pieces near the face would pair well with this hairstyle and give it a bit more volume. And let’s not forget to mention this stunning dark, honey-blonde color!

Long Silver Tresses

u shaped silver waves

These long, romantic waves are beautifully cut into a ‘U’ hairstyle. As you can see, the loose waves of this style compliment the long layers and piecey ends. All around, this hairstyle is fun and sassy.

It can be styled to be more sleek or messy, so it is very versatile. Also, the silver color is just absolutely gorgeous and definitely chic. Pair this cut with some shorter pieces in the front to softly frame the face.

Loose Ginger Waves

u shaped long loose waves

When it comes to long waves, it doesn’t get much longer than this! These loose waves reach below the hips. The u-shaped cut gives this style an illusion of layers, even though it doesn’t appear to have any.

Plus, the shorter pieces up front allow the waves to maintain even more curl and body around the face.

This style is best suited for thick hair that can maintain its density from roots to ends. This stunning, copper color pairs best with warmer skin tones.

Long Blonde Waves

long blonde waves

Not all wavy styles need to be perfectly smooth and uniform. This romantic, blonde hairstyle showcases a beautiful U-shape and soft layers.

This wavy hairstyle is fun and beautifully messy. As you can see, the U-shape of this cut is quite dramatic, starting near the face and ending at mid-back level.

This maintains the hairstyle’s length while also framing the face. I love this picture because it shows that naturally wavy/curly hair can come in a variety of textures, even on the same head!

Boho Braids

u shaped boho braids

The first thing I noticed when looking at this picture was the gorgeous boho braids! But, we can’t skip over the subtle U-shape of this cut.

These loose waves are beautifully cut into a blunt (meaning not layered), u-shaped hairstyle that gives the illusion of layers.

Plus, the various shades of blonde add texture and dimension to the hair.

U-shaped Hair with Ombre

Ombre Hair

This super thick hair with loose body waves and totally awesome color! The is masterfully cut into a U-cut with long layers that add texture, body, and movement to the hairstyle.

These waves are uniform, yet a bit messy at the same time, providing the perfect combination of sleek and fun. This style would work best on very thick hair that can maintain its density from roots to ends.

And, of course, we have to mention this color, which is technically an ombre color that transforms from brown to dark blonde to platinum, with some strawberry pink added to the platinum ends.

Cherry Red Waves

U- cut long cherry waves

These sleek, cherry red waves are cut into a u-shaped hairstyle that adds dimension to the hair. As you can see, this haircut doesn’t have any layers, so the u-shape provides a bit of variety when it comes to the length of the ends.

The streaks of red add even more variety to this hairstyle. The red sections get thicker as they travel further away from the roots until finally, we see a solid red color at the ends of the hair, creating a beautiful ombre.

U-shape with Wavy Ends

long u shaped hair with wavy ends

This u-shaped cut is striking. The u-shape of this haircut is perfectly crafted to start near the face and angle all the way down to the waist. This creates beautiful length while still framing the face and creating the illusion of layers.

The waves of this hairstyle are mostly at the ends of the hair, accentuating the u-shape even more. Plus, this bright orange color is stunning!


Long, straight hair never goes out of style. It has survived through the decades and still remains the ideal hairstyle that so many women strive for. However, long, straight hair can have the tendency to lack style and body.

A U-shaped haircut solves this by still maintaining the length of the hair while adding some style, body, and movement. Here are some straight ‘U’-shaped haircuts you can try in 2024:

Straight Balayage Hair

u-shaped long straight hair with balayage

This hairstyle beautifully showcases a long, u-shaped cut. The u-shape of this style is softly rounded, which compliments the delicate, smooth characteristics of the rest of the hairstyle.

It appears that this is a blunt cut, so there are no layers, but the combination of the u-shaped bottom line along with the different colored highlights, gives this hairstyle plenty of dimension.

Sleek Brunette Hair

long sleek straight u-shaped hair

This smooth, sleek hairstyle is delicate, soft, and stylish. The gradual u-shape of this cut gives this hairstyle a perfectly classic shape that really compliments the overall look of this style.

There are no layers, so all the attention is directed to the bluntly cut ends of the u-shaped bottom line of the hair. This hairstyle is perfect for those who want a classic, elegant look.

U-shaped Long Blonde Hair

u shaped long choppy straight hair

This long, u-shaped cut is perfect for those who like just a bit of a messy, textured look. The ends of the hair are choppy, rather than perfectly uniform, and the layers are long and piecey. Additionally, the multi-dimensional color accentuates the texture of the layers. 

The u-shape is also quite dramatic, which blends well with the shorter layers. There’s no argument that this hairstyle has a ton of texture and body!

This hairstyle is great for those that want to add a bit of spice to their long, straight locks.

Choppy Ends

straight long u-shaped hair with choppy ends

This u-shaped style is sleek with a bit of texture at the ends, which is created by long layers and the shape of the cut.

The u-shape is subtle, and doesn’t reach above the shoulders, so I would suggest adding a few shorter pieces near the face, or even bangs, to frame the face.

This thick, luscious hair is cut into a u-shaped cut that adds style to the hair, while also trimming down on the weight of these thick locks.

If your hair is super thick and long, cutting it into a U-shaped style can make it possible to maintain the length while making it a bit lighter

Platinum Blonde Hair

long blonde straight u-shaped cut

This super sleek, u-shaped style is a classic. The u-shaped cut begins just below the tops of the shoulders and continues all the way down to the waist.

This hairstyle doesn’t have any layers, but the combination of the u-shaped cut, along with the slightly textured ends, gives this hair a chic style.

‘U’ Cut Straight Hair

u shaped straight haircut

This elegant, long hairstyle showcases a beautifully subtle, u-shaped cut. The u-shape of this haircut seems to start at the waist and angle all the way down below the hips.

There may be some long layers, but they are very subtle and don’t subtract from the thickness of the ends of the hair. This style is best for those with super thick hair that can maintain its density from roots to ends.

Very Long Blonde Hair

very long u shaped straight haircut

This shiny, blonde, style is subtly cut into a u-shape. The shape of this haircut starts very close to the bottom of the hairline and appears to be a bit textured, rather than bluntly cut.

The hair is fine, but still very thick, which allows it to retain its density from roots to ends. This hairstyle would look great with some bangs, or a few shorter pieces in the front to frame the face.

Thick Straight Hair

thick straight u shaped haircut

This beautifully rounded, u-shaped cut is great for thick, straight hair. The layers in this cut are long and piecey, and the ends are a bit choppy or textured.

This not only serves to add a fun, slightly messy aspect to the style but also takes some of the weight off of this super thick hair.

This hairstyle showcases a great combination of chic sleekness and fun texture. Overall, this hairstyle is the embodiment of simplicity itself. This stunning cut is better suited for those who have thick hair that can maintain its density from roots to ends.

In Summary

U-shaped haircuts can look great for all textures and lengths of hair! If you want to add some dimension, texture, movement, and character to your hairstyle, opt for a U-shaped cut. I hope this article has given you some inspiration for your next haircut!

Key Things to Know

  • U-shaped cuts can pair well with short, medium-length, or long hair. 
  • U-shaped hairstyles are great for curly, wavy, or straight hair. 
  • U-shaped cuts help to maintain the length of a hairstyle while adding body to the style. 
  • Getting a U-shaped haircut is a great option if you want a hairstyle that will frame your face. 
  • U-shaped hairstyles can be sleek and uniform, or messy and trendy.