Why Does Caillou Have No Hair?

The famous character from a Canadian cartoon Caillou created a very controversial discussion. Why does Caillou have no hair? Does he have cancer? Is he sick? Does he shave? Parents all over the world are wondering about the reason why the cartoon creators didn’t bother to draw some locks for the poor kid.


Turns out Caillou is a perfectly healthy rascal. When the cartoon was initially made, the designers created a character, who was 9 months old. Such a small baby, in their opinion, shouldn’t have any hair. So Caillou was born absolutely bald. With time, when he grew older, the creators wanted to add some hair. When they tried to do it, the kid became absolutely unrecognizable.

The cartoon managers were afraid that children just won’t understand who this new boy with hair is. That’s why they left him bald and closed the case. In fact, Caillou’s boldness became a wonderful reason to show the children that all people are different. Parents got a chance to explain their kids the basics of tolerance. It doesn’t matter if you have long locks, dye them purple, opt for a mohawk or shave it all off, you are the same person you were before changing the hairstyle.

Since many parents don’t really favor Caillou and his behavior, the opportunity to teach their children something positive is appreciated. The kid is somewhat ill-mannered and gets away with all types of pranks.


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When the children, who watch the cartoon, were asked about their opinion about Caillou’s baldness, they just didn’t have any. It turns out that preschoolers just don’t notice this feature. They don’t care if Caillou is bald. End of story.