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5 Reasons Why Salons Wash Your Hair After Coloring

Most hair stylists wash your hair after coloring. Yet, the general recommendation is to avoid washing your hair for the first 72 hours after coloring.

There are different reasons why hair stylists wash your hair after coloring. Besides, they use specific products to ensure that the washing cycle does not interfere with the results.

Why Do Salons Wash Hair After Coloring?

The major reason hair stylists wash hair after coloring is to remove residual hair color. Washing also helps the color to set in and seal in. It also enables the hairdresser to look at your hair and determine if the color is well distributed and that the results are desirable.

Below is a detailed look at why salons wash your hair after coloring.

#1. Remove Residual Color

If not well-rinsed, the color pigment may build up in your hair. As such, the color becomes unevenly distributed, with the areas with the build-up looking darker. Washing the hair also removes loose hair color molecules, ensuring that the hair color does not bleed if it comes into contact with moisture.

#2. Helps the Dye to Set In

Washing your hair with warm water opens the cuticles, enabling the dye to penetrate your hair shaft and fibers deeply. As a result, the color sets in better for long-lasting results.

#3. Allows the Beautician to Confirm the Results Are as Desired

Once the excess color has washed off, the beautician takes a final look at the hair to establish if the results are desirable. If not, they can make the necessary changes.

#4. Can Be an Opportunity to Condition the Hair

 Reason Why Salons Wash Hair After Coloring - to condition hair

Dying hair can strip it of moisture and essential oil, leaving it dry and fragile. Conditioning the hair after coloring reintroduces moisture into the hair strands. Some manufacturers incorporate a post-coloring conditioner on the hair coloring kit for this purpose.

Your stylist can apply the conditioner on its own after rinsing the hair. Or, they can shampoo the hair before applying the conditioner.

#5. Prepares Your Hair for Subsequent Hair Treatments

For instance, if your hair has undertones after dyeing, applying a toner can help to remove the undertones and achieve your desired color. Washing your hair after dyeing removes loose and excess color molecules and helps the toner set in better.

You should apply the toner on damp rather than dripping wet hair. After washing it, pat the excess water and then apply the toner. Washing off excess color prevents it from transferring onto the salon’s styling equipment.

Can You Wash Hair After Dyeing It at Home?

Wash Your Hair After Dyeing It at Home

If coloring your hair at home, washing it immediately after is not recommended. This is because at-home coloring kits wash out easily. Hairdressers use professional-quality dyes, which are stronger. Unlike at-home dye kits, they set and seal into the hair better.

Therefore, there is minimal fading when washing your hair. As such, washing your hair immediately after coloring at home can cause it to fade. Ideally, you should just rinse it with water and wait at least 72 hours for the color to set in before using shampoo.

Even so, observe precautions for washing colored hair to prevent the color from washing off and protect your hair from damage.

Tips for Washing Hair After Coloring

  • Use cool water. It keeps the cuticles closed to prevent the color from washing off from the shaft. Conversely, hot water opens the cuticles and dislodges the color molecules, causing the dye to fade.
  • Use a color-safe shampoo and conditioner. Avoid sulfate shampoos as they fade away the dye. Also, avoid shampoos with drying alcohol as they strip your hair and scalp of moisture. Instead, use shampoos such as purple or blue shampoo, which help the color to set in and remove any undertones.
  • Space out your wash cycles. Avoid washing your dyed hair too frequently. 1-2 washes per week are sufficient. In the meantime, use dry shampoo to remove built-up oil and dirt.
  • Deeply condition the hair after washing. Gently massage it into your scalp and hair strands and leave it for two to five minutes, then rinse with cold water.

Washing your hair after coloring is discouraged for permanent dyes and at-home dye kits. However, it is common for hair stylists to wash your hair after to get rid of excess color pigments and help the color pigment set in. They use specialized products to prevent the color from fading.