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James Hunter

James Hunter, Senior Stylist

Lives in: Los Angeles, CA

Expertise: Hair Color, Grooming

Education: nVisually Hair Salon & Academy

Experience: 12 years

James Hunter has always been creative. After his training in nVisually Hair Salon & Academy, he worked as a senior stylist for over a decade. He loves to share her styling tips and tricks as he believes sharing is caring!

James is an introvert but he makes up for it by being a food maven. He’s always testing new recipes and causing food crisis at Hairstyle Camp!

Latest From James Hunter

How Many Days Should I Wait to Apply Oil After a Keratin Treatment?

Oiling your hair after a keratin treatment helps to retain smoothness and makes styling easy. It also helps to strengthen the hair strands minimizing breakage. However, oiling should be done strategically to ensure it does not interfere with the effectiveness of the keratin treatment. So, when should you apply oil after a keratin treatment? How …

“My Hair Feels Sticky After Keratin Treatment” – What to Do?

The main goal of keratin treatment is to achieve straight, shiny hair. However, your hair may feel sticky if a certain treatment backfires due to the wrong application technique or poor-quality keratin solution. Poor aftercare may cause your hair to be sticky, e.g., applying too much oil after keratin treatment. Even with proper application technique, …

What Does Over-Processed Hair Color Look Like and How to Fix It

Your hair goes through a lot. Brushing, blow-drying, curling, straightening, bleaching, coloring, you name it. It is subjected to a lot of abuse all year round. The word for this abuse is – over-processing. That’s right. If you thought the term over-processed hair only applied to bleached and chemically-treated hair, you thought wrong. Frequent, harsh …