15 Wire Haired Fox Terrier Grooming Tips You Must Know

If you own a wire haired fox terrier then you know how amazing these dogs are. Your pet’s appearance depends solely on your resourcefulness. If you are ready to take a serious approach to your dog’s health and grooming then you’ll be glad to know that there isn’t anything complicated about keeping the dog’s coat neat. Many dog owners are afraid of taking care of the pet on their own and go to professional groomers for assistance. Obviously, this is the best choice but it’s not always the cheapest one.


How To Groom A Wirehaired Fox Terrier

tips to take care of your wire fix terrier

Here are a few simple steps that can help you learn how to groom a wirehaired fox terrier on your own. If you are not sure you can go through with it without assistance, take the dog to a professional groomer at least a couple of times and learn from them.

  • Use a pin brush on your pet’s coat and then follow up with a wide-toothed comb.
  • Use the knife to strip the body and the neck to create the required length. Do some arching at the hip area in order to create a rounded shape.
  • Use clippers to deal with stomach and groin hair. Keep the hair in those areas short.
  • Clip (or strip) the head, including the ears.
  • Hand strip the ears and be extremely careful when doing the edges. You might want to use scissors to make the edges neat.
  • Strip the top part of the tail and use scissors to cut the hair underneath. The hair around the anus should be cut short.
  • Use dog shampoo or mild soap to bathe the dog.
  • Towel dry the dog’s coat and brush it.
  • Allow the hair to air dry. You can also use a hair dryer to do it.
  • Take another look at the dog’s coat and trim any stray hair as necessary.
  • Comb the hair with a fine comb.
  • Cut the hair in between the foot pads and around the dog’s toes.
  • Shape the hair on the dog’s legs to get a tubular form. This can be done by shaping the hair with your fingers and then trimming. Use scissors to finish the look.

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15 Ways to Take Care of  Your Wirehaired Fox Terrier

Before starting out on your way to getting a perfectly groomed wirehaired terrier, you need to buy special equipment. You’ll need gloves, thinning scissors, wide toothed and a fine comb, regular scissors, pin brush, and a stripping knife. All these tools can easily be found in the pet stores online or near your home. Take some time to read the instructions for each grooming tool. Brushes and combs must be cleaned on a regular basis, while scissors need to be sharpened after heavy use. Start grooming your dog as soon as possible. Puppies need to consider grooming as part of their normal routine.


1. Bathe Smart

Nice Wire Hair fox Terrier

Bathing your wirehaired terrier before grooming can make the coat softer and easier to handle. Make sure to use only special dog shampoo or very mild soap in order to keep the dog healthy and happy.


2. Consider hand stripping

wire haired fox terrier

When you hand strip your dog, you have more control over the condition of its coat than when you use a knife or other tools. While this might be a more time-consuming task, you can get better and more impressive results.


3. Prepare the dog

wire terrier grooming tips

Make sure your dog is well fed and content with the environment before you start the grooming procedure. Agitated and unhappy pets make terrible grooming clients. If you see that the dog is not ready, choose another time for the grooming process.

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4. Accentuate the spots

wire haired terrier

If your wirehaired fox terrier has a spotted coat, you can accentuate the spots during the grooming procedure. All you have to do is keep the hair on the spots longer than the rest of the coat. As a result, the spots will be outlined.


5. Wear gloves

terrier with wire haircut

Buy a pair of latex gloves and use them when grooming your pet. The gloves allow you to get a better hold of the dog’s hair, which makes the hand stripping procedure much faster and easier.