12 Tom Hardy Haircuts Worth Giving a Shot

Tom Hardy is a well-known British actor with classy hairstyles whose debut in ‘Band of Brothers’ ignited the success of his acting career.

Featured in a multitude of popular films including Black Hawk Down, Star Trek: Nemesis, Inception, The Dark Knight Rises, Lawless and Mad Max: Fury Road, Hardy has been seen sporting a variety of different admirable haircuts.

While his career isn’t necessarily centered on his style, Tom Hardy’s hairstyles have been the subject of many discussions. Here are our favorite Tom Hardy haircuts:

1. Tom Hardy Bad Boy Haircut

Tom Hardy bad boy haircut

This haircut is a modified version of the Mohawk that gives off that is just as bad ass as Hardy’s various acting roles. In order to achieve this look, cut the perimeter of the hair low while leaving the crown area relatively lengthy.


2. Slicked Back

Tom Hardy Slick Back Haircut

Tom Hardy’s haircut has been styled so that the hairs are slicked back and away from his face. This is a classic look that is subtle and draws attention to his masculine features.

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3. Tapered and Spiked

Tom Hardy Tapered Cut

This spikey tapered cut is one of Tom Hardy’s best haircuts of all. The simplicity of the taper allows this cut to be styled in a multitude of different ways, including this edgy spiked style.


4. Longer Taper

Hardy is sporting a tapered cut that features a crown that is left relatively long. This allows the tapered cut to be styled either slicked back, spiked, parted, or left alone for a more carefree look.


5. Tom Hardy’s Good Gentleman Haircut

This is one of the most versatile Tom Hardy haircuts, featuring a style that has simply been cut short. In order to achieve this style, cut the hair to about ¼ length while layering so that the hair is not too uniform in length.

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6. The Classic Man

Tom Hardy Short Haircut

During the movie Inception, Tom Hardy chose to sport this slicked down tapered cut with a side part. This style is a very classic look that’s perfect for any formal occasion.


7. Buzz Cut

Latest Tom Hardy Cut

This simple buzz cut is the next Tom Hardy haircut on our list. A buzz cut is a simple style that anyone can pull off and is perfect for both casual and formal settings.


8. The Bad Boy

Tom Hardy rocks this carefree tapered cut effortlessly. The crown has been spiked in order to give the hair some height and some much-needed edge.


9. Parted Buzz Cut

This variation of the buzz cut features a distinctive diagonal part. Hardy’s hair has been cut very short, and a diagonal part has been cut out in order to give this cut a unique spin.


10. Tom Hardy Close to Bald

Tom Hardy is no stranger to a little bit of ‘fringe,’ which has been made clear with this short haircut. Tom Hardy’s haircut is simplistic and versatile, featuring a short cut that leaves some forehead-framing hair.

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11. Buzz Buzz

Hardy is rocking a very short buzz cut, coupled with a full beard. This Tom Hardyhaircut also features a subtle part that gives this simple cut more personality and pizzazz.


Tom Hardy is a wonderful actor with wonderfully versatile hairstyles. From tapers to buzz cuts and Mohawks, the simplicity of Tom Hardy’s haircuts makes them easily duplicable so that men of all styles and descriptions can pull them off effectively. Which haircut of Tom Hardy is your favorite?

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