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15 Impressive Number 2 On The Sides Haircuts

There are loads of 2 on the sides haircuts that are gaining more and more popularity. These trims refer to the clipper number used for the sides and the back of the hairstyle.

A clipper number two is attached to the trimming machine to shorten your hair down to 6.4 mm, and as you can imagine, that is pretty short but versatile.

You can rock a buzz cut, short sides and back combined with a high top, a pompadour, or quiff with such short trims on the side.

The number two clipper on the side is also suitable for creating fades and is ideal for guys who have thin hair or experience hair loss.

How to Get Number 2 Haircut On The Sides at Home

Getting a number 2 haircut on the sides haircut is a simple process. You just need a sharp clipper with a #2 guard attachment, scissors, and a comb to get this done at home.

Here are the steps for getting a 2 on the sides haircut:

  • Attach the #2 guard to your clippers. This will cut the hair to about 1/4 inch long.
  • Start at the bottom of the sides and back of your head and work upwards in smooth, overlapping strokes. Go over each area multiple times to ensure an even cut.
  • Use the corner edge of the clipper blade to define the hairline around your ears and neck.
  • Remove the guard and use the bare clippers to trim up the lower edge around your neck and sideburns.
  • Use scissors to trim any long hairs the clippers missed and tidy up the hairline.
  • Comb and style the top hair. You can cut the top with scissors or leave it longer, depending on your preference.

The difficulty of styling the top and back depends on the styles you choose. If you choose a defined haircut, it’s better to ask someone else to help you, especially for the back of your head.

Cool Variations of 2 On The Sides Haircuts

The number two clipper haircuts give you plenty of styling options, including building designs. Scroll down and check out the best 2 on the sides haircuts!

1. High Top

undercut with number 2 on the sides

For this hairstyle, the sides are shortly trimmed, with a machine to which you attach a no. 2 clipper. The beard is connected to the haircut and kept at the same size, accentuating the jawline.

On the other hand, the top is much longer, with lifted roots and slightly swiped to the side and back. 

2. Number 3 On Top

long buzz cut with 2 on the sides

This buzz cut features a fade on the sides and back, with a little more length for the top. The clipper used for the fade is a No. 2, while the top is trimmed with a number 3 clipper

The hairline is well-defined, and the rare beard is not trimmed so it gives a masculine look. 

3. Scissors On Top

2 on the sides haircut for Asian men

In this case, this 2 on the sides haircut uses a fade that offers the top more length. The hair is styled with hair gel, so it gets that wet look.

The bangs are lifted and the and are curled to obtain that pointy shape. 

4. Curly Top and 2-Side Trim

curly hair with 2 on the sides

When you want to create contrast and highlight your curls, a short trim for the sides and back is a fantastic idea.

All the attention will be concentrated on the top, where the curls are free to unwind. You can add a little bit of curling mousse on some of the strands so they will get tighter. 

5. Uniform Number 2

burr cut with 2 on the sides

This is a simple number 2 buzz cut that you can obtain by shaving your head with a trimming machine, with a No. 2 guard attached. 

The haircut transforms the beard into the centerpiece of your look, so make sure it is always looking groomed. 

6. Colored Mohawk

mohawk haircut with 2 on the sides

When you are going for a mohawk, there are certain aspects you need to consider like: the color of the mohawk, its length, and the hair from the sides. 

In this case, the mohawk is bleached and then dyed half in a pale green and an orange while the sides are trimmed with the machine. 

7. Back Short Pony

ponytail with 2 on the sides haircut

This side trim is used for two reasons. First, to reduce hair volume and to create a contrast between the longer top pieces and the sides. 

Apply hair gel to give it that shiny coating and pin it in the back, in a ponytail. 

8. Box Braids with 2 Size Sides and Nape

2 on the sides haircut with braids

Combining box braids with a side and back short trim will only make the knits look more appealing. 

Do square-shaped partings, so the braids have all the same thickness, and use a 2-clipper for the trimming. Get all the braids and pin them on top of the head.

9. Taper Haircut

2 on the sides blonde haircut

If you love looking well-groomed, with flawless hair and beard, then go for today’s classic.

Choose a neat medium beard, a side fade kept short and a longer top that you’ll be able to style however you feel that day.

In this case, the longer strands are lifted and arranged to the back, elongating the face. 

10. Long On Top 2 On Sides

2 on the sides haircut with fade

A 2 clipper trim on the sides and a comb-over make such a great team. The fade uses the short hair in the nape area and temples, growing towards the top. 

However, the top is visibly longer, creating a noticeable contrast. The hair is styled with hair gel and combed to the back, centered in the middle, creating a mohawk aspect. 

11. Man Bun

man bun with 2 on the sides

Man buns are still in fashion because they are quite low maintenance and can be pulled off in just a few seconds.

To recreate the look you will need a trimming machine a size 2 clippers for the sides and back. As for the top, keep the length you desire and pin those long locks in a small bun. 

12. High Top

short blonde hair with number 2 on the sides

High-top haircuts are among men’s favorites because they are so versatile and suitable for all moments of the day. 

They consist of short sides and a longer top that can be easily styled with hair gel. Lift these strands up using your hands, and if the pieces are longer, style them with a brush and blow dryer. 

13. Long Top Short Sides

number 2 on the sides haircut

A high fade will help make a smoother transition between the shorter sides and the long-styled top.

Keep the beard connected with the haircut and work with its shape, defining it. Add some powder to make it look thicker, especially if you have sections where the hair is rare.

14. Duo Color Dreadlocks

dreads with 2 on the sides

Dreadlocks are always in trend and if you don’t want to deal with too much maintenance, you can keep them short, only on the top of the head.

To emphasize them, opt for a short trim on the sides and back and dye the ends blonde. 

15. Pompadour with Mustache

pompadour with 2 on the sides

This Pompadour, inspired by the 50s, when rock and roll was the real deal, gives an elongated effect and a retro touch.

The sides have a fade, while the hair is combed to the back. The top is styled with hair gel, curled, and lifted. 

The 2 on the sides hairstyle can take so many shapes or forms, as you can see above. All these haircuts have one thing in common, the sides, and sometimes the back, which are trimmed with a machine, with a clipper number two. What do you think about them, do you find them practical?