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95 Unbeatable Buzz Cut Styles for Men

When it comes to the perfect hairstyle, most guys want something utterly simple. That’s why men’s buzz cut styles are so popular. The problem with these haircuts can be the lack of variety. While there are plenty of approaches to making them seem incredible, some people can’t tell the difference.

So what do you do if you want to change your style but still want all the benefits of a buzz? You can browse through the 95 buzz cut styles for men we handpicked to make your next choice of hairstyle easier.

How to Style A Buzz Cut?

Not all buzz cut styles for men are created equal, and not all men can take advantage of all the available buzz cuts. Let’s see what you need to look perfect with a buzz cut.

buzz cut hairstyle men

i. Good Head Shape

When you have long hair, you don’t bother yourself with questions about your skull. Meanwhile, all people have different skull shapes, and some are not happy with what they own. Before cutting your locks too short, make sure to inspect your skull for bumps and irregularities. The buzz cut won’t look good if the shape is too irregular.

ii. A Receding Hairline

If you have a receding hairline, you’ll love the buzz cut style because they allow you to keep a manly look without too much hair. Forget about embarrassing attempts to use the hair on one side of your head to cover another. Get a buzz cut and stick to it as soon as you see that the hairline is about to recede. This way to hair loss won’t be as obvious, and you’ll get to keep a youthful appearance for years to come.

iii. Choose the Right Length

A buzz cut doesn’t mean you have to shave your head. When choosing a trimmer attachment, you can go for #1 or even #2 to reach a good result. If you have a problem with the skull shape or don’t want to make drastic changes, you can opt for a longer buzz. A longer buzz is also a good choice for men who are unsure how well they’ll look with a military cut.

iv. Study the Options

Men’s buzz cut hairstyle looks good, but there are plenty of more complicated options nowadays. You can try faded buzz cuts, undercut buzz cuts, fohawk buzz cuts, etc. Don’t stop at the first option.

The Best Buzz Cut Styles for Men

The buzz-cut styles for men come with plenty of benefits, starting from easy maintenance and ending with hiding the receding hairlines. They are easy to make, easy to touch up, and easy to enjoy. With the right buzz cut, you can forget about combs and brushes. The only thing you need to do is wash your hair and schedule regular barbershop appointments.

Some men believe that buzz hairstyles are not respectable enough for a serious job. We are offering you a list of 95 men’s buzz cut styles where you can find a buzz style to suit any occupation or occasion.

1. Wide Mohawk

buzz cut with mohawk

Theo Rossi from the well-known series Sons Of Anarchy is a badass not only in the TV show but also in real life. This thick short mohawk with shaved sides is still in trend and incredibly low maintenance.

2. Regular Buzz Cut with Beard

buzz cut with beard

Do you want a nail two things with one shot: the low maintenance and good looks? A buzz cut will do the trick for both! Get that clean cut and style a beard in the same size. Make sure the two are connected through the sideburns.

3. Buzz Cut for Asian Men

Asian buzz cut

There’s not even a single event or meeting where the buzz cut is inappropriate! This short haircut is suitable for any activity, business meeting, or party. It also works fine with both short stubble beards or a long ducktail.

4. Buzz cut For Receding Hairline

buzz cut with faded line

Do you want to hide that receding hairline? A concise cut like this buzz cut is helpful and will make this issue less prominent. However, that doesn’t mean you can play a little! Create two shaved lines that go to the back and two for the eyebrows.

5. Top Buzz

faded buzz cut

Want a short hairstyle with a fuss? Build it into two levels. First, shave the back and sides and create a well-defined line for the top. That round contour will define the top, and you’ll get a great hairstyle for a young man who wants to stun.

6. Buzz Short Cut

men's buzz cut style

One of the effects of a short buzz cut is that it reveals the face and highlights all your facial features. So if you have big blue eyes or a complexion that you want to show off, this short cut is the best choice.

7. Buzz Cut with Hard Part

high top buzz cut

Inspired by a buzz cut, this hairstyle comes with not only one but two twists. The sides are short, but the top is trimmed to be a little longer. Also, the difference between the crown hair and the sides and back is being highlighted by a hard part.

8. Buzz Cut For Rare Hair

buzz cut for men with widow's peak

When you have rare hair, you don’t want to keep it long because you will highlight it even more. And the goal is to youse your hairstyle to look better, not worse, right? So, to get a look that suits your hair type, go for a short even buzz cut.

9. Buzz Cut with Longer Crown Top

military buzz cut

Even if the crown hair is longer than the sides and back, a buzz cut is still a buzz cut. The hairstyle includes other cuts like crew cuts, butch cuts, burr cuts, or flat tops. And the most remarkable thing about these is they all work just fine with a long or short beard allowing you to play with that versatility.

10. Military Buzz Cut

buzz cut for young guys

Buzz cuts are used in various countries as military cuts. So if you didn’t join the army, it means this cut is a fashionable choice for you. However, it is one of the most practical hairstyling choices and ideas if you don’t want to worry about styling your hair all day.

11. Men’s spiky buzz cut

buzz cut for men

Spiky tops are in style, and buzz cut styles make it easy to outline them. You can keep most of your hair cut very short and leave an inch or so on top to make a short spike. It takes only a few seconds to style.

12. Buzz undercut

men's buzz undercut

The main advantage of a buzz undercut over a fade is that it’s much easier to make. All you have to do is produce enough contrast for the shaved parts to be visible. Keep the shaved line well above the ears.

13. High buzz fade

buzz cut fade

This high buzz fade is a wonderful choice for guys who like to get creative with their locks but hate brushing them in the morning. The sides are practically shaved, leaving a thick layer of short hair above the ears and about 2 inches on top for styling.

14. Military buzz

 buzz haircut for Military men

The best way to avoid the hair maintenance is to shave all of your hair off. This classic military cut can be done in the comfort of your own home. While it’s easy to make, it’s just as easy to touch up. What an ideal choice!

15. Shaved sides haircut

side shave buzz hairstyle for men

This buzz cut style can be appreciated by men who like being diverse. You can start by shaving the sides and leaving a third of an inch of hair on top. As the days go by, such hairstyle becomes more and more fashionable without any work on your part.

16. Widow’s peak

buzz haircut 6-min

All guys can be divided into two groups. Those who like their widow’s peak and those who don’t. If you are in the first group, you can use a buzz cut hairstyle to amplify it. Leave more hair in the peak area to draw attention to it.

17. Medium fade

buzz haircut

This long buzz hairstyle is suitable for men who care for their respectable look in the office. The hair is trimmed on the sides to create a stylish medium fade. The locks on top can be any length you prefer.

18. Cornrow trick

buzz haircut 8-min

If you are not ready for drastic military-style changes, you can get an idea of what a buzz style cut will look on you by creating cornrows. Find out the shape of your skull and keep the maintenance to a minimum.

19. Slightly buzzed

long buzz haircut for men

Don’t want to go all the way but the hair on the sides is making you crazy? Shave it off. Leave the hair on top long enough for styling experiments. Meanwhile, the shaved sides won’t bother you anymore.

20. Neat buzz

buzz haircut 14-min

This neat buzz style involves cutting all of your hair to be the same length. You can create this simple hairstyle in the comfort of your own home by using a trimmer with #2 or #3 attachment. You’ll save money on the barbershop visit.

21. Buzzed undercut

 buzz undercut haircut hairstyle for men

Keeping the sides short and the top a little longer allows you to create a style that offers the best of both world. The hair is long enough on top to make some spikes but short enough to just leave it alone without any maintenance.

22. Cool and simple

buzz haircut

This is another example of how the hair trimmed to be the same length can look fantastic. Meanwhile, if you have a widow’s peak you want to hide, you can play around with the length of the bangs.

23. Add a beard

buzz haircut with beard

If you’ve saved some time on the buzz style, why not spend it on growing a stylish beard? Beards are very popular right now. The simpler the hairstyle is, the more outlined your beard will be, even if it’s just chinstrap.

24. Shaped up

buzz haircut 20-min

Not all the guys have a perfectly shaped hairline, so some shaping up as an order. A shaped-up buzz with a fade on the sides is one of the most stylish hairstyles that don’t require too much maintenance effort.

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25. Brad Pitt style

buzz haircut 21-min

If you feel like copying a buzz-cut style like actors, Brad Pitt has a simple one for you. The trimmed hair allows him to show off the shape of his face and to focus the attention on the manly facial features. If you have a similar goal, copy him!

26. Add some bangs

buzz haircut 24-min

While spiky hairstyles are conquering the planet, spiky buzz cut styles for men are just as popular. While you keep all the hair trimmed really short, some locks in the forehead area can help you create awesome spikes.

27. Buzzed mohawk

buzz haircut 25-min

Who said that the mohawk must have plenty of hair on top for styling? A buzzed mohawk is a magnificent choice. The hair on the sides is completely shaved and the locks on top are neatly trimmed. No maintenance, no hassle, no problem.

28. Color trick

buzz haircut 26-min

If you have dark hair, a buzz cut style can be used to make an impression of color transition. The short hair on the sides appears lighter than the longer hair on top. This is a great trick for people whose hair is becoming white on the sides.

29. Beard symmetry

men favorite buzz haircut

If you have an oval face, you can use a high faded buzz cut to create a certain symmetry with your beard. Spike the top part of your hair into a crest and leave a buzz on your chin. The combination is priceless.

30. Buzz designs

buzz haircut 28-min

Whenever you decide to do some shaving or short trimming, there is a great opportunity for the hair designs. Ask your hairstylist to use his or her imagination or create your own design to outline the amazing style.

31. Creative buzz

buzz haircut 29-min

Not all buzz hairstyles mean that you need to remove all of the lengths. Shaving or trimming most of your hair allows you to play around with the contrast. You can leave part of your hair long and style it any way you like.

32. Fade the unfadable

buzz haircut 30-min

Even if you are using the shortest trimmer attachments to make your buzz cut style, you can still get creative with the fading. If you are not sure you can do this on your own, watch the hairstylist do it first. It’s as easy as pie!

33. Make it neater

buzz haircut 31-min

Men with curly hair can really appreciate the buzz cut style. The plenty of hassle that the curls bring into your life can be negated by just a few strokes of your trimmer. You might want to use the #1 attachment to allow the curls to show off just a little.

34. Buzz the sides

buzz hair with side bun

Whether you are into sports, a sports fan or just like to look good, you can go for a partial buzz. Use a trimmer to style your sides and leave the hair on top long enough for spikes or other hairstyle masterpieces.

35. Hide the hairline

hairline with buzz hairstyle for men

This is a perfect example of how much a man with a receding hairline can benefit from a well-made buzz. Just imagine how much older he would look with long hair. The buzz cut style eliminates the contrast before balding places and the rest of the hairstyle.

36. Shape it up

buzz haircut 38-min

This is a great example of the buzz without an actual buzz. You can use a trimmer with a long attachment to create a shaped up hairstyle. The longer you make the hair, the more often you need to trim it.

37. The zero

buzz haircut 39-min

This simple yet elegant approach to the hairstyling is favored by many guys all over the world, most of whom are in the military. No styling, no brushing, no combing and no hair drying. Why? Because there is no hair.

38. Longer beard

buzz haircut 40-min

Want to outline your beautiful buzz cut style? Add a longer beard. As soon as your facial hair becomes longer than the hair on your head, your overall style changes from ordinary to extremely interesting.

39. Matching goatee

goatee buzz haircut for men

Match a longish buzz cut style with a goatee and you’ll get an extremely neat image. One of the biggest advantages of the buzz cut is the neatness. You can forget about the struggle to tame your locks and focus on more important things.

40. Shave right

buzz haircut 43-min

If you decided to shave your head before an important event, it’s a big mistake to do it the night before. You might find out some unpleasant things on your skull, such as bumps or pimples, you don’t want to show off. Do it a couple of days in advance.

41. Be natural

natural buzz haircut your favorite

This buzz hairstyle involves keeping the hairline intact without any shaping or close shaving. Some guys prefer a certain form of the hairstyle while others are ready to settle for the natural shape. This is a 100% DIY hairstyle.

42. Look smart

buzz haircut 45-min

A buzz cut style wouldn’t look perfect without the right approach to your image. If you use to wear longer hairstyle and decided to make some changes, you might need to think about adjusting your wardrobe and accessories.

43. Go round

buzz haircut 47-min

If you have long face shape and need to make it look more oval, you can use the buzz hairstyle to help you change the appearance. The length of the hair should vary from the back to the sides to create a round hairstyle.

44. Faded buzz

Men fade buzz haircut

This rather long buzz cut style for men is perfect for those who want a short hairstyle but shaving is out of the question. The hair is faded on the sides and left somewhat longish on top. Such hairstyle requires minimum daily care.

45. A buzz mohawk

mohawk with buzz haircut for young boy

Not every man is ready to create a full-blown mohawk. Buzz styling can make the process easier and much less drastic than cutting. By keeping the hair on top slightly longer than on the side, you allow the overall image to seem very neat.

46. Appealing buzz

buzz haircut 55-min

It’s easy to look appealing with a buzz, you just need to think about the rest of your style. Consider keeping your facial hair either shaved or very neat. Otherwise, the overall image looks disconcerted and unappealing.

47. Make the change

buzz haircut 57-min

If you have long hair, it’s sometimes very hard to make the first step toward the buzz cut style. Men all over the world face the choice between long and beautiful and short and easy. But you never know until you try, right?

48. Style the peak

buzz haircut 58-min

If you have both a receding hairline and a widow’s peak, the buzz hairstyle is a wonderful option for your next hairstylist appointment. You can kill two birds with one stone and finally forget about the hair problems.

49. Clean shaven

Clean shaven buzz hairstyle

A clean-shaven image will only look perfect if you make sure that the rest of the hair on your face is neat as well. The best way to show off your new buzz cut style is to shave your whole face clean. If you want a beard, grow something subtle like a goatee.

50. Respectable look

buzz haircut 66-min

Most men don’t realize that a buzz cut style can make them look much more respectable than any other haircut. If you are into longish hair, mohawk, and braids, but your coworkers are looking at you kind of strange. Consider changing the style.

51. High taper fade

buzz haircut 67-min

A high taper fade can make you look amazing especially if you have curly and unruly hair. Consider playing around with different hair designs on the sides. Keep the hair on top short enough for the curls to subside.

52. Flat and beautiful

buzz haircut 68-min

Buzz fades look great if you leave some hair on top to make an appearance of some bangs. The hair can be flat and shouldn’t require any styling in the morning. If you want, you can make some spikes using a touch of hair gel.

53. Grow it longer

short buzz haircut for men

One of the best benefits of the buzz cut style for men is that it doesn’t need touch ups for a very long time. You can shave your head and then watch the hair grow and turn into a completely new hairstyle. Scheduling barber shop appointments may become a thing of the past.

54. Become perfect

buzz haircut 70-min

The freshly shaved military cut looks amazing in guys with oval face shape. If your face is round or long, you might want to consider leaving some hair on top. Otherwise, you might not like the result you see in the mirror.

55. Start to buzz


Your first step toward an ideal buzz hairstyle can be trying to trim your hair using a long attachment. Once you do the trimming all on your own and realize how easy it is, you can go further to create masterpieces.

56. Jim Carrey buzz


Even the most famous celebrities don’t mind wearing a great buzz cut style every once in a while. Consider checking out the way you’ll look with such a hairstyle by using special online “try a haircut” services.

57. Go crazy

If you are ready to go for a buzz hairstyle, you have plenty of grounds for experiments. You can go crazy with your hair at least for one evening. After all, you can always shave it off and sport an amazing military style.

58. Follow Ryan

Ryan buzz cut hair

This is an amazing way a neat buzz style can look without too much hassle. All you have to do is choose the right trimmer attachment. As long as there are no drastic changes, your hairstyle will look very neat.

59. Smile and style

The mix of a buzz hairstyle for men and a wild beard can be outrageous but some guys appreciate it. The contrasts and asymmetry are in style nowadays. You can take advantage of this fact and go through with the wildest experiments!

60. Hair designs

Buzz hairstyle for black young men

A good buzz style can allow you to create any hair designs you wish. If you are going for a fade, you can use a line to make the level changes even more obvious. Just make sure enough hair is left on top for contrast.

61. Ocean waves

A buzz hairstyle looks amazing with various top hair styling. If you are a guru of ocean waves, the time has come to flaunt them. If not, ask the hairstylist to show you how to make them. You’ll definitely enjoy the result.

62. Beard and mustache

mustache with buzz hairstyle

If you are a facial hair fan, you should make sure it matches your amazing buzz style. Spend some time coming up with a matching beard and a mustache in order for the overall style to look wholesome and intriguing.

63. Geometrical shapes

Once your magnificent tapered buzz is created, consider using geometrical shaping for your facial hair. Well-designed whiskers and beard can become a great addition to your style. Use lines to outline the part.

64. Just a bit

When you are going for a buzz hairstyle and want to get rid of all of your hair, stop and think for a minute. A narrow line of hair on top won’t make a difference in the hair care process but can give your appearance a unique touch.

65. Fine lines

Fine buzz hair for men

A buzz can look truly stunning when you add soft lines when shaping it. If you have facial hair, you can enjoy this approach even more. The only downside that comes with such shaping is the need for frequent touchups.

buzz cut styles

dyed buzz haircut

buzz cut styles for guys

buzz cut with high fade

buzz cut styles

buzz cut styles for black men

mohawk style buzz cut

buzz cut styles for men

We hope these impressive buzz cuts give you an idea of how wonderful you can look with such a haircut. We described the obvious benefits of these cuts but we are sure you’ll find something special for yourself as well.