The Best Box Braids for Men With Hair Extensions

If you need to get extensions to get box braids, then you will need to have some hair to plait your extensions into. The most common way to get box braid extensions is to plait each individual box extension onto short hair. This process can take a few hours.


Sparse Mini Box Braids

sparse mini box braids

Guys with thinner hair will only be able to style in short box braids. Style your hair neatly to create a grid pattern across your scalp.

Braided Beard Styles


Braids with Color Gradient

box braids with a color gradient

Give your hairstyle a little bit of variety by using box braids with a color gradient. This means that the color changes from dark to light in the same strand of hair.


Box Braided Man Bun

high man bun box braid

Match two hairstyles together by pulling your braided hair up into a chunky man bun. The man bun is one of the most popular hairstyles of the twentieth century.


Box Braided Mohawk

mens box braided mohawk

Courtesy: Instagram #afropletenice

Mix different cultures by plaiting your box braids into a Mohawk shape. This style blends African, Native American and Japanese influences in one hairstyle.


Box Braids With Ponytail for Men

box braids with a ponytail

Pull your hair up into a ponytail for a nice simple look. This will help to keep your hair out of your face so that you can go about some more important business.


Updo Box Braids for Men With Accessories

men's box braids

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More Box Braids Styles for Men


Wear long hair well by choosing stylish box braids for men. Box braids are a great choice for guys from any culture.