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25 Cool Box Braid Hairstyles for Men

Braids have long been a popular hairstyle for men of all ages. But box braids for men are a modern twist on the classic look that’s sure to turn heads. Keep reading to find out why box braids are the perfect style for any man looking to stand out from the crowd.

Do Box Braids Look Good on Men?

box braids for men

Yes, men can absolutely try box braids, and they look great if done correctly!

Box braids are a stylish, versatile hairstyle that can give any man a unique and eye-catching look. Also, they are easy to maintain. You can try dozens of hairstyle variations, from a sleek, high ponytail to a low, voluminous man-bun. Plus, you can accessorize the braids with beads, charms, and even hair ties.

Box braids are also an excellent way to protect your hair from damage, as they can help keep it healthy and moisturized. This is especially important for men who have naturally curly or kinky hair, as box braids can help to retain the moisture in your hair and prevent it from becoming dry and brittle.

How Long Do Box Braids for Men Typically Last?

Box braids typically last for 4-6 weeks, depending on the individual’s hair type and the maintenance of the braids. If you take care properly, your box braids can last up to 8 weeks.

However, note that the longer the braids are kept in, the more likely they will start to unravel and tangle, so it’s best to have them redone or removed after 5-6 weeks.

How to Take Care of Men’s Box Braids?

ways to take care of men's box braids
  • Keep your hair and scalp clean. Gently shampoo and condition braids regularly.
  • Avoid tight styling that can cause breakage.
  • Keep braids moisturized with a light oil like olive oil, coconut oil, or jojoba oil, etc.
  • Avoid extreme heat.
  • Untangle and re-braid the hair as needed, preferably every 5-6 weeks.
  • Take a professional braider’s help if needed.

Box Braids for Men

Men’s hairstyles have come a long way in recent years, and box braids are a great example. Check out the images below to see how box braids can help you make a manly statement.

1. Layered Mini Braids

short box braids for men

Stay on the shorter side when getting box braids for the first time to look like a gangster in no time. Such mini braids are easy to maintain and help grow out your hair while keeping it protected.

Layer the knits all around the face to avoid a blunt look.  

2. Half Updo + Undercut

box braided knots for men

Consider this cool box braid hairstyle for men to make the ladies swoon all over you. Use extensions to go super long on the top with a neat undercut along the sides.

Pull the knits halfway through a hair tie to achieve a sexy half-up loop bun that won’t be ignored.

3. The Man Bob Braids

box braided bob for men

Men can have a bob and that too with box braids! Keep the knits at uniform length anywhere below the chin and incorporate blonde extensions that’ll look like highlights once done.

A basic center parting helps make any face look perfectly symmetrical, while a side part is worth a shot too.

4. Over-The-Top Ponytail

man with box braids

Make your tresses look healthy and thick by using synthetic strands that match your natural hair shade exactly. Chop off the thinning tips and use a bandana to create a ponytail on the very top of the head.

Adorn further with hair beads or keep it simple. Your choice!

5. Braided Long Ombre Tresses

burgundy box braids for men

Ombre box braids have a place of their own and can be rocked both by men and women.

The trick lies in adding the colored extensions, just like the burgundy ones depicted here, in a way that they concentrate towards the ends to produce a gradient effect. Hair cuffs are optional.

6. High Top Braids

man with box braids and beads

Mimic a high top haircut by keeping the sides short with an undercut or fade while retaining long hair on the top. Carve out square sections, braid them down, and assemble the knits in a simple ponytail at the back.

Pull some chunks loose at the front or along the sides and that’s it!

7. Blonde Box Braids

blonde box braids for men

Achieve a color-blocked mane without even adding a drop of hair dye to your head. How? This look is the answer. It’s a slight modification of the one mentioned above, featuring long blonde box braids on top with neatly buzzed natural sides.  

The resulting color contrast is sure to drop some jaws.

8. Pulled-Back Knot

box braided hairstyle for men

Guys with short round/square faces can make them appear a bit longer by limiting their braids on the top only with the clipped sides imparting a slimming effect simultaneously.

Pull back all the chunks and create a knot instead of using a usual hair tie for a boho-chic appeal.

9. Box Braided Mohawk

ombre box braids for men

Box braids for men can be as wild as you want. Opt for a mohawk hairstyle by buzzing the entire head leaving only a strip of hair on the top.

Use vibrant extensions whilst braiding and assemble the chunks in a pony. Finish off with hair cuffs, rings, and beads.

10. Uni-Length Blunt Knits

medium length box braids for men

Uni-length box braids look much more attractive than those thinning down towards the tips and here is an example to prove it. Experiment with a shoulder-length bob and sweep the knits sideward for a romantic appeal.

Keep in mind to get your braids sealed neatly at the ends.

11. Picture-Perfect Spider Braids

box braids with triangle parts for men

Spider braids, just as the name depicts, look like spider legs on the head. They emerge from the center of the scalp with all the hair sectioned into six or eight triangular portions.

Couple them with a buzz along the sides and a neat line up for a bad-boy vibe.

12. Traditional Braids with Colored Chunks

small box braids for men

Make sure your traditional box braids look one of a kind by playing around with vibrant extensions. Incorporate them along the length to create an ombre effect or wrap them around individual chunks to end up with quirky highlights.

Keep the knits loose to conceal those chubby cheeks or protruding temples.

13. Jumbo Man Bun

box braided updo for men

Men’s box braids can range anywhere in length and thickness. Opt for the chunkiest ones you can get for a change while keeping in mind the associated weight.

Go green this season, wrap those knits in a jumbo bun sitting on the head, and get ready to steal the show wherever you go!   

14. Box Braids with Highlights

box braids for white guys

Using a lighter shade than your natural hair color, you can create a new look with your box braids. These are all the same size and feature some braids with dreaded ends.

15. Box Braid Man Bun

box braided man bun

Many women think long hair on a guy is hot! So when you get those box braids, rock a handsome man bun. It’s low maintenance and pulls together in just a minute! 

16. Ponytail with Undercut

box braided ponytail for men

Having a lengthier hairstyle will enable you to rock a more textured look, like these box braids that gather together in a ponytail. The ponytail draws the eye to the edgy undercut and you can add a fade for extra style.

17. Thin Caramel Box Braids

short box braids for men

A box braid style that come to about chin level is the perfect length for men displaying a gorgeous color like caramel. No need to add the color all over, a few highlights will do!

18. Undercut Fade + Braids

men's box braids mohawk

By adding an undercut fade to your long box braids, you can rock this edgy ponytail framed by smooth sides. It’s a great look for the office and handy at the gym when you’re deep in a sweat session!

19. Electric Blue Box Braids

man with blue box braids

If you choose to get braids in a bright color, like the electric blue seen here, you’ll see small pops of your natural hair color in the box braids. For short hair, make the braids in a thin width; this will help make your face appear thinner too.

20. Thin Braids with Beads

men's box braids with beads

The shiny chin-length box braids here are finished off with stacked beads of alternating black and white. Copy this style or consider a different color combination to reflect your personality. 

21. Long Braids with Bald Fade

box braids style for men

The long box braids here create a ruggedly handsome style, especially for men with a full beard. Make sure those braids really stand out by asking your stylist for a bald fade.

22. Sparse Mini Box Braids

sparse mini box braids

Guys with thinner hair will only be able to style in short box braids. Style your hair neatly to create a grid pattern across your scalp.

Braided Beard Styles

23. Box Braided Man Bun

high man bun box braid

Match two hairstyles together by pulling your braided hair up into a chunky man bun. The man bun is one of the most popular hairstyles of the twentieth century.

24. Box Braided Mohawk

mens box braided mohawk
Courtesy: Instagram #afropletenice

Mix different cultures by plaiting your box braids into a Mohawk shape. This style blends African, Native American and Japanese influences in one hairstyle.

25. Box Braids With Ponytail for Men

box braids with a ponytail

Pull your hair up into a ponytail for a nice simple look. This will help to keep your hair out of your face so that you can go about some more important business.

More Box Braids Styles for Men

Wear long hair well by choosing stylish box braids for men. Box braids are a great choice for guys from any culture.