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50s Pixie Cut: 6 Looks to Bring Back the Retro Charm

Pixie was one of the signature hairstyles from the 50s hairstyles. The 50s pixie cut is an evergreen hairstyle that can never get outdated, no matter how old it gets. A few years back, this was a hairstyle only old women used to prefer, but now it’s getting popular among young women too.

This is because pixie cuts are easy to tame and take care of. Most women prefer that their hair should be short so they can easily wash and style it.

So as pixie cuts are back in trend, we have put forward some hairstyles reminiscent of 50s pixie cuts.

Why We Love 50s Pixie Cut?

The 50s pixie cut has everything other haircuts don’t have. It’s a modern and everlasting hairstyle that appeared in the 1950s when women rebelled against traditional norms and values set for women.

In this modern age, pixie cuts give a feminine and elegant look that makes women feel confident in cutting hair however they want.

Another reason why the pixie cut is so popular is because you can style it in different ways. Some women like coloring their pixie cuts in vibrant colors, while others love leaving them as they are.

When you don’t know what haircut to get, a pixie cut will always work because of its versatility. If you want your pixie cut to be slick and smooth, you’ve got it! Want more of a tousled look? You can achieve that in a pixie cut!

Popular Pixie Cuts from The 50s

50s glamorous hairstyles mostly included voluminous hairstyles combined with pixie, curls, waves, updos, etc. Hairspray and other styling products were selling hot because of such trendy voluminous hairstyles.

Let’s look at some of the 50s pixie haircuts that will give you a stunning vintage short-haired look.

1. Curly Pixie Cut

50s curly pixie

If you have naturally curly hair or love putting curls in your hair, try this pixie cut. It’s simple, elegant, and easy to style. Even if you have straight hair, you can curl the hair using a curling rod to have this look.

The hair from the sides is cut shorter than the hair at the top. That’s how you can enjoy some bangs while keeping your hair length short.

2. Pixie Cut for Straight Hair

50s pixie cut for straight hair

This type of pixie cut was the one that was popular in the 50s. If your hair is straight and silky, this hairstyle will suit you the best.

You can ask your hairstylist to cut your hair from the front like this in uneven lengths. This pixie cut is best if you are tired of parting your hair and need a more laid back and simple cut. You can always style it with a headband or some cute hairpins.

3. Side Part Pixie Cut

50s pixie cut with side part

This hairstyle also works well with straight and silky hair. The hair is cut into steps so that you can easily style it by parting your hair from the side.

The secret to getting the perfect pixie cut is that your hair needs to only touch the tips of your hair. They shouldn’t be lower than your ear as the hairstyle will then turn into a bob.

4. Side Part Pixie for Curly Hair

50s curly pixie with side part

You can also get a side part pixie cut if you have curly hair. This hairstyle is best for thick and voluminous hair.

If you have curly hair and are going to get a pixie cut, always be aware of the length of the hair you want because curly hair tends to bounce upwards when they are dry. So you need to determine a length that suits your hair type.

5. Uneven Pixie Cut

woman with 50s pixie cut

This pixie haircut gives an unruly and uneven look to the hair. The hair is only longer from the front while the sides and back is chopped off as much as possible without giving the illusion of a fade.

This vintage hairstyle is best for every type of hair, no matter what the volume is.

6- A Little Modern Mix

50s pixie cut with blonde highlights

If you are looking for some kind of modern and stylish pixie cut, you should definitely check this one. You need to cut your hair as short as possible and to style it, comb your hair forward.

Use gel or a hair styling product to let small sections of hair stay in place. You can dye your roots to give your pixie cut a more fun look.

How to Get a Pixie Cut?

Pixie Cut often features the hair that is cut short and the hair falls typically across the head, no more than the forehead from the front. Many women prefer getting their pixie cut with bangs as they make hair appear more neat and can be styled in different ways. 

There is no restriction about the length of hair you have to cut to call it a pixie cut. You can cut them as short as you want or leave them long, as long as the hair doesn’t reach the bottom of your neck from behind and your chin from the front.

If you want to keep the pixie cut looking neat and polished for a long time, frequent trims are your hair’s best friend. Trimming the hair is the only thing that can keep your pixie cut from growing and getting rough.

We assume you have read this article till the end. So what are you waiting for? This is your sign to get a 50s pixie cut to give your hair a chic, minimalistic, and sleek look. Book an appointment with your hairstylist now to get a pixie cut and then style your hair however you please!

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