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40 Iconic 1950s Hairstyles for Women

The 1950s hairstyles for women are a marvel to reckon with today. They embody the pinnacle of fashion and elegance.

Since they are simple to make, most ladies today are tapping into the glamour of the 50s hair trend. It is the feminine touch that gives the sparkle without eroding the traditional respect of a woman.

50s Hairstyles

Here is a compilation of the 40 iconic 50s hairstyles for women.

1. Short Curly Locks

50s bob hair

Inspired by Marylin Monroe this short layered blonde bob is one of the most iconic 1950’s hairstyles for women. Use heated rollers to achieve the curls and loosen them up using your fingers. The inward-curled voluminous bangs at the front complete the look.

2. Faux Fringe

50s bangs hair

Ladies with a short on fringe can consider this hairstyle as their next look. Go for blonde highlights on light brown tresses and add taut curls. Style the bangs by curling and folding them inward to be secured with pins. Use hairspray to keep the style intact all day long.

3. Rolled Updo

1950s hairstyle with headband

Look like a chic Madame at formal events. Copy this vintage rolled updo by placing the hairband low on the head while twisting and tucking all the hair into it sparing the front fringe. You can also tease the crown area beforehand to achieve a voluminous puff.

4. Pushed Back

1950s hairstyle for medium hair

African-American ladies can turn around some heads with a simple medium-length bob haircut. Straighten the strands while the ends are curled outward to dangle just above the shoulders. Use a headband to push back the hair and the look is done.

5. Regal Flip

short 1950s hairstyle

Many Hollywood stars including Rihanna rock this 50’s short and sassy bob with utmost confidence even today. Add layers to the chin-length hair and flip them out using a round brush and hair dryer with a side parting. Top off the style with a headband matching the outfit.

6. Curly Mess

curly hairstyle of 1950s

The 1950’s hairstyles were all about curls and perms and they are still in trend these days. Ladies with natural curly coils can stack them at the back into a messy updo secured with pins while some chunks are left to frame the face elegantly at the front. Finish off with a bow hairband.

7. Stacked Double Buns

50s hair bun

Buns are simple yet chic and are ideal for any occasion. Slick back the hair into a ponytail and use hair donuts to create two buns stacked on each other. Use hairspray to tame the flyaways for a neat appeal and top off with a feather headband.

8. Pinned Back Loose Curls

50s long hairstyle

Bored of your straight mane? Get a curling wand and add bouncy curls all over the head. Brush them out with fingers to loosen them up and tease the front section before pinning it back to create a prominent bump on one side of the face. Voila!

9. Cowgirl Braids

50s braided hairstyle

This hairstyle is the easiest to achieve among all and every girl has rocked it at least once. Detangle the hair with a middle parting and plait it into two braids falling at the front. Complete the cowgirl look with a hat and pull some strands loose to accentuate the face.

10. Half-Up Style

1950s hairstyle

Ladies with a wide forehead can consider straight-cut bangs grazing the eyebrows. Tease the remaining hair and pin back the side locks with a subtle puff on the top for a bedhead appeal. The sleek bangs with ruffled strands at the back create a sharp contrast.

11. Retro Headband

1950s short hairstyle

Add a 1950’s-inspired retro touch to your casual short hair by curling the ends while the side-swept front fringe is styled in a victory roll and separated from the remaining locks with a headband or a bandana. This look is perfect to add some volume to fine hair.

12. 1950’s Bangs + Low Ponytail

1950s long hairstyle

Here is another 1950’s women’s hairstyle you can rock on special occasions. The bangs are middle-parted and curled inward using rollers while the side locks are wrapped around fingers and secured with pins creating two victory rolls on top. Secure the remaining hair in a low ponytail.

13. Soft Bob

1950s bob hairstyle

Women have always worn short bob haircuts with pride. This copper-colored one has curls brushed out into waves that fall along the sides of the face with a simple center parting. The look is a voluminous version of the poodle cut and is versatile enough to suit all face shapes.

14. Vintage Pin-Up Rolls

1950s hairstyle for women

Keep all the eyes on you at a costume party by rocking these fifties-inspired vintage pin-up rolls. Spare the front fringe while the remaining middle-parted hair is wrapped around into victory rolls. Do the same with the front hair and you are ready to rock.

15. Pixie Cut

1950s pixie hair

Audrey Hepburn popularized the pixie haircut back in the 1950s, defined by uneven bangs at the front and textured layers all over the head tapering along the sides creating a boyish appeal. Use pomade to spike up the front for a lively finish.

16. 50s Long Hairstyle for Women

50s long hairstyle for women

The signature rolled up front of this long hairstyle is what makes it so 50s. Add in subtle waves to the body to top it off.

17. 50s Ponytail Hairstyle

50s ponytail hairstyle

Roll the hair from the hairline directly back and do the same for the sides of the hair before forming this low long ponytail.

18. 50s Updo Hairstyle

50s updo hairstyle

The front half of this long hairstyle is coiled in a perfect roll, while the rest of the hair is tightly coiled into a low 50s bun.

19. 50s Wedding Hairstyle

50s wedding hairstyle

To put a vintage spin on your special wedding day, try a 50s hairstyle featuring a large low bun and top it off with a veiled hat.

20. 50s Pin-Up Hairstyle

50s pin up hairstyle

50s pin up hairstyles were known for being a little risque but this style is sweetly sexy. Use hair rollers to get these gorgeous waves on a half updo.

21. 50s Hairstyle for Medium Hair

50s hairstyle for medium hair

Your medium length hair will look elegant with soft waves at the ends. Just add a center or side part before styling.

22. 50s Hairstyle with Bandana

50s hairstyle with bandana

Another signature accessory for medium 50s hairstyles are printed or patterned bandanas. Wind one around your high bun or ponytail.

23. 50s Curly Hairstyle for Women

50s curly hairstyle for women

A side part separates one large rolled section and one smaller one. For the bottom half of the hair, add tight spiraled waves.

24. 50s Waves Hairstyle

50s waves hairstyle

Finger waves decorate a small section of hair on this low 50s bun. Wear with a matching set of earrings and necklace.

25. 50s Retro Hairdo for Women

50s retro hairdo for women

Three large rolled sections of hair set this 50s hairstyle apart from all others. Add some tight ringlets at the bottom half of the hair.

26. 50s Victory Rolls

50s victory rolls

Spice up a 50s hairstyle with two different sized victory rolls. The key to this look is the smooth hair free of frizz and the rosy red ribbon.

27. 50s Hairdo for Short Hair

50s hairstyle for women

No one will know how short your hair actually is when you curl up the bottom half of the hair into a tucked-in bun, the front with its own voluminous rolls.

28. Brunette Rolled Hairstyle

women's 50s vintage hairstyle

The two large victory rolls making up this hairstyle encompass all the hair, containing it in a smooth and elegant 50s hairstyle.

29. Side Part Bob

50s women's bob hairstyles

This simple yet elegant 50s short hairstyle will transform you into the respectable woman you are. It is easy to do. Curl the ends of your hair with a hot rod. Then create a side part on the side of your head you feel comfortable. The stunning blonde bob look is fit for the career woman.

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30. Side Sweep Virals

50s hairstyles for women

It was popular then as it is today. The most outstanding thing is the blending of a side sweep and the tonging viral locks on the sides. It is still the innocent girl hairdo and easy to maintain.

Many high school girls are reinventing this vintage hairstyle from the 50s with elegance. It is perfect for any school outing and afternoon parties.

31. Blonde Hair + Dark Roots

50s hairstyles for women

You have to look at this vintage style to appreciate the artistic elegance. With a dark base, the hair gradually blends with blonde on the crown and side ends. It is a smart and straightforward dying concept that brings out a stunning look.

To crown the color is the wavy curls on the ends. If you need recognition, step out in this simple layering of hairstyle that 50s women used to flaunt.

32. Copper Brown Hair

women's side part hairstyles of the 1950s

The style needs a knowledgeable hair technician to make it. You have to create a puff of waterfall layers on your hair. Then make a short side part on the comfortable side of choice.

On the hair edges, you can simply roll or curl with a hot iron rod. It will enhance your perfect facial features with radiance.

33. Blonde Balayage

50s hairstyles women

All you have to do is fluff your hair at the top to get this 1950s women’s hairstyle. Then let the sides flow with its curves adorning some highlights. Take part of hair from the face going backward. Tie the hair at the back with a band.

Make sure to leave the fluff much higher. That takes a few minutes, but the impression you set is timeless.

34. Bumper Bangs

It is the elegant bandana hairstyle for women. This 1950s copper hairdo is unique for its back curling donut on the crown. Important to note is the headband that binds the donut at the back.

The side layers give you the cultured lady outlook. With matching accessories, you are sure to turn some heads at the ballroom.

35. Cinderella Petals

If you are young at heart, this 50s look is perfect for you. The wild outdoor spirit will follow you wherever you go. Tie your hair back of your head. Using a petal clip, pin your style into place.

The respectable woman hairstyle gets a natural outgoing compliment from the petals on the hair. You are good for the picnic afternoon in the meadows.

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36. Female Pompadour

It is artistic, elegant, and expensive. If you are into the quick early routine, this might not be your choice. You need to create a pixie stranding your hair backward. Then using the strands, create a mosaic of crossover lock layers on the top of your head.

Fasten the ends of the layers with a princess pin at the back. This is one of the best innovations of the 1950s hairdos.

37. Vintage Victory Rolls

If you are wondering why the 50s was the era of innovations, take a look at this women’s hairstyle. It is stunning to the horizon. The twin tunnels at the top of the head disappear at the fastening of the hairband.

The back is simple with a short half ponytail. This is a statement to present on the fashion runways.

38. Cheeky Chocolate Brown Hair

1950s women's long hairstyles

From the looks of the design, it gives you that mischievous character that brings laughter to people. It is the elegance of simplicity. Get your long hair into place.

With some little curling on the sides, let your hair flow naturally onto your shoulders. This helps attain that sexy look at the end.

39. Wavy Bob

wavy bob hairstyles of the 1950s women

It is vintage and smart. This short bob stands out for its experimenting with several additional ideas. To recreate this vintage look, you need to cut your hair short to medium length. Turn your hair into down flowing waves.

Using your hairstylist, make a part either on the side or close to the center of your head. Use hairspray to strengthen the style into position.

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40. Flowery Afro Bang

50s women's afro hairstyles

It is the will of every culture to showcase its secret beauty. This is one of the top 1950s hairstyles for afro women. The huge knot bang is a statement of black elegance and ingenuity.

Yet the flowing locks ending up on the side knobs are the expression of Afro femininity. You can never go wrong with this hairdo.

Short Hairstyles from The 50s

If you are into style and elegance, this article fits your taste. The 40 samples are the most memorable 50s women’s hairstyles to reinvent in the future. Try stepping out in one of these and marvel at the astonishing reception.