What Does 6A, 7A, 8A, 9A, 10A Hair Grade Mean?

These numbers can seem confusing at first glance, but their explanation is rather simple. 6A, 7A, 8A, 9A, and 10A hair grades reveal the quality of human available for wigs, weaves, and extensions on the marketplace. As technology improves, the numbers only grow higher, but at the moment, 10A is currently the best and highest quality of human hair.

Hair grade is a relatively new term created within the last 10 years to help wholesalers and customers determine the strength and quality of the hair being sold and purchased. Typically, the higher the grade, the higher the price because, as the numbers indicate, you are paying for quality.

Because formal regulation doesn’t exist, it can be hard to tell if the hair you are purchasing online has been marked correctly without being able to touch it. This is where reviews and blog forums can come in handy. Going with a well-known brand will be your best bet when choosing between 6A-10A hair. 


Choosing Your Ideal Hair Grade

We all desire the best of the best in terms of quality, but that may not always be necessary when choosing your ideal hair grade. Below is a full outline on what each grade has to offer so you can make the smartest, most informed decision.

When choosing your hair grade, it’s important to ask yourself whether you want to dye your hair. This can determine the correct grade for the coloring job that you desire.

6A Hair Grade

6A hair is 100% human hair which is the best budget choice that won’t sacrifice too much quality in the hair. When cared for properly, it will last anywhere from 6-8 months and just under a year if hair remains virgin.

While not super thick, 6A hair has a medium shaft and is perfect for regular hair extensions. Its relatively porous nature makes it ideal for coloring hair as bright as medium blonde. When dying this hair, it is best to consult a professional to get the most life out of your 6A hair. 

6A is best for straight hair, so if you want a wavy or curly look, consider moving down this list to look for hair with a higher grade. 


7A Hair Grade

Because of its quality, 7A human hair works if you’re looking to dye your hair a brunette to dark or honey blonde. Still, with this hair, the cuticle of the hair shaft is solid and all face in the same direction.

7A hair is single drawn, meaning that the hair is from a single donor but has hair of varying lengths inside of a single weft. Because this hair is still thick all the way to the tips, it can last up to a year and still maintain decent strength. 


8A Hair Grade

This high-quality grade indicates 100% virgin hair, meaning the hair was never colored or processed before you receive it. 8A indicates that hair can last up to 2 years, given that you’ve taken care of it properly. Tangles are minimal with this hair quality. 

8A hair can be dyed a light blonde color while maintaining a strong shaft that is thick all the way to the tips. This hair is also single drawn and is often the most popular type due to its price and quality. 


9A Hair Grade

9A hair is very similar to 8A hair in terms of offering and ability to be colored to a white blonde hue. It can last a little longer than its lower-grade counterparts, however, with a lifetime of up to 2 years or slightly longer if perfectly cared for. Coloring 9A hair will decrease its quality and mean that it may not last as long as other totally virgin hair with this grade. 

9A hair also has a healthy shaft, indicating that the hair in the bundles you receive are all long and strong. Expect less tangles and easy maintenance with 9A hair. 


10A Hair Grade

When it comes to quality, 10A hair is the most expensive, yet the highest quality of virgin, unprocessed hair on the market. This hair is the thickest and fullest with the healthiest shaft all the way to the ends of the hair. The hair in each packet is long and has been hand-selected so all hair is of the same length. 

Without color processing, 10A hair can last up to 3 years. If you want to purchase 10A hair, expect minimal maintenance and hair that is difficult to mat or tangle up. 

While the grade of hair certainly matters, all hair from 6A and beyond is of fairly decent quality and will ensure that your weave, wig, or extensions look fantastic. Think about the color you desire, the texture that you crave, and the budget that you’re working with before making your final decision.