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40 Perfect Haircuts for Balding Men

Some men start to worry when their hair begins to thin out, but there is no cause for concern. Haircuts for Balding men are a natural process for many men and some guys choose to go for a balding look. Balding men are even considered to be sexy and virile by some prospective partners!

Balding Men Haircuts

There are plenty of celebrity men who are starting to go bald or who have chosen to sport a hairless look. Bruce Willis is an excellent example of a macho celebrity who rocks a balding hairstyle.

Daniel Craig’s hair is also starting to thin out. Acting legend Patrick Stewart has also rocked a balding hairstyle for years! Take a look at some dashing haircuts for balding men.

1. Buzz with Shaved Part

hard part haircut for balding men

No one will know you’re balding, not even you, when you’ve got a super short buzz cut with a shaved hard part! This style emphasizes a very short cut, so your look will appear handsomely intentional. 

2. Medium Faux Hawk

mohawk hair for balding men

What do you get when you combine a buzz cut with a long mohawk? The faux hawk with texture! This style is perfect for balding men who want to disguise thinning hair or a receding hairline. 

3. Long Front, Short Sides

side part haircut for balding men

Maintaining a short haircut with faded sides is a great option for balding men because it adds definition to your handsome face. But to keep the ability to style a little length, keep the front area somewhat longer so you can work in some product!

4. Natural Hair Mohawk

haircut for balding black men

To give natural hair a little more shape, try an edgy mohawk. This one features high faded sides, but there’s still plenty of room for detail just by shaving in some symbols or shapes.

5. Long Buzz with Fade

blonde hairstyle for balding men

Not sure you wanna go super short with a traditional buzz cut? Balding men can still rock the favorite buzz, but at a longer length. To try the super short length, just fade the sides. You’ll appreciate the definition!

6. The Side Comb

haircut for balding old men

If you’re an older balding man over 60, one handsome haircut option for you is to keep your hair medium in length and just comb it over to one side. It’s an easy, classy style that suits all face shapes!

7. Combed Forward

haircut for balding men

As long as you have the length, you might as well use it! To cover up and balding areas or thin spots on your head, brush your hair to that direction. This style features short wavy hair combed forward, no special product needed!

8. Wavy Hair with Fade

balding men hairstyle

If you’re a balding man, but still head into the office each day for work, you want a style that’s going to disguise baldness while still looking professional. By using hair mousse, you can scrunch in or comb in the product on wavy hair to emphasize texture. A fade will put the finishing touches on a short haircut. 

9. Spiked

spiky haircut for balding men

Whether you use product for a “wet” styled look or use a blow-dryer to give your hair a blast of style, spiking up the hair is a fun way to express your youthful side and also distract from baldness!

10. Thin Hair on Receding Hairline

balding crown hairstyle for men

If you’re a balding man but already have thin hair, work with what you have! By keeping your look trim and in tip-top shape, like this longer style is, people will be more drawn to your facial features than your balding spots!

11. Receding Hairline

short haircut for balding men

When you have a receding hairline, a short haircut is something that you should put on your list if you are a balding man. Get a fade on sides and side-swept bangs.

12. Comb Over + Bald Fade

thin hairstyle for balding men

Thin hair needs a proper hairstyle, especially if you are a balding man. For your sides and back, you need a high bald fade and for the top, go for a comb-over that will add volume. 

13. Short Haircut for Older Men

haircuts for balding older men

The best haircuts for balding older men are short trims like buzz cuts or fades. Don’t worry about those gray spots because a short cut will make those white hairs beautifully blend. 

14. Curly Gray Hair

balding haircut for black men

There are a lot of balding haircut techniques that can help any black men look fabulous. If you have curly hair, style your hair with foam to get that glorious texture and backcomb it. 

15. Veri Short Cut with Extended Goatee

men's haircut for balding crown

When you are struggling with a balding crown, the best haircut is probably a buzz cut. Draw all the attention to your beard with an extended goatee. 

16. Haircut for Bald Crown

This simple short cut is masculine and ideal for men whose hair is starting to get thinner, especially in the crown area. You can keep your sideburns long, framing your face. 

17. Haircut with Bangs

haircuts for balding men

If the corners of your forehead are starting to become bald, you can always go for a haircut with bangs that will cover those spots. Keep a stubble beard if you also want to look younger. 

18. Long Shave with Bushy Beard

bald haircut

Take the focus off of your balding head hair with a mightily impressive beard. Large bushy beards are considered to be very fashionable at present.

19. Clean Palate

bald look with beard

Embrace your baldness rather than trying to hide it. Clean shave your head so that it is completely smooth and free from hair. Grow a full beard and get one of the most desired looks by most adult women.

20. Sexy Stubble

balding hair look

Set your beard trimmer to a minimal length and then use it on your head hair. Cut your beard and your mustache to the same length to create a uniformity within your look. This style considers as one of the best haircuts for balding men.

21. Halo

With a halo cut, the hair is left thicker around the sides and back of the style. The haircut works best on men who have a darker natural hair color.

22. Crew Cuts

balding men crew cut style

You can easily hide a receding hairline with a short crew cut hairstyle. Crew cuts look great on guys who have blond or sandy-colored hairstyles. You can learn more about the different ways men can hide thinning hair in the front.

23. Bald with Beards

Even Hollywood stars experience balding problems, but with the proper haircut, you can look so masculine and sexy, just like Jason Statham. He went for a buzz cut and a short beard, and you can too try this option. 

24. Mohawk Hairstyle

The faux hawk is the perfect hairstyle for men with a receding hairline. It not only elongates your face but makes those empty forehead corners look less prominent.

25. Burr Cut

One of the best things about a burr cut is certainly its low maintenance. It goes so well with a short beard, and you can go out without caring about your hair. 

26. Buzz Cut

Jake Gyllenhaal is a big fan of buzz cuts because they make him look masculine and hot at the same time. Keep a clean, shaved face and get ready to break some hearts. 

27. Hugh Laurie Hairstyles

Hugh Laurie experiences a bald top spot, and he easily covers it with a longer top that he messily styles. He also goes for a stubble beard that varies in length. 

28. Kevin Spacey Hairstyle

Kevin Spacey has a large forehead and a thin hair that he styles on one side. He prefers a clean face or a short stubble beard every time he is spotted at events and galas. 

29. Shaved Head with Moustaches

When you have a balding problem, probably one of the best options for you is to go for a fully shaved head. You can approach things differently and go for a thick mustache and a full beard.

30. Full Long Beard + Ultra Short Hair

haircuts for balding men

If you have a bald spot on your crown, go for an ultra short cut and style a three-lined design on one or both sides. A full beard that is well defined will certainly make you stand out. 

31. Skull Crown Design

hairstyles for balding men

If your bald crown is a problem for you, try something extravagant and get yourself a drawing or even a tattoo in that area. A skull drawing that fades into your hair is perfectly suitable for Halloween. 

32. Prince Charles Short Cut

Even the royalties struggle with hair loss and if you find yourself in a similar situation with Prince Charles, opt for a short cut.

33. Marine Cut

Marine cuts are short but very stylish. Even if they are simple, they highlight your facial features and draw all eyes to your beard. Wear it short and keep a short mustache.

34. Short Cut for Men with Glasses

When you’re getting bald, you find yourself in quite a fight to keep your good looks. A perfectly groomed beard and thick black-framed glasses will get all the attention, minimizing the hair loss. 

35. Tom Hardy’s Messy Look

bald haircut

Even your idols experience hair loss and balding problems, and Tom Hardy is one of them. He fights back with a messy look and a beard that extends on his neck. 

36. One Side Swept Top

If you want to cover a crown hair loss, keep your side hair longer and use it to cover the bald spots. Also, get that gentleman’s look by wearing a short mustache. 

37. Bald Crown + Beard

Sean Connery was a real gentleman and he always looked imposing. He will be remembered not only for his mind-blowing movies but also for his killer looks. 

38. Buzz Cut + Temple Fade

Temple fades are very trendy in 2024, and if pared with buzz cuts, they will create an excellent frame for the face. Define the edges of your buzz cut and your beard and get a mustache. 

39. High and Temple Fade

bald hairstyle

If you experience baldness in the corner of your forehead, get a high and a temple fade. Wear a thick mustache and a short stubble beard. 

40. Messy High Top

balding men haircuts

Messy hairstyles are ideal for men who experience early hair loss. Use hair gel and lift your top and mess up the hair from your sides. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about haircuts for balding men. 

At what age does balding start for men?

The age at which men start balding is usually related to genetics. Some men may experience thinning hair starting as young as 20 years old. Many men will have some degree of hair thinning or balding by the time they are 50 years old.

What causes balding in men?

Male pattern baldness is typically caused by a hormonal change that happens in men as they age. The hormone dihydrotestosterone causes hair follicles to shrink, which stops hair from growing.

Depending on their genetics, some men are more sensitive to this hormone and will experience a greater rate of hair loss. 

How many stages of balding are there for men?

There are seven stages of male pattern baldness. These stages are outlined by the Norwood Scale, a measurement device that dermatologists often use to track the phases of balding. 

Can I regrow balding hair?

No, you cannot regrow balding hair. Once the hair follicle has died, it cannot be brought back. However, there are medical and homeopathic treatments you can experiment with to keep your remaining hair follicles alive. Some treatments may slow the progression of balding hair.

Are balding hair and a receding hairline similar?

Not really. In the case of male pattern baldness, a receding hairline is often the first sign you are going bald. However, the two are not linked all the time. There can be other causes for a receding hairline that aren’t male pattern baldness. 

What’s the best haircut for a balding crown?

The best haircut for a balding crown depends on your hair texture. If you have straight hair, you will probably want to get a short haircut with slightly more length at the top. This hairstyle will make your hair volume appear more proportional and allow for an easier transition into thinner hair.

If you have curly or textured hair, you don’t have to cut your hair extremely short to address a balding crown. Instead, keep your curly hair at a medium-short length and allow the volume created by the shape of your curls to lessen the visual impact of thinning hair. 

Is short or long hair better for balding men?

The best hair length for balding men is mostly based on personal preference and hair texture. Balding men with curly hair may want to keep their hair slightly longer to create extra volume. Men with straighter hair may opt to gradually shorten their hair to keep the style proportional to their exposed scalp. 

Do women like bald guys?

Somewhat. Many women find bald men attractive. A large portion of the male population experiences baldness at some point in their lifetimes, so it is considered quite normal. Furthermore, plenty of handsome male celebrities are bald or have thinning hair. 

Should I shave my head when balding?

If you have barely any hair left, you may prefer to shave your head to have a neater appearance. If you are only in the early stages of balding, you should wait to shave your head since you don’t know yet how much hair you will ultimately lose.

For instance, some men experience significant hair thinning but never go completely bald and maintain an attractive hairstyle. 

Is a buzz cut suitable for balding men?

Yes, an extremely short haircut like a buzz cut can be a good option for men who have lost quite a bit of hair but don’t want to fully shave their heads. 

Is cowlick a sign of balding?

No, a cowlick is not a sign of balding. A cowlick is a normal variation in hair growth and is not associated with hair loss. 

How can I hide my balding hair?

You have many options for hiding your balding hair. You can wear hats, hairpieces, or wigs. The easiest option is to modify your haircut and hairstyle to complement your thinning hair. 

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