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Difference Between Beige Blonde And Ash Blonde

Have you been contemplating going blonde? You have probably come across the ultimate match-up – beige blonde vs ash blonde – and wondered which color would look best on you. 

Picking the right blonde shade for you can be tricky. However, once you know what each blonde looks like, you can pick a shade of blonde that matches your skin tones and personality well.

We’ll look at the two popular blonde shades: beige blonde and ash blonde. Let’s discuss the difference between beige blonde and ash blonde to understand which shade works best for you. 

What Shade Is Beige Blonde?

beige blonde hair
Beige Blonde

Beige blonde is a neutral shade of blonde. It takes on a sandy-golden color that is neither too cool nor too warm.

It works well with most skin tones and blends beautifully with both cool and warm undertones. Beige is a tricky shade to achieve with dye and is known as the expensive blonde.

What Shade Is Ash Blonde?

ash blonde hair
Ash blonde

Ash blonde is a cool shade of blonde. It has many grey, silver and white hues. Ashy blonde can incorporate root shadows or highlights to darken or brighten it. It is a beautiful wintery blonde, but it’s not as cool as platinum or silver.

What Does Beige Blonde and Ash Blonde Hair Look Like?

Differences Between Ash Blonde and Beige Blonde
Beige Blonde Look Vs. Ash Blonde Look

Beige blonde hair has light brown, pale yellow, and a touch of warm gold shades. It also contains pale silvery undertones and the lightest hint of root shadows.

To put it simply, beige blonde hair looks like money. It has a glossy, sophisticated look that often speaks to having enough money to maintain it. 

The complexity of the various undertones and overlays is hard to mimic and takes a great colorist. You also need to maintain that color with various products and touchups. 

Ash blonde hair looks edgy but still sophisticated. It is a cool blonde shade that has shades of icy white, deep gray, and silver. You will also notice hints of green, violet, or blue in certain ashy blonde hair if you have an eye for color.

This blonde tone can vary as a stylist plays with the root shadows, silvers, grays, and white blonde highlights. It always has pearly tones but can be tweaked to fit different skin tones by combining different undertones.

Major Differences Between Ash Blonde and Beige Blonde

While they are both blonde shades, ash and beige blonde have some distinct differences. 


Beige blonde is a neutral blonde shade, which means it carries equal warm and cool undertones. The bright golds and warm browns balance with the cool whites and dark greys.

You can play around with the different undertones, but to achieve a beige blonde color, the undertones must balance to neutral. 

On the other hand, ash blonde is a cool blonde shade, which means that the cool undertones overpower the warmer ones. It has more greys, blues, and whites than browns and bronze shades. 


To achieve beige blonde, you can lift to a level between 7 and 10. A level 8 or 9 will give you a perfect beige blonde shade, but it varies from person to person. Because it is a warm neutral blonde, you have more room to play with undertones to fit a specific aesthetic

For ash blonde, the desired lift is level 7, but it can go up to level 10. That is where the similarity ends with a beige blonde. For ash blonde, the focus is on achieving a cool look with frostier undertones.

Skin Tone

Major Differences Between Ash Blonde and Beige Blonde - Suitable Skin Tone

Because beige blonde is a neutral blonde, it works for every skin tone. The key is to get the right blend of warm to cool undertones.

This hair color feels warmer and may look better on paler skin tones.

However, the right colorist can help make the beige shade of blonde hair work for cooler or olive skin tones.

Ash blonde is perfect for people with cool undertones.

If navy blue looks good on you, chances are that ash blonde will too. This ashy blonde is icy but not harsh. It often looks delicate and can wash out warmer skin undertones.

For warmer skin tones, ash blonde should be accompanied by warm highlights for balance.

Maintenance and Cost

Generally speaking, going blonde is expensive. The darker your natural hair is, the more expensive it will be.

That being said, beige blonde is expensive to achieve and maintain. You need regular touchups with no more than eight weeks between them. Because of the balance of warm and cool undertones, beige blonde can get coppery if not well maintained. 

Ash blonde hair can be cheaper to achieve. It is a cool blonde that can get yellow or grey if not well maintained.

However, you can get away with spacing your touchups and simply following at-home maintenance guidelines. If you want a more polished look, you will have to touch it up more often.


Beige Blonde

Ash Blonde





Glossy and bronze-ish

Shimmery and silvery


Level 7 to 10, mostly 8

Level 7 to 10, mostly 7

Skin tone

All but mostly warm, neutral, and olive tones

Cool and neutral tones

Cost and Maintenance 

Expensive to achieve requires regular maintenance.

More affordable, not as much maintenance.

So, Ash Blonde or Beige Blonde: Which Shade Is Right for You?

To pick the right shade of blonde for you, you first have to look at your skin tone. Take notice of whether you have a warm, cool, olive, or neutral undertone.

If you are unsure, beige blonde will work for all. You simply have to find a good stylist who will take their time to match your skin tone to your perfect beige blonde shade. 

For cool and neutral tones, you can play with ash blonde easily. Whether you are a cool summer, winter, spring, or autumn on the skin color season chart, ash blonde will work for you. Your eye color will also play a role but the color season chart usually takes that into account.

When picking the right shade of blonde for you, you also have to consider your budget and discipline. Beige blonde is an expensive blonde. It takes a lot of money to achieve and even more to maintain. You cannot get lazy with your hair regimen or you risk a coppery, dull look.

Ash blonde hair is more forgiving on the wallet. You can miss a few steps in your hair care and you will still maintain good hair. However, remember that blonde hair is a time and money commitment.

Just because ashy blonde is more affordable does not mean it is cheap. Make sure you are ready to open your wallet and spend time on your hair.

Wrapping Up

Picking the right shade of blonde for you is an intense process. You must consult a few colorists of good reputation. Ask questions and let them suggest which shade looks good on you.

When deciding between beige blonde vs ash blonde, you’ll find both to be beautiful colors that look great if done by a seasoned professional.