5 Best Dorothy Hamill Hairstyles for Mid-aged Women

American Skater Dorothy Hamill’s wedge style haircut or ‘Hamill Wedge’  is her trademark. The 1976 Figure Skating Champion has not deviated far from this great short hairstyle. At the peak of her career, little girls everywhere wore the Dorothy Hamill haircut.

Despite the many variations of her infamous style, Hamill’s hair continues to make this legendary ice skater recognizable almost forty years later.

Here are 5 Dorothy Hamill’s best haircuts perfect for women in middle age.

1. Dorothy Hamill’s Classic Wedge Cut

Dorothy Hamill Classic Wedge Cut hairstyle

This 1970’s classic Dorothy Hamill Wedge Cut Style is a snapshot of layers in motion. Many label it as the best of Dorothy Hamill’s hairstyles. There’s nothing like the original. The “wedge” component of this style is the invention of Trevor Sorbie.

In 1974, Sorbie, a Vidal Sassoon Stylist, fashioned this look. It seems Hamill was not the first to adopt the look, but she did make it famous during 1976 when she became the champion figure skater at the age of 19, winning the Olympic Gold Medal. Hamill’s style took off from there as she appeared in commercials, becoming a spokeswoman for several products.

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Not everyone can wear this style. You must have thick, straight hair to support this look even today. This look is viable even today for women of all ages.


2. Medium Style Without Bangs

best Hamill’s Medium Style Without Bangs hair

This Dorothy Hamill medium style shows off her highlights. Undoubtedly, this hair is being held in place by a fair amount of products. However, it demonstrates that hair does not always have to remain in its original cut or style but instead, can be fashioned in a manner that gives you a new and refreshing look.


3. Dorothy Hamill’s Short Style

every one favorite Dorothy Hamill Short hairstyle

This Dorothy Hamill short hairstyle is a vibrant and more modern version of her infamous wedge hairstyle. This cropped style is rich with layers and body. Much like Dorothy Hamill’s Wedge Cut, this short style is another take on the infamous bowl cut of the 70’s with a modern twist.

It’s short, it’s stylish, low maintenance, and it screams fun! This style is perfect for everyday activities but versatile enough for more formal affairs and events.


4. Confident Medium Hairstyle

Medium Hairstyle for Dorothy Hamill

Dorothy Hamill’s Confident Medium Hairstyle contains layers that are complimentary to the shape of her face. Her bangs are gently swept to the side. Also, Hamill’s medium cut style has a few understated highlights that only help to enhance the style. Although the style is in place for an event in this image, it almost screams anchorwoman or commentator!

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5. Simple & Cool Hairstyle

cool Dorothy Hamill brown hairstyle

This chic, Dorothy Hamill hairstyle earns the title of being a cool cut. It’s classy yet verges on the edge of being a messy cut. Again, Dorothy’s style is ripe with layers and strawberry highlights. This style is very professional and perfect for the conservative woman who prefers a simple hairstyle. Again, Dorothy is sporting another low maintenance cut that is easy to simplify or raise with a bit of volume.


These are just five of Dorothy Hamill’s best hairstyles. They are easy to replicate with a good stylist on hand and even better, quite easy to manage.

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