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21 Gorgeous Black Hair Ideas with Blonde Highlights

Black hair with blonde highlights might look strange at first. But when you take a closer look,  you’ll realize what a stunning image they can help create.

Most people use highlights to slightly brighten up their hair. But classic black and brown mixes are a thing of the past. The prominent zebra-like highlighted manes are coming to conquer the world.

Be one of the first girls to take advantage of the contrast between black and white. The blonde looks perfect when matched with the black strands in the right way.

Blonde Highlights

blonde highlights on black hair

You might be surprised to learn that changing your image doesn’t require creating full-blown highlights. You might want to consider using the partial highlighting technique at first. It’s very easy to achieve. You just need to highlight the side strands of your hair and your bangs (if you have them).

When you look in the mirror you’ll immediately see the effect and can make a decision whether you should go on with full highlighting. Many girls stop at this stage and are very happy with the results.

Different Shades of Blonde Hair

Blonde Highlights on Black Hair

Did you know that black hair with blonde highlights is becoming more and more popular each month? If you always hated your dark mane but bleaching the locks seemed too much for you, the time has come to check on the contrast highlighting.

The striped zebra appearance can definitely help you make a statement, change your image, and get plenty of compliments. Allow yourself to look and feel beautiful just by dyeing a few strands of your hair. Even if your locks are brown, you can still achieve similar results.

Below are some awesome blonde highlights on black hair. Check out these popular blonde hair color ideas too.

1. Platinum Chunks 

blonde chunky highlights on black hair
Instagram / thehairghoul

Bulky highlights from the 90’s are back and look sexier than before. Take two to three big chunks of hair along the hairline and color them to a platinum blonde hue. Disconnected light and dark portions are the ultimate objective in recreating this nostalgic style whether at home or the salon.  

2. Delicate Babylights 

black pixie hair with blonde highlights
Instagram / elegantstylesbytia

Black hair with blonde highlights can be both subtle and dramatic. Nevertheless, a few stripes of blonde on a dark base are enough to impart a natural glow to the face. Play it safe with babylights that are thin compared to conventional highlights but result in a soft blended look.

3. Faux Highlights 

black braids with blonde highlights
Instagram / braids.bylillian

Still reluctant to color even a few strands of your mane? Experiment with single clip-in extensions in any shade of blonde you like or use temporary hair chalk. Try different hairstyles like these Dutch braids to see how your hair looks before going for permanent dyes. Zero risks involved!

4. Raccoon Tail Hair

Whether you call it raccoon tail hair or zebra hair, this look is sure to turn around many heads. Get wild for once and place short horizontal stripes of milky blond on black hair. Continue all over the head or mix your raccoon tails with some chunky highlights and money pieces.

5. Ashy Hues 

black layered hair with blonde highlights
Instagram / colouredbyad

Ash-blonde tones look good both on cool and warm skin tones. Create a high color contrast by incorporating blonde in the form of highlights, a balayage, or an ombre without overpowering your natural black tresses. Don’t go for very thin stripes as they’ll end up looking like white hairs.

6. Barely-There Highlights 

black hair bun with blonde highlights
Instagram / nylahhair

Ladies who want to keep it low-key can stay on the darker side of the blonde color spectrum. Opt for caramel, toffee, light golden blonde, and similar warm shades to add some shine to your boring black tresses. Place highlights all over the mane or limit them to the top portion only. Your call!  

7. Sexy Money Pieces 

blonde peekaboo highlights on black hair
Instagram / hair_inspirationn

Take part in the black hair, blonde highlights trend with some sexy money pieces framing the face. Keep it minimal by lightening the front chunks only or separate an entire layer of hair along the hairline at the front continuing to the back of the ears and dye it in a cool silvery blonde tinge.

8. Hand-Painted Balayage Highlights  

blonde balayage highlights on black hair
Instagram / patriciaestudillo

Balayage is the latest way of rocking those same old highlights but with a new technique. Instead of using foils, the stripes are hand-painted and become denser towards the tips resulting in a more natural-looking seamless gradient. Don’t worry about the emerging dark roots as they’ll add up to the look.  

9. Multi-Tonal Highlights 

black hair with honey blonde highlights
Instagram / lazaroutalbotgreen

Multi-tonal highlights are perfect to add some dimension to an otherwise dull black mane. Choose any two shades of blonde or opt for a golden blonde and medium brown color combo and blend the hues together along the length to create an ombre look but not a traditional one of course!  

10. Black and Blonde Peekaboo Hair 

light blonde highlights on black hair
Instagram / villettaartistry

Peekaboo hair, also called color blocking, is in full swing this season. The technique involves dying any portion of the mane in a distinctly different tone to pop against the remaining tresses. Opt for a light blonde solid top with black hair underneath or vice versa.

11. Sandy Blonde Streaks 

Though least expected, sandy blonde highlights look flattering on black hair and are low maintenance too. So when you itch to experiment with your black mane the next time, stick to the basics and ask the hairstylist to add medium-thickness sandy blonde stripes all over the head. Simply sexy!

12. Seamless Blend 

Those who do not like the idea of visible light chunks popping against darker pieces but still want to get highlights can refresh their mane using the darkest shade of blonde available. The streaks won’t be very noticeable but their shine definitely will!

13. Caramel Ombre Highlights 

blonde ombre highlights on black hair
Instagram / sproutssalons

Inject some warmth into the hair with a sweet caramel blonde hair color. Add the blonde stripes midway to the ends such that the lower portion of the hair is fully saturated and significantly lighter than the roots. Blending the colors perfectly together along the length is the most important aspect here.

14. Blonde highlights on top


This original zebra appearance is achieved by highlighting just the top part of your hair. You can think of this style as some kind of a special ombre. The top black strands are highlighted blonde, while the bottom stays natural.

15. A little black

black hair with golden blonde highlights
Instagram / sproutssalons

Once you get into blonde highlighting, it might be hard to stop. If you make a decision to lighten up your hair color, allow the hairdresser to leave a few natural black strands. They will look great.

16. Stunning blonde

black hair with blonde highlights

If you choose dark blonde highlights for your black hair, you can create a natural image that you might stick to for many years to come. Besides changing your hair, you are allowing yourself to change the whole outlook.

17. Thick highlights

messy black hair with blonde highlights
Instagram / insideoutbeautyct

Allow the blonde highlights to do a better job on your black locks by highlighting wider strands. The focus should be on the top part of your head, while the bottom can either stay black or be highlighted.

18. Platinum blonde

black hair with platinum blonde highlights
Instagram / dxnx.elle

Black and brown hair look stunning with platinum blonde highlights. Don’t hesitate to experiment with the lightest shades of blonde in order to look original. You’ll definitely make an impression.

19. Honey and golden hues

black hair with honey blonde highlights

Honey and golden hues are exactly what your image needs to brighten up the black hair and give you the extra zest you’ve been dreaming about. Use various shiny dyes to diversify your black mane.


20. Slight highlighting

long black hair with blonde highlights

Highlighting even a few thin strands with honey blonde dye when your natural hair is black can create a stunning image. These few strands will look like dashes of flame on your black locks. Give them a try!

21. Blonde spots

black hair with white blonde highlights

Creating just two blonde strands on your black hair is a wonderful idea. Without too much effort, you can achieve a stunning result.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is getting blonde highlights on black hair expensive?

Generally speaking, getting blonde highlights on black hair should have a similar cost to other highlight services. However, sometimes the treatments required to lift the dark color out of your hair may cost extra money.

Is it hard to highlight black hair with blonde tones?

Highlighting black hair with blonde streaks can be hard to achieve, but it’s not impossible. To avoid damaging your hair, be sure to go to a high-quality salon where an experienced colorist can properly lighten and tone your hair. 

What are the criteria to choose the best blonde shade for my black hair?

When choosing a blonde shade for highlighting black hair, you should consider your skin tone and the color of your dark hair.

Warm skin tones and warm dark hair are best flattered by highlights in honey blonde or caramel shades. People with cooler skin tones and hair colors should look for highlights in ashy or icy blonde shades.

Black hair with blonde highlights looks truly amazing. Don’t wait to start experimenting with your black locks and you’ll love the new shine your locks will get.