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70 Hottest Blonde Hair Colors for 2024 – Try These Trends

Blonde hair colors are becoming more and more impressive every year. In 2024, you’ll see a few new and old trends to experiment with.  There are silver blonde and dark blonde hues mixed with platinum and honey shades.

The hair coloring techniques, such as ombre and balayage are on the rise, while the good old highlights are not all out of the picture. Knowing which blonde shade to choose is hard. You need to check out a few options to help yourself.

Are you looking for the right blonde hair color shade for you? Then we hope these appealing blonde hair color ideas will help you look trendy. Even if you’ve been blonde most of your life, there are some shades you haven’t tried yet.

Depending on your hair color, type, and personal preferences, you can take one or two of these 70 ideas and play around with them. Going blonde is always fun, so why not become a blond right now?

Below are the best blonde hair colors you’ll love to try this year.

1. Butterscotch Blonde

Nice Butterscotch blonde hair color for cute girl

Butterscotch hair color is one of the most appealing shades of blonde for women of all ages. It looks great on graying hair as well as on any dark natural shades. It’s a good transition color for girls planning a platinum blonde hue.

2. Warm Blonde

Warm blonde hair color idea for women

Warm blonde shades are appealing for girls who have a light skin tone and dark natural hair. These shades don’t seem 100% blonde, but they lighten up your face and make your features more outlined. 

3. Sun-kissed Blonde Hair Color

young girl favorite Blonde Hair Color Ideas

This blonde hair color is one of the most wanted shades and also one of the hardest to achieve especially if your real hair is dark. This color also requires careful maintenance since the dark roots don’t look appealing.

4. Blonde Bangs

Highlighted bangs with blonde hair color idea

2023 brings us new highlighting variations. If you are definitely going for blonde, play around with various shades. For example, you can dye your bangs a darker hue of blonde than the rest of your locks.

5. Blonde with Dark Roots

Platinum blonde hair color you love

Platinum blonde hair is an appealing style but it’s hard to maintain if you have dark locks. You can achieve the best hues if your natural hair is light. Then you won’t be struggling with roots in a monthly or even a bi-weekly basis.

6. Ash Blonde Hair

 blonde ombre hair color idea for girl

Ash blonde is an appealing color that can make your image extremely stylish. Ash blonde locks mixed with light brown can create a beautiful ombre that will make you forget about touchups for a long time.

7. Reddish Blonde

Reddish light blonde hair color idea for Asian girl

Reddish blonde hair color is exactly what most girls who want to become redheads start with. Such reddish hues don’t create a flame on your head. Rather than that, they give your image some softness. You’ll love these reddish brown hair colors too.

8. Yellow Blonde

Yellowish blonde might seem unattractive to some girls while others learn to appreciate it. This color looks very natural and can be coupled with darker shades in an effort to create an ombre or balayage.

9. Honey Blonde

favorite Honey blonde hair color idea for girl

There are many variations of the honey blonde hair shades and this reddish option looks especially appealing. All depends on your natural color and the professionalism of your hairstylist.

10. Light Blonde

Bleached blonde hairstyle for women

Bleached blonde locks are a wonderful choice for girls who are ready to go all out. Such hair can look natural if you don’t completely whiten out the locks before the coloring. Ask your hairstylist for options.

11. White Platinum Blonde

blonde updo

Are you thinking about switching sides and going to the blonde team? It’s a dramatic change that you’ll absolutely adore! To match your eyebrows and skin tone, maintain the roots in a natural shade and opt for a platinum blonde color with ashy tones for the ends. 

12. Dark and Light Blonde

side braided blonde hair

Wishing for a creamy color that adds value to your hairstyle? Why not try a stunning ombre that features a darker nuance of blonde for the roots and half of your tresses. It will transit into a creamy light honey blonde that makes your hair look sun-kissed. 

13. Blonde Braided Roots

blonde dreads

Fancy and edgy look that makes a statement and suits your personality? In this case, you’ll love this blonde hairstyle with dreadlock hair extensions. To pull it off and add a cute twist, create tight braids when attaching the dreads. 

14. Two Braided Ponytails

blonde pigtails

Are you one of those girls who love a childish look? Firstly, choose a natural blonde hair color like this honey caramel. Go for a middle part and knit two Dutch braids to recreate the hairstyle. And the most important things, put a big smile on your face!

15. Classy and Sassy

blonde balayage

Girl, with this look you’ll show off that sass! An ombre like this can’t pass unadmired, right? Opt for a blonde hair color that complements those ashy locks and gorgeous eyes. Need more texture? Go for loose waves that add value to those blonde highlights!

16. Caramel Hair with Blonde Highlights

blonde highlights

Crave for a hairstyle that looks absolutely delicious? You’re in the right place! Opt for a caramel base color and style warm blonde highlights. Styling some loose waves and curls is a great idea if you want more volume and dimension. 

17. Space Buns

dark blonde hair color

Even if you love pinning your hair down, that doesn’t mean you can’t sport a fabulous blonde hair color that matches your eye color and skin tone. Opt for a blonde with silver tones but create warmer highlights for the front section. This way, when you make the buns, those hairpiecess will be in the spotlight. 

18. Blonde Box Braids

blonde box braids

You always wanted to be blonde, but you were too afraid to make the switch? No worries, we got you, girl! Go for a warm blonde tone that matches your skin. Also, you don’t need to fully braid the hair for a more natural look.

19. Wedding Hairstyle

light blonde hair color

Simple yet sophisticated, this amazing look is exactly what you need to look perfect for an event like a wedding. I guess we can all agree that the color is the highlight of the look so make sure you nail those light and platinum blonde nuances. 

20. Retro Look

retro blonde hair

Feeling fabulous just like Marylin Monroe? Don’t keep it to yourself and style a retro look. Pull all your hair up and create those victory rolls. If it’s your first time doing it, there are plenty of tutorials to learn how to do it.

21. Medium Blonde Hair


Medium blonde hair color is one of the most popular shades since it suits most of the skin tones. You can either brighten it up or darken it later on depending on your preferences.

22. Dishwater Blonde


Dark honey blonde shade is close to the brown hues but is still bright enough to be called blonde. You can use this color as the transition hue between brown and blonde or as an absolutely separate shade.

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23. Curly Balayage

Balayage with blonde haircut for girl

Your blonde balayage will look especially attractive if you decide to use both platinum and ash blonde. These colors match well together and will give your image an amazing boost no matter where the starting point was.

24. Champagne Blonde


This exciting mix of honey blonde hair color and brown shades give your hair a special look which is very natural. Natural blonde shades are somewhat rare and achieving a natural look isn’t easy.

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25. Blonde Pompadour


This short blonde hair with extremely platinum shade is exactly what you need to make an amazing statement. Don’t stop yourself from making the first step toward an outstanding image but be ready for frequent touchups.

26. White Blonde


A couple of decades ago dark roots were considered to be a faux pas. But in the 21st century, they don’t look out of style. The question is how dark are the roots compared to your blonde locks? Too much contrast is not good.

27. Blonde Balayage Bob

 Light golden blonde hair color idea for women

Light golden blonde with brown highlights is exactly what you need if your natural locks are brown. The asymmetrical style you see in the picture is the perfect choice for gals with brown hair.

28. All Shades of Red


If you add some reddish shades to your blonde hair, the overall image will change drastically. Before taking out the dye, decide whether you are planning to become a blonde or a redhead.

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29. Middle Part Hair


Platinum blonde hair color with yellowish shades can look soft if you choose the right hues. Too much yellowish color might not look appealing, so ask your hairstylist for some advice and assistance.

30. Ash and gray

Ash and gray color blonde hair for girl

The popularity of ash and short gray hair is on the rise. If you want to stand out of the crowd, you might want to consider the stylish ombre shown in the picture. Don’t hesitate to give it a try.

31. Another Ash Variation


Ash blonde hair shades are perfect for ombre. You can leave your own brown/black hair intact and then dye the next layer ash blonde while keeping the rest of the locks any shade of blonde you wish.

32. Golden Blonde Highlights

2 (2)

You can mix and match all shades of blonde any way you choose. This unorthodox way to create an ombre involves light blonde on top and much darker honey blonde on the bottom. The result is fabulous!

33. Beeline Honey

Beeline honey blonde hair color idea for girl

Using beeline honey on top and lighter platinum or yellowish blonde on the bottom is a great way to keep your locks bright and striking while eliminating the need to touch up the roots every month.

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34. Sandy Blonde

3 (2)

Butterscotch blonde locks look amazingly striking. Add light brown bangs and the image will be complete. Make sure to freshen up the color every month or two, otherwise, it will lose its brightness.

35. Highlighting

 Highlighting blonde hair color idea for girl

Highlight your brown hair with various shades of blonde but don’t lose the natural locks in the process. The more natural strands you leave the fewer touch ups you’ll need. Consider applying highlights in an asymmetrical fashion.

36. Partial Honey Highlights


Use honey blonde hair color in order to create partial highlights. Such highlighting techniques allows you to brighten up your mane without dedicating yourself to keeping blonde hair looking vibrant.

37. Platinum Blonde Balayage


Platinum blonde tends to look great with any other color even if you decide it to be ash gray or violet. No matter what color you or dyeing technique you choose, platinum locks look truly fantastic.

38. Lighten up The Red

red blonde hair color idea for women

If you are done with being a redhead and want some more brightness for your image, consider taking advantage of the blonde highlights. Start with a few and go from there. Perhaps you’ll decide to become a blond.

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39. Long Straight Hair Ombre


If you have long locks, you can enjoy a simple ombre approach. Leave your natural color on top and choose any shade of blonde for the bottom. You’ll need to touch up the color every 2 -3 months.

40. Wavy Blonde Hair

Classic balayage with blonde hairstyle

A balayage is a perfect way to brighten up your mane while keeping it looking as natural as possible. If you want to add some zest to the curly blonde hairstyle, consider using various shades of blond, from honey to platinum.

41. Partial Yellowish Fun


Using various blonde hair colors is the main theme of 2024. Meanwhile, the dark roots are not out of style. You can choose lighter and darker shades of blonde for partial highlights while leaving the roots intact.

42. Dirty Blonde

9 (2)

Dirty blonde is a natural hair color which is not as easy to achieve as you might think. If you have a really dark natural mane, you’ll need some help from a hairstylist to achieve a perfect look.

43. Layered Blonde Hair


This approach to hair dyeing is innovative and can make you look truly striking. You keep the top part your own color, then dye the middle layer blonde and then leave the ends as they are. The impression is priceless.

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44. Honey and Bright

10 (2)

When you mix together honey and golden blonde, you immediately get a certain glow around you like in a fairy tale. If you are ready to become Goldilocks, choose only the brightest shades of honey.

45. Asymmetrical Patching

Joanna Halpin for Nasty Gal lookbook (November 2015) photo shoot

Using asymmetrical patching technique can truly change your image. You can create blonde patches all over your long mane without any symmetry. Ask your hairstylist for some advice about the location.

46. Chunky Highlights

blonde hair color with Top highlights

If you want to brighten up your image but don’t feel like using blonde hair color all over your mane, you can use top highlights. Highlight only the top part of your hair, including the bangs.

47. Orange Hue

Blonde bangs

If you are a fan of the red hair but want to give it a little shine, you can create blond bangs. If you don’t have bangs, you can achieve the same result by highlighting the frontal strands of your hair.

48. Beige Blonde

12 (2)

Being a platinum blonde requires a lot of patience and maintenance. Make your haircare a little easier by adding a few honey highlights to your hair. You’ll improve your image and reduce the daily work.

49. Short Platinum Blonde Hair

Baby blonde haircut

Baby blonde hair color makes you feel as if you are returning to childhood. Just make sure that your hair is thick enough to sport it. Thin hair colored baby blonde looks feathery and often unattractive.

50. Blonde for Blue Eyes

13 (2)

If you are planning an ombre, you can just grow the roots. 2023 is not strict about the size of the dark roots. Anything goes. So you can save money on a barbershop appointment and create an ombre naturally.

51. Violet and Silver


One of the best traits of blonde shades is that that they look great with any hair color. You can add silver, red, violet, and even green strands and still get an interesting-looking style. Blonde hair is a great base for experiments.

52. Golden Blonde

14 (2)

Golden blonde shade is not very easy to achieve. Most of the time, you’ll end up with yellowish hues. If golden is not your color, consider adding some honey blonde to get a vibrant shade.

53. Ash Blonde


Ash blonde hair color is a wonderful choice for women with most of the skin types. You have to be careful not to overdo the ashy shade, otherwise, it might look to close to silver, which is not always a good choice.

54. Blonde Ends


If you are not into such hair coloring techniques as ombre and balayage but still want to brighten up your dark hair, you can consider dyeing the ends blonde. This will save you some time and money.

55. Straight Blonde Hair

Natural golden blonde hairstyle for women

Natural golden blonde shades look absolutely priceless. But if you decided to go for such a color, you must be ready for frequent touch ups. Dark roots will look terrible with this color and take all the natural feel out of it.

56. Short Hair with Blonde Highlights


If you have a short hairstyle, it doesn’t mean you have to forget about the stylish hair color experiments. For example, you can always color just the tips of your high hair to make it look even more impressive.

57. Strawberry Blonde

17 (2)

It’s easy to turn a beautiful blonde hair color into a red mane but it’s much harder to switch back. So if you are trying to strike a balance between blonde and red, try to add as little reddish hues as possible.

58. Short Blonde Ombre


This dark blonde with honey hues is a wonderful choice for girls with any natural hair color. The darker shades are done on top to hide the roots and allow them to grow naturally. The lighter shades are on the bottom to brighten up the image.

59. Blonde Pixie

18 (2)

Strawberry blonde hair color is one of the most popular hues women choose since it looks quite natural. If you have a short hairstyle, you’ll look amazing with a strawberry blonde top and lighter blonde tips.

60. Pink Highlights on Blonde Hair

Pink highlights with blonde hairstyle

Make your long blonde hair look like it just came out of a fairy tale by adding a few light pink highlights. Make sure not to overdo them or you’ll turn from a princess into a punk girl. You can leave the roots dark too.

61. Touch of Honey

blonde hair color

Sometimes only a small touch of honey blonde is enough to completely change the way your hair look. Your locks can be brown or even black, but just a patch of a partial highlight is all you need for a brighter appearance.

62. Natural Blonde

Natural Blonde

If you are going for a blonde mix, there is no need to stick to the classic “dark top, blonde bottom”. You can combine the colors any way you like. Add some reddish or pinkish hues to stand out of the crowd.

63. Blonde Lowlights

Blonde Lowlights

Honey or golden blonde hair color looks perfect with various shades of brown. Consider creating a stylish ombre by dyeing the top part warm brown shades and the bottom honey or golden blonde.

64. Khloe Kardashian Blonde 

Khloe Kardashian Blonde 

The soft transition from yellowish blonde to bleached is not an easy task especially if your natural hair color is black. You have to get ready for several sessions in the hairstylist’s chair. But the result will be amazing. You can try these braided updo hairstyles for women too.

65. Blonde Hair Brown Underneath

Blonde Hair Brown Underneath

If you’d like to make a statement with silver hair color, there is no need to go all out and dye your whole head. You can get much better results if you mix the silver strands with ash blonde hair color.

66. Blonde for Brown Eyes

Blonde for Brown Eyes

Honey blonde can be considered a brownish hue for girls with dark hair, especially when it’s a pet of an ombre. If you want your hair to look more blonde, think about choosing lighter shades.

67. Ice Blonde Hair

Ice Blonde Hair

If you want real platinum hair, you need to be ready for some hard work. However, no matter how frequently you need to get the touch ups, you’ll enjoy an amazing white mane and definitely stand out of the crowd.

68. Blonde Bob with Bangs

Blonde Bob with Bangs

Pale golden blonde hues coupled with a few brownish shades are exactly what you need to make your blonde hair color as natural as possible. If you let the roots show, then use more brownish hues on top.

69. Reddish balayage

Reddish balayage blonde

Adding some red when making a balayage can make a transition from black or brown hair color to the blonde hues appear more natural. The colors look richer and more inviting.

70. Manhattan blonde

women favorite Manhattan blonde hairstyle

This soft blonde hair shade is exactly what you need if you want to make a statement but the extravagant dyes are too wild for you. This color is truly fabulous and feels fantastic.

If you are planning to change your hair, consider trying one of the above blonde hair color ideas of 2024. You’ll definitely love the new look. Continue the new year with the most amazing hairstyle!