5 Striking Blue And White Hair Options for Real Divas

Blue and white hair is not something you usually think about when considering an amazing hairstyle. Meanwhile, these two colors can make you look truly unique and impressively striking.

There are many ways you can go about mixing these hues. Highlights, Ombres, partial highlights, dipped ends, and more. All of these options are available for a girl, who has no fear of the unknown. If you are such a girl, the time has come to take a dive.


Blue and White Hairstyles

Fashion is a fickle lady. You never know what she’ll come up with next. If you are a brave girl with a wish to look stunning and unusual, you can take advantage of blue and white hairstyles.

Blue and white look amazing together in many variations. The modern beauty industry gives women enough tools to completely transform their image.

You can play around with temporary dyes or go for bleaching. Whatever you choose, don’t forget how stunning blue and white combination is. Our best 5 options are below for you to enjoy.

#1. Light Blue Princess

Light Blue and White Hairstyle for girl

The soft light blue color looks the closest to white and that’s why they appear so wonderful together. When you are bleaching your locks, add some temporary blue dye to see how it looks with them. You might want to go permanent.


#2. Bright Silver Blue

Silver Blue and White Hairstyle

Girls like Nicki Minaj are not afraid of hair experiments. So why should you? Half an half hair dyeing is impressive, unique, and exciting. Don’t miss a chance to look like a celebrity and feel like one with a new hairstyle.


#3. White and Silver Blue

Blue and White Hairstyle

Silver white and blue hairstyles are created to add mystery and romance to your image. You can show this photo to your hairstylist in order to get one of the most wonderful hair colors. A wild hairstyle comes as a bonus.


#4. White and Blue Ombre

Blue and White ombre Hairstyle

White and blue ombre can look truly heart-stopping, especially if you use several shades of blue and purple. If you want all the eyes to be on you when walking down the street, go for this fresh hair color mix.


#5. Aquamarine Royalty

Aqua Blue and White Hairstyle

If you know how to wield the right hair colors, you can get a truly royal look. See how wonderful aquamarine, black, and white mix together? They create a beautiful and unusual appearance all the girls are bound to envy.

Mermaid Hair Colors


Blue and white hair looks stunning whatever mix you come up with. These fresh ideas are here to give you a jump start. Use your imagination to go through with wild experiments. They can definitely brighten up your life!

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