21 Best Bob Box Braids for 2019

Inspired by the legendary Cleopatra, we introduce the bob box braids as the next big trending thing in the hairstyling world. In addition to being a protective style for your natural hair, they can be a solution for girls with shorter hair who wish to flaunt exceptional designs. They are the retro-chic design that works with any kind of upcoming event. So, with the help of these tips and tricks below you will be able to master a whole new level of ” drop dead gorgeous”.

Bob Box Braids hairstyle for women


General Tips And Tricks You Should Keep In Mind

Before you kick it off with your massive braiding skills, here are a few pointers to give you a heads up above mastering the art of box braids.Chic Bob Box Braids hair tips

  1. Each face shape is paired with the suitable hair length for it. For example, round faces pair up perfectly with relatively short hair.
  2. Don’t forget to seal the ends of your braids with elastic hair bands. Then cut off the rest of the extensions that you don’t need once you reach the desired length.
  3. Don’t braid your hair tightly unless you are okay with damaging your natural hair or want to end up with hair loss.
  4. Avoid thin braids. Because thicker braids offer more volume and take up less time when you style them.
  5. Always use hair extensions with more length than you exactly need. Because as you braid your hair it tapers down and becomes thinner as you reach the end. Thus, it is better to have a few extra inches before your braid ends. Then you can cut off the extra length that is no longer needed. After all, volume and shape mean everything to this style!
  6. Don’t forget to take care of your hair at the nape. Even though it is a bob, adjusting the length of the hair dramatically can definitely turn heads towards you the minute you walk through the room.
  7. Get your friend to help you. Because this is a hairstyle that can last for hours to finish yet can last for up to 2 – 3 months

You can always go backward and just shape your hair in a bob before you start braiding. Then, decide the length you and braid. You can also consider the jumbo box braids or poetic justice braids.


DIY: How To Make Your Own Bob Box Braids

Are you low on a budget to afford a trip to a professional hair stylist? Do you like to learn new skills and techniques to spice up your looks? With our tutorial section, we guarantee you to turn from a beginner to pro in a matter of minutes!

diy bob box braids

Tools And Items Needed

  1. Hair Clips.
  2. Rubber bands
  3. Hair Brush


Steps To Follow

  1. Wash your hair with shampoo and conditioner because you need moisturized and damp hair to work better with braids.
  2. Brush your hair to avoid any tangles.
  3. Section your hair lock into 4 subsections and use clips to hold each section while working.
  4. Make sure all the strands are of almost the same size and length.
  5. Take a really tiny pinch of hair aside and then braid the entire section from top to bottom.
  6. Secure the tips of each braid with an elastic band for firm hold and longer life span.
  7. Take three of the pinches of hair you put aside and cross over the left one under the middle one. Then do the same thing with the right pinch. Consequently, you’ll get a box shaped braid.

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Tutorial Youtube Video For A Detailed Procedure

When hairstyles get complicated and seem too hard to accomplish, visual aids can come in handy! So, if you are having a hard time shaping your box braids here’s a youtube video tutorial to guide you throughout the whole process.

So, to sum up in 5 simple steps:

  1. Pick the desired length. You can choose from chin length, shoulder length, layered, in between, pixie etc …
  2. Decide the thickness of each braid. Thicker is better when it comes to boxing braids because they stand out easily and offer more volume.
  3. Choose one of the top box braid styles below to be on the right track.
  4. Try different colors to spice up your designs and grab attention.
  5. Accessorize by adorning your hair with flashy and twinkly hair clips or cute floral bands.


Classy Bob Box Braids For Every African American Woman

Even though the possibilities of bob box braids are endless, there will always be the top 21 designs that will guarantee you come out as cute as ever. So, instead of spending endless hours surfing the internet for the top-notch choices, check out our digital catalog below and copy whatever design you think suits you most!


#1. Gold Hair Cuffs

 perfect Chic Bob Box Braids hairstyle for black women

Despite what everyone might be neglecting, accessorizing your hair is a vital step towards reaching the perfect bob box braid hairstyle. So, instead of transparent elastic bands to make sure your braided tips stay in place, you can replace them with gold hair cuffs that multi-task as both securing the tips and boosting your fashion score! In addition to that, don’t forget to get yourself the element of surprise that helps you stand out in the crowd. For example, the style above props up a bun centered in the middle top of the head. While it might not be the best idea, but it will definitely turn everybody’s attention to you!