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26 Medium Hairstyles to Perfectly Frame Oval Faces

All face shapes are beautiful but oval faces are considered universally attractive given their perfectly balanced proportions and ideal symmetry. If you’re blessed with an oval face, choosing the right shoulder-length hairstyle can make you look more flattering.

An oval face is slightly longer than wide and features a narrow forehead with slightly prominent cheekbones that taper towards the chin.

You’re lucky if you fall in the family of oval faces as any hairstyle will work for you. Try mid-length haircuts to enjoy the lightness of short tresses while enjoying the styling options of long hair.

Go through the following list of medium hairstyles for women with oval faces to put your best features on full display!

Flattering Medium Hairstyles for Oval-Faced Women

Medium hairstyles are easy to maintain. They make hair appear healthy and bouncy while creating the perfect face frame. We have handpicked some blissful medium hairstyles for women with oval faces.

1. Angled Lob

medium length straight hairstyle for oval face

Balance out your rounded outlines and soft angles with a sharp lob that starts short at the back and elongates toward the front. Skip layers for a stylish healthy-looking mane.

An off-center parting helps to break down the roundness of an oval face.

2. Medium Curl-By-Curl Cut

medium curly perm hairstyle for oval face

Creating volume and bounce around an oblong face prevents it from appearing too slender. Curly beauties can get a Deva haircut, where each coil is cut individually to fall flawlessly around the face.

Throw in some highlights for a subtle glow that won’t be ignored.

3. Flipped Bob with Blunt Micro Bangs

medium length bob with bangs for oval face

Widen that narrow chin of yours by creating a movement around it with layers. Flip out the ends with a good blowout for a retro-chic appeal.

Blunt micro bangs help partly conceal a wide forehead while diverting all the focus toward your gorgeous brows and eyes.

4. Choppy Beach Waves

shoulder length hairstyle for oval face

Cropped haircuts falling above the chin aren’t recommended for long faces. Women with oval faces can try this relaxed medium hairstyle instead.

Ask for a long bob with choppy layers and loose beach waves. Hand-tousle the strands on one side to fall over the eye for a mystic vibe, and done!

5. Half-Up Wedding Updo

medium wedding hairstyle for oval face

There are so many styles that ovoid-faced brides with mid-length tresses can try. Take this look as an example that features curls arranged in a half updo with a head jewel on top.

Opt for sleek side bangs to add a little asymmetry to the face.

6. Dutch Pigtail Braids

medium length pigtail braids for oval face

Open up your beautiful elliptical face with these adorable pigtails. Carve out a center part and plait both sides into Dutch or French braids.

Loosen up the chunks for a soft appeal, or knit the hair tightly to end up with statement boxer braids.

7. Rounded Shoulder-length Curls

medium length hairstyle with glasses for oval face

African-American ladies can put their unruly curls on full display by layering them into a rounded shape with or without bangs.

Scrunch the hair by applying a good curl-defining product on your hands and allow it to fluff up, adding width to an otherwise oblong face.

8. Stacked Cardinal Red Bob

shoulder length red hairstyle for oval face

This quirky long bob is a go-to medium hairstyle for women with oval faces who wish to get rid of their long tresses. The piled-up layers at the back elongate at an angle towards the front.

A vibrant hair color like this cardinal red one is ideal to set your new haircut on fire.

9. Soft Point Layers with Middle Part

medium ombre hairstyle for oval face

Point-cut layers focus all the texture on the ends while helping strands of varying lengths to blend seamlessly together.

Try them on a shoulder-grazing lob with a simple middle part that helps break down the bluntness of your egg-shaped face. A natural-looking balayage is worth a shot too.

10. Hollywood-Style Ringlets

medium length curly hairstyle for oval face

Modern fashionistas of today can bring some drama into their lives with Hollywood-style ringlet curls. The result will be a bouncy round mane that creates the illusion of a circular face rather than an oblong one.

Use an ample amount of hairspray to keep the strands in place all day.

11. Side-Parted Afro Kinks, Highlighted Tips

medium hairstyle for black women with oval face

Side parts work really well with oval faces. Black ladies can layer their medium afro curls and part them to cascade along the sides of their faces.

Take a step ahead and lighten down the tips into any shade of blonde, or try a vibrant color instead. Zero regrets guaranteed!

12. Tucked-In Dip-Dyed Tresses

medium length dip dye hairstyle for oval face

The tucked-in hair trend is one of the biggest street styles of this year. Recreate the look by dipping your ends in a vibrant blue hair dye and tucking them loosely under your sweater.

Paint your brows, too, and observe jaws drop along the way.

13. Feathered Medium Layers

medium length layered hairstyle for oval face

Feathered layers have been going strong since the 70s and can make one of the most low-maintenance medium hairstyles for oval faces.

Couple them with barely-there babylights and finish off with a good blowout to achieve flicked-out tips that won’t be overlooked.

14. Asymmetrical Purple Bob

shoulder length purple hair for oval face

Accent your perfectly symmetrical face with a not-so-symmetrical medium-length crop. The trick is simple; keep one side slightly longer than the other, with or without layers.

Express your wild side with a violet-to-lilac ombre look and you’ll definitely love it. Blending is the key!

15. Knotted Space Buns

space buns with medium hair for oval face

Keep all the hair away from your egg-shaped face on a busy day with groovy space buns that can be achieved in a flick. Create two ponytails, twist them along the length, and wrap them around into buns.

The width created on top is ideal for balancing out a narrow chin.

16. Basic Ponytail

medium ponytail for oval face

Let your universally attractive face shape get noticed from a distance with a simple ponytail which is a lifesaver on oily hair days.

A high pony helps lift your features, while a sleek low ponytail results in a glamorous hairdo that’ll steal the show wherever you go.

17. Retro-Chic Victory Rolls

medium length vinatge hairstyle for oval face

Make heads turn with a legendary hairstyle that never gets out of fashion.

Wrap your front chunks away from the face into pinned-up victory rolls that tend to widen a slender oval face. Repeat the same for the remaining hair to end up with a bouncy faux bob.

18. Slicked-Back Wet Hairstyle

medium length wet hairstyle for oval face

Ladies with ovate faces can consider themselves lucky as they have nothing to hide. Keep all the focus at the front with a super easy wet slicked-back hairstyle.

Apply a hefty amount of gel on wet hair and brush it back. Can’t get any simpler!

19. Mid-Length Pink Ombre Locks

medium length pink hair for oval face

If getting a medium-length haircut isn’t enough, pair it with a unique hair shade to make a style statement.

An ombre look gives you the freedom to play around with different tones. Consider getting a rose pink gradient that lightens towards the tips, with the emerging dark roots adding up to the style.

20. Layered Bottleneck Lob

medium hairstyle for older women with oval face

Bottleneck bobs/lobs feature middle-parted curtain bangs that blend in seamlessly with the remaining layers.

This medium hairstyle is perfect for senior ladies with oval faces, as it conceals the corners of a wide forehead while accentuating the eyes. Add some silver highlights to achieve a gorgeous salt and pepper mane.

21. Chunky Cornrow Dreads

medium length dreadlocks for oval face

Dreadlocks are the most sought-after protective hairstyle, following box braids. They are easy to maintain and can be styled in so many different ways.

Leaving them on the loose is one option, but you can keep them away from the eyes by entwining the chunks into jumbo cornrows with shiny hair cuffs.

22. Loose Curls + Straight Bangs

medium length hairstyle with bangs for oval face

Straight bangs create the illusion of thick hair and are suitable to shed off a few years with just a little change.

Pair them with loose curls sitting on the shoulders. This medium hairstyle idea is worth a shot for oval-faced ladies with thin tresses.

23. Spiky Mohawk Mullet

medium length mullet hairstyle for oval face

Stand out from the crowd with a funky mohawk mullet hairdo. Opt for a long top that further elongates towards the nape. The buzzed sides impart a slimming effect in the case of a chubby face.

Create spikes and allow them to fall everywhere for a carefree vibe.

24. Modern Shullet, Thick Side Fringe

shoulder length bob for oval face

The modern shullet haircut is a much softer version of the traditional mullet like the one mentioned above.

The hair is kept short on the top and sides with a thick side fringe at the front and a disconnected long back. Low-key yet unique!

25. Relaxed Headband Updo

medium length hairstyle with bandana for oval face

Here’s another relaxed medium hairstyle for women with oval faces. Appear carefree yet stylish with a messy low bun and a headband on top.

Tease the crown area and pull out two face-framing chunks at the front for a romantic appeal. Simply gorgeous!

26. Wild Orange Faux Hawk

medium balayage hairstyle for oval face

Red tresses don’t surprise anymore, but bright orange locks with highlights surely will! Look like a rock star by creating a subtle pouf on top so as not to elongate the face much further and pinning back the sides.

The result will be a groovy faux hawk hairstyle that’s sure to stun many.

Any hairdo that lifts up your facial features rather than dragging them down can work wonders for that egg-shaped face of yours. This is exactly what all the above-mentioned medium hairstyles for women with oval faces will provide once you give them a shot!