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Different Box Braid Accessories: How to Accessorize Your Braids

If you want to make a difference with your braids and add more uniqueness, it is time for you to accessorize them.

In this article, you’ll find a large variety of ways to decorate your box braid by adding different types of ornaments, and I hope that it will inspire you on how to accessorize your braids.

So, let’s take a look at all these possibilities.

accessories for Box braids

1. Cuffs or Filigree Tubes

box braid accessories - cuffs
Cuffs on Box Braids

Cuffs are the easiest accessories to install, as you can open and close them on the braid. Most of them are made of thin flexible metals like aluminum.

You can find lots of different types and colors on the market, and they can usually be adjusted to the braid size.

2. Rings

box braid accessories - Rings
Box Braids Accessorized with Rings

Decorating your braids with rings is easy if the rings are flexible and easy to open and close, as they normally are if they’re specially made for braids.

You can use them alone or add pendants to hang on them. There are many rings with various pendants already hanging on them on the market.

The only problem with these box braid accessories is that they can remain a little open or open later and get lost or tangled with other braids.

However, that would not happen when you use them for cornrows on the scalp, but they can be a little uncomfortable while sleeping.

Still, they’re really cool, and you can take them off and put them back in the morning if they bother you.

3. Beads

box braid accessories - beads
Box Braids Accessorized with Beads

The universe of beads for braids is huge. You can add them anywhere on the braids, and it is very easy to add even multiple pieces at the same time if you use a beader tool, a thin latch hook, or a DIY tool made of needle and thread.

If you want to put them at the end of your braids, you’ll need to use rubber bands, thread, or another accessory to secure them.

I, personally, love to add beads at the root when my hair is already grown so that I can cover it. If you want to buy beads from a DIY jewelry store, make sure that the hole is large enough for the braid.

4. Spirals

Spirals are flexible and can be adjusted to the braid size, as they are usually made of wire. They look stunning and are easy to install. You can find various types on the market, simple or together with crystals or other jewels.

The only thing to be careful of is to close both ends well, so they wouldn’t get tangled with other braids.

5. Pins

Pins are a great way to decorate your braids while wearing buns, larger braids, or braided box braids.

They are very easy to install, you basically just insert them in, but you’ll need to take them out before sleeping. These hair accessories for box braids are great for special occasions.

6. Scarfs

box braid accessories - Scarfs

Scarfs can be nice and helpful when styling a bun, ponytails, or different braided hairstyles. You can add some color, and it can also be a great way to cover your roots when growing.

DIY or Improvised Accessories

If you don’t have dedicated accessories to use for your braids, or you want to make your own unique custom ones, you can always improvise or use DIY materials to do them. There are endless ways to decorate your braids, but I will hereby name a few.

Rubber Bands

box braid accessories - Rubber Bands
Rubber Bands

You can use rubber bands to decorate your braids, not just to secure them or for other practical purposes. You only need to wrap it twice around your braid to get a nice perfect “x” shape on your braid.

If the rubber band is larger, you might need to wrap it around more and get multiple “x” draws. You can play with them, and you can find all the different colors of rubber bands on the market.

They are really cool and will add a touch of tribal vibes to your braids.


box braid accessories - Threads

Thread can be used in various ways to decorate your braids. You can wrap them like an ateba/hairwrap, and it can be a whole braid or just an inch, or whatever you want, or you can just use one strand to draw spirals or two to draw “x” shapes.

Moreover, you can use thread to hand other pendants on your braids.

  • Piercings

Piercings work great for braids, be they for ears, belly, eyebrow, lip, septum nose, nipple, or many others. They’re easy to install, very stable, comfortable, and stunning.

  • Earrings
hair accessories for box braids

Yes, you can also use hanging earrings to decorate your braids. However, I would suggest you take them off before bedtime.

  • Safety pins

Use safety pins as they are for an avant-garde punk look, or you can use the little ones to add pendants to your braids. That will be very easy to do and effective.

  • Buttons

To install those things, you’ll need to use a needle and thread, as they are usually made to install on fabrics, but you can create a great unique look.

  • Gauge Wire
box braid accessories - Gauge Wire
Gauge Wire on Box Braids

You can do your own spirals by using gauge wire. You’ll need a wire cutter to cut it as big as you want, and you can easily wrap it around your braid. If you want to be more creative, you can add any jewels, crystals, shells, feathers, flowers, or anything you want on them.

In conclusion, the universe of accessorizing your box braids is endless and amazing. One can really create an haute-couture hairstyle by using them.

I hope that you enjoyed reading this article, and it filled your head with ideas of hair accessories for box braids that would get on your braids soon.


Can I buy and install accessories on my braids by myself, or do they need to be installed by a professional?

You can definitely do it by yourself. For beads, you may need to use a beader tool, but it usually comes together with the beads if you buy them from a dedicated braiding accessories store.

Can I wash my braids with the accessories in, or do I need to take them off and put them back after?

Most of the accessories you can keep on when you wash your braids, as taking them off and on, would damage your braids.

However, there are several accessories that would be better to take off, because they can fall, move, get tangled, or sting you.

Where can I buy accessories for braids?

The only worldwide place I can recommend to you is the web. You can find millions of accessories of all kinds just by searching “braids accessories”, or even more precisely, “filigree tube braids,” for example.