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Braided Beard – 22 Trendy Styles for Fashionable Men

Are you ready to dive into the realm of facial hairstyles? The braided beard styles are waiting for you to conquer them. If you are bold and patient enough to grow a long enough beard to make braids, you are bound to enjoy a variety of styles that come with it.

Keeping a long braid neat and beautiful is a tough job. Meanwhile, some hairstyles, such as braids, can do the trick easily. If you thought that braiding was girls’ job, think again. Even the truest machos can start braiding in order to look magnificent.

How to Braid A Beard

braided beard style by Khal Drogo

Since braiding might seem too far out for a guy, a short yet helpful tutorial is in order. You can make any one of the below-braided beard styles but you should start with the simplest. Let’s start with an easy French braid. Your beard doesn’t have to be too long to start braiding.

As long as you can separate three strands of at least 4 inches each, you can start weaving. You don’t have to wash and dry your beard before braiding. Slightly oily beard is great for braids since it makes them stay intact longer.

  1. Take a section of the beard you want to braid. It doesn’t have to be the whole beard. Some men prefer starting with a small section. Or perhaps you can make several braids on one beard.
  2. Divide the sections into three equally sized strands.
  3. Lift the left hand (or right hand as you prefer) section over the middle one. (now the left-hand section is in the middle)
  4. Take the right (or left) section and pull it over the middle one
  5. Repeat the steps 2 and 4 until you have braided the preferable length. You don’t have to keep braiding until the hair runs out. You can create a braid only half way down. It can look just as impressive. Since the hair thins toward the end, a full-blown braid might not look fantastic.
  6. Take an elastic band and secure the braid at a point where you stopped braiding. Use beard wax to secure the hairstyle. You can use some hairspray to avoid frizziness.
  7. Voila! Your beautiful French braided beard style is ready!

Once you can create a perfect French braid, you can go on to other braiding styles, such as a fishtail braid or a four-strand braid.

If you still have confusion watch the below video on how you can get a braided beard.

Bold Braided Beard Styles

If you’ve never made a braid before in your life, you might be a little hesitant to start. That’s why we came up with 22 exciting braided beard styles to give you a clue. Braiding might seem complicated but it’s easier than you think.

Once you start, you may not be able to stop creating masterpieces. There is a reason why men make such great barbers. They have a new and fresh look at hairstyles.

Even if you’ve never considered braiding before, allow your imagination to guide you to create a real masterpiece. You can also try the mutton chops beard styles.

1. Asian Twist

 Braided Beard Style

Asian guys are having a tough time growing braids. However, there are plenty of other men in the world, who are struggling with hair fullness.

If your beard is too think to look good on its own, you can enjoy a unique Asian twist. Check other beard styles for Asian guys.

2. Whiskers cornrow

cornrow Braided Beard Style for men

If your braid is not long enough to make braids yet, you can play around with the whiskers. Cornrow braids are easy to make.

But if you are not sure where to start, you can ask for professional assistance. Such braids stay intact for a long time.

3. Impressive braiding

 Braided full Beard Style for men

If you want to make an impression with your full beard, make a barbershop appointment. Both of these braided beard styles are an amazing way to make a statement as long as you take a neat approach to maintaining them.

4. Accessorizing

 Braided Beard Style for men

If braiding is not your strong point, you can still create a hairstyle, which is very similar to braiding. Separate your beard into several strands, and use ring accessories to outline them. You can use simple elastic bands as well.

5. Tiny Tom

 Braided Beard Style

Is the beard small? No problem. A braid can be small too. As long as you have enough hair to make at least a couple of weaves, you can take advantage of this braided beard style. Just make sure you tighten it well.

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6. Double trouble

Double Braided Beard Style for men

A full braid might look better without braiding than with it. However, you can have the best of both worlds by creating two smaller braids on each side of your beard.

If you have a long mustache, you can incorporate it into the braids.

7. Braided Viking Beard

braided beard for older men

This style is great for anyone looking for a bold and striking look. To get this look, divide your beard into small sections at the chin and start braiding, beginning at the root and working your way down.

Secure the end of the braid with a wooden beard bead at the root.

8. Braids with Extension

colored braided beard

It can help to add texture and definition to facial hair, creating a more structured look. For this braided beard style, you don’t need long facial hair.

Create the braids combining the French, twist and bubble styles. However, make sure you separate the bubbles using a hair tie and get a stylish, eye-catching look.

9. Double Twists

double braided beard

It is particularly well suited for those with a thick, coarse, and tangled beard. To achieve this, brush your beard to detangle them and divide them into two sections.

Start a three-strand braid all the way down to the tips, adding extension and secure the end with an elastic band.

10. Triple Braids

braided beard for men

First, comb your facial hair to remove any tangles and create a uniform shape. Next, divide the beard into three sections and braid each section.

Finally, secure the end with small beads, giving a long fishtail shape. Anyone with a full, thick beard could benefit from trying this style.

11. Braided Goatee

dyed braided beard

Grow out your facial hair long enough to make a braid on your chin. Gather the beard on your chin into separate even sections while the cheeks are shaven.

After that, braid the sections together and trim the ends to make sure it looks neat and tidy. Finally, use a rubber band to secure the end.

12. Loose French

 Braided Beard Style

If your beard is truly long and full, you can take advantage of a loose French braid. It can only look neat if you are not afraid to use sufficient beard wax. Make sure to tighten the braid with some elastic bands.

13. Low French Braided Beard

Low French Braid hairstyle

Guys with long beards, don’t have to start braiding at the very chin. You can allow yourself to start making your impressive French braid at the chest level. This Viking beard is truly impressive no matter where you begin.

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14. Brad Pitt Braid

 Braided Beard Style

Since Brad Pitt can’t brag about a full and long braid, he is making do with small twists. Small twists can look wonderful if you use the right hair accessories. You can even make them look thicker by twisting in a ribbon.

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15. Ponytail Braid Braids

Ponytail Braided Beard Style for men

This is another smart way to go about a thin beard. A French braid just wouldn’t look good. However, this ponytail, which is divided into small parts by elastic bands, can make an amazing impression.

16. Long Braided Beard 

long braided beard

A long braided beard is the perfect way to stand out amongst all the other basic beards out there. For this look, hair should be full and thick. A tightly wound braid should pop out at the center to elongate your face shape. 

17. Viking Braided Beard 

viking braided beard

Bring our your inner Dothraki with a viking braided beard. This look is especially cool with a high and tight shaved ponytail that narrows and intensifies your face shape. Add an earthy bead to the end of your braid to complete the look. 

18. Multiple Braids with Beads

braided beard with beads

Why stick to just one braid when you can have a ton? A braided beard with beads has an adventurous vibe that single braids simply don’t.

If you’re heading to the beach or somewhere warm, add beads for a little island flair. 

19. Small Braid on Full Beard 

braided beard style

Your braid doesn’t have to monopolize your overall look. Instead, tie it up at the center of your chin as an added detail to an otherwise full and scruffy beard. 

20. Short Braids on Beard 

short braided beard

Don’t think you have to go big when it comes to braided details. A short braided beard is just as cool and is actually one of the most subtle on this list. You’ll need tiny rubber band ties for this one! 

21. Braided Beard Crown 

cornrow braided beard

Emphasize a strong jawline with a braid crown wrapped closely around your chin. A small bun tied at the center looks chic, clean, and keeps your beard out of the way. 

22. Double Braids 

two braided beard

Create attractive symmetry with double braids. Each braid should come out of the corners of your chin to define your face shape. It looks great with short hair cut close to the scalp. 

Tips for Braiding Beards

When it comes to braiding your beard, there are several things you should do to make it easier on yourself. Some of these include:

  • Maintain a healthy beard. Beards that already have the proper moisture are easier to work with.
  • Wash and brush your beard, and then allow it to dry before you attempt to braid it.
  • Apply beard oil to your beard.
  • Have a plan in place before you braid your beard. You will need to know the number of braids and the number of strands per braid before you begin.
  • Section your beard into even strands.
  • Keep sections free and separate as you braid.
  • Don’t use hair ties with metal closings when you tie your braid. The metal can tangle beard hair, making removing it uncomfortable. Don’t use rubber bands or hair ties with a similar texture, as they can pull hairs out and damage your beard over time.

If after viewing these options, you haven’t received sufficient inspiration, we urge you to browse them again. You can definitely find a suitable braided beard style for your beard length and hair type. Good luck and happy braiding!


Read these frequently asked questions to learn more about braided beard styles.

Who braids their beards?

Plenty of men across borders and social classes braid their beards. Sometimes people associate braided beards with Vikings, but they are not the only group who popularized the practice.

Can braiding your beard make it grow?

Braiding your beard will not make a large impact on its growth. One of the best ways to make your beard grow more quickly is to maintain a healthy diet with proteins, vitamins, and minerals.

Another factor that might impact your beard growth is stress levels. Ensuring you get the proper amount of sleep can help keep your body calm and productive and help hair growth.

Can I do a French braid with my beard?

Yes, you can French braid your beard. Several modifications can make a French braid easier for a beard, but you can also braid it the same way you would scalp hair.

The two most popular ways to French braid a beard are the two-strand approach and the traditional three-strand approach.

Will braiding my beard damage it?

Braiding your beard won’t damage it if you take care of it properly. If your hair has insufficient moisture, tugging and weaving can hurt your hair.

If you use ties that rip and weaken hair, you can damage your beard. However, braiding will not damage your beard as long as you take care of your facial hair.

How long does my beard have to be to braid it?

Most men need their beards to be at least three or four inches long before they can braid them, but this number varies depending on the texture of your beard and how dextrous you are.