20 Classy Braided Bangs That’ll Make You Say ‘WAO’

Braided bangs are an approachable and chic hairstyle straight from the heavens. They are suitable for everyday use, making you look casual and trendy, but they are also perfect for a wedding, a party or a night out.

More often than not do women find their everyday hairstyles boring. Even when everybody thinks that your long straight hair is so sleek, shiny and beautiful, you get tired of having the same hairstyle every day. Also, when you are going to a formal event, do you really want to wear that bun that bun that will make you look so much older? Even when you do find inspiration in a fun hairstyle, are you afraid you are not going to be able to execute it properly?

Well, we are here with a solution of bangs with braid for you. They can be added to the hair of any length and they come in different forms. Whether you want to have your braided bangs sensually falling across your forehead or you want to keep them off, we have prepared some perfect solutions for braid bangs hairstyles for you.


Amazing Braided Bangs Hairstyles for Women

Braided Bangs Hairstyles

You’re asking yourself: “How do I create bangs with braid?” Well, braided bangs are actually fairly simple to create. You can start by taking a deep side part, then take the top layer of your bangs, and braid down, pulling forward as you go. Then secure them where you want. That is a general principle, but if you want to be more creative and daring, or simply have a bit more time to have fun with your hairstyle, here are 20 braid bangs ideas.


1. Extended Bangs Braid

braided bangs for women

Whether you want your hair loose, or you like the daisy bun version, the bangs with braid add fun and modern elements to your preferred hairstyle. This style is more convenient for long bangs.

You can create it by starting to braid from the top layer of your bangs down, and then dragging it back to finally mix it with the rest of your hair and tying it in a low bun. If you have unwanted loose pieces of hair, a bit of hairspray will surely help.


2. Cute Braided Bangs with Bobby Pins

braided bangs with bobby pins

This braid bangs style is made for a fair maiden whose loveliness and kindness will make everyone love her. It is also quick and super easy. Start by braiding the front section of your bangs and then secure that with bobby pins. As this hairstyle leaves your forehead exposed, it works best on an oval face shape.


3. French Braid Fringe

french braided bangs

Don’t be afraid to add something fresh to your long and smooth hairstyle. Creating the French braided bangs is always fun and quite quick. It’s also easy to hide the end behind your ear with some loose locks. This hairstyle will never get boring and it will work best for medium to long hair.


4. Simple Large Dutch Bang Braid

dutch bang braided hairstyles for women

The large Dutch bang braids go splendidly with medium-length hair. This hairstyle is a little bit more complicated to create than the other ones. But if you are willing to give it some time and effort, you will go out looking absolutely gorgeous.

Part your hair carefully and start braiding this french braid with a twist – while braiding, place the strands of hair under each other instead of placing them on top of each other. Then secure it with a bobby pin behind your ear and you are good to go.


5. Updo Hairstyles with Braided Bangs

updo with braided bangs

Updo hairstyles are elegant. But sometimes they can even be much too elegant. When you are young and fresh, enjoying your youth, you want a hairstyle that will fit the occasion, but you don’t want something boring that will make you look a decade older. That is why these are there to save the day. They will add extra spice to your perfect sleek bun and you will glow looking like royalty.


6. Braided Bangs for Short Hairstyles

When you have short hair, you often think that there is not much that you can really do with it. Even if you enjoy waking up with a hairstyle that doesn’t require any effort, there are those days when you want to add extra something. This hairstyle proves that the bangs can be braided beautifully even at short hair. If you make some effort to make this race braid, it will make your hair even more gorgeous and trendy.


7. Braided Side-Swept Bangs

This side-swept braid brings romance to any story. If you want to win the heart of that special someone and look great on your first date, this braid is perfect for you. It is so subtle and gentle and it will make your inner beauty and kindness shine brighter than a diamond.


8. Side French Braids Bangs

If you love your French braids, maybe you would be interested in adding a twist to them. Part your hair, and, starting from the top layer of your bangs, braid it backward. That way your hairstyle will look extra chic and original. Don’t be afraid to show your uniqueness and get away from your everyday routine.


9. Cute Braided Hairstyles with Low Ponytail

Being able to rock bold and unique hairstyles is a gift. Use it to your advantage and tie a low side ponytail that brings together your side swept braided bangs and the rest of your hair. You will leave everybody’s heads turning at your gentleness while also being brave enough to show your character. Make everyone fall in love!


10. Ombre Braided Bangs Hairstyles for Long Hair

ombre braided bangs hairstyles

Many women enjoy wearing ombre because it gives their hair some extra dimension. And as beautiful as it looks on its own, not every hairstyle looks good when you have an ombre. But if you braid your bangs carefully, bringing them to a side ponytail, you will bring the best out of those highlights in your hair.


11. Everyday Braided Bang Hairstyle

When you ask women ho they like to wear their hair, the most frequent answer that you will hear is – natural. But natural doesn’t have to mean that you have to go out with your hair looking just like it did when you woke up. All it takes is a natural loose braid tucked behind your ear with the rest of your hair falling over it on the sides. Casual and pretty.


12. Summer Bangs Hairstyle with Braid

If the summers are hot and sometimes you feel like everytime you make a good hairstyle it turns into a mess within minutes, then this is the hairstyle that will enable you to live your everyday life while still looking perfect even through the hottest days of summer. The braid leaves your forehead exposed, preventing your hair from getting wet,  and comes into an elegant ponytail with the rest of your head.


13. Coronet Braided Bangs

coronet braided bangs

Are you a princess or are you a queen? These braidbangs in style of a crown are worthy of both. The rope braid goes around the head like a gorgeous coronet. You don’t have to wait to be somebody’s princess, just take a bit of time to try and create this fantastic look.


14. Braided Bangs for a Vintage Hairstyle

If you are a girl that is into vintage looks and you would like a time machine to take you to the 1950’s, this is the right place to find some inspiration. Make an elegant loose braid from your bangs, tuck it behind your ears and curl the ends of the rest of the hair. Add some red lipstick and you are good to go.


15. Bangs in Two Braids

This is another ideal hairstyle for short hair. If you want to do something different with your hair that is ideal for both casual, but also a little bit more formal occasions, you can braid your bangs into thinner braids that start at the roots of the bangs and go backward. Simple, pretty, yet classy and romantic.


16. Bangs with Braid and a High Ponytail

braided bangs with high ponytail

Another good idea for a special event that you want good for. Try braiding the whole section of hair on the top of your head in a big, wide, loose braid that goes backward and turns into a high ponytail that you can tease and curl if you want to achieve a very gentle, soft and elegant look.


17. Multiple Braids

If you are very skillful when it comes to braiding hair and you want to try something that is a little bit more on the edgier side, you can try braiding your bangs in multiple braids, as shown on the photo.


18. Large Braids and a Low Bun

If your hair is long, you can try parting it in half and making big, loose French braids out of both halves and once you’ve braided them on both sides to the back of your head you can tie them into a bun that could be loose or sleek, depending on the occasion.


19. Short Bang Braids

short braided bangs

Who says that you need to put in a lot of effort to make a braid? Braids are great even when you’re in a hurry. Try braiding your fringe backward, but not all the way. Once you’ve crossed the strands 6-7 times, you can tie the rest with a hairband and still look chic and casual.


20. Whole Hair Braided

braided bangs

To conclude our selection of hairstyles that include braided bangs, we have chosen this classy option. Start by parting your hair on one side and then braid it across the top of your head to the other side. From underneath the beginning of the first braid, braid your hair in the opposite direction going all the way across the back of your head.


Hopefully, this article has helped inspire you to try something new with your hair. If your everyday life requires you to follow a strict routine, your hair does not. We hope that among these 20 braided bangs hairstyles even those who have tried some of them will find something new and interesting. Don’t be afraid to show your individuality and be bold and daring.