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110 Best Caesar Haircuts for Men in 2024

We know Julius Caesar as the ruler of the Roman Empire, but we remember him for his distinct hairstyle that guys love today. Characterized by a short crop and even shorter horizontal bangs, this iconic hairstyle has been copied and reimagined throughout the ages. It looks great when paired fresh faces, beards, or even mustaches.

What Is a Caesar Haircut?

Caesar haircut

A Caesar haircut is a cut inspired by ancient Roman rulers. The haircut features a consistent length of hair on top of the head in an oval shape. With the sides and back of the head shaved.

Typically, a Caesar cut leaves 2 inches on top of the head and several centimeters for the shaved sections. The long hair on top should generally brush forwards and be heavily styled.

There are tons of popular variations of the Caesar haircut depending on the point that the long hair fades to the shaved section and whether the saved area fades or not.

Caesar Haircuts

Below are the 110 most popular Caesar haircuts in 2024. Read on to find your unique look.

1. Caesar with Rounded Bangs

caesar haircut

The best way to style this haircut if you have a square jaw is with complimentary rounded features. Bangs are still cut horizontally, but hair is longest at the center of the forehead and is rounded out at the sides. This provides excellent balance.

2. Caesar Bangs with High Tapered Fade

blonde caesar haircut

Combine the old with the trendy and new with a Caesar cut on a tapered fade style. For this look, buzz hair close to the skin on the sides of the head and gradually fade into short locks on top.

3. Asian Caesar Haircut

Looking for something edgy? This asian Caesar haircut plays up strong cheekbones thanks to this totally round style. Hair should be bald over the ears and around the head. The long hair up top should be cut horizontally at the same length.

4. Caesar Cut for Long Hair

If tiny bangs aren’t your thing, try this long Caesar haircut for a touch of modernity. Hair should be cut in short layers with the energy of the style moving forward towards the forehead. Buzz the hair over the ears for a high and tight look.

5. Short Caesar Style

caesar cut

Men love this style because of its no-fuss nature. Plus, it is appropriate for even the most corporate of jobs. This short cut requires no styling, so it’s perfect for the low maintenance fellow.

6. Round Caesar with Fade

No look defines those cheekbones quite like a rounded Caesar cut. Here, hair is cut at virtually the same length all around the head but maintains some seriously irresistible texture up top. A fade keeps it fresh, so adjust it either high or low according to your personal preference.

7. Caesar for Wavy Texture

We so often see this style on straight hair that we forget how awesome it looks on wavy texture. A tapered fade will keep your curls in check while those rounded bangs soften a long face shape.

8. Caesar for Straight Hair

This style is so crisp only the trendiest of guys can rock it. Dynamic highlights show off the contrast between the top of the hair and the sleek tapered fade underneath. Instead of a totally round look, this cut uses sharp angles to define.

9. Caesar on Black Hair

Rock a close crop like a Caesar haircut for Black man. Tiny bangs reveal your natural texture but a bald fade is undoubtedly fresh. We love this look paired with clean facial hair.

10. Caesar with Low Fade

A low fade is the perfect way to give this cut a youthful feeling. Almost seen as a bowl cut, this look is ideal for thick hair with layers and requires minimal, if any styling. Give hair a tousle and you’re on your way.

11. Caesar Haircuts for Choppy and Layered Bangs

nice Caesar Haircuts for young boy

This classy hair design keeps your hair up on your head like a crown. The side-hair are tapered giving you a pleasant refreshing look. This style is being considered as the best one for males having straight messy hair who really don’t care about giving their hair any pleasant look because of one or the other reasons.

Since this cut is quite normal, it is known to all stylists. Just make sure to tell your barber to handle the irregular hair by cutting them properly and then style accordingly.

12. Chic with Razor Line

Razor Caesar Haircuts for men

This is the best design for the males having a bit round head. Evenly cut hair with an amazing texture and proper length is all to be needed by the man with the mentioned description. For the perfect razor line, you can fade the sides as well.

This is a rather easy design yet one thing you should make aware your stylist of, is to fade the sides perfectly because the cleanliness of razor line will be dependent on how your sides are faded.

13. Skin Fade and Textured Top

skin fade haircut plus Caesar haircut

If you have long hair and you don’t want to cut them off fearing you won’t grow such again, don’t worry as we have a solution in the form of a Skin Fade Textured Top haircut. In this amazing haircut, the textured locks are hanged over the head giving a rather promising look.

Ask your barber to cut the hair first proportionately from the crown while maintaining the sides properly. Don’t let him fade the sides to the extremes.

14. Caesar With Subtle Curls

The Caesar haircuts are one of its kind. Ever wondered what to do with the curly hair? Let’s tell you a unique way to handle your curls in a fashionable way. You can trim the sides of and then handle your curls in a way that could just appear on the head, looking messy but properly curled.

Since this cut is also easier, there is no need to direct anything. However, tell the stylist to apply a softening cream prior to trimming because it will rule out even a single percent chance of deterioration.

15. Heavy Chop and Undercut

Caesar Heavy Chop and Undercut hairstyle

Give your hair a unique style with this amazing undercut design. For this type of haircut, your hair should be thick, long and silky otherwise it won’t hold of like it is supposed to be. You can also sweep your hair at the front and trim off the sides properly.

Tell the stylist to give your hair a trimmed look from the sides and then start turning your hair into thick puffs.

16. Messy and Textured Top

young boy Messy and Textured Caesar Haircuts

If you are planning for a messy hairdo, keep a strict eye over the texture and this haircut includes chopping the strands for a few inches right from the top and then sweeping them off at one side of your head would do the trick.

Since the barber is pretty aware of this look, you need nothing to worry about just sit back and relax. Your barber knows what he has to do.

17. Vintage Caesar with Tapered Fade

boy's Caesar with Tapered Fade hairstyle

The tapered fade always gives your hair a prominent and a decent look. The upper side of the head looks no different than the other caesar cuts but the tapered fade is what gives you a modern look.

For this look, you need to grow your hair 3-4 inches and your hair must be hard to get the real essence of this haircut.

18. Effortless Bangs

Apart from textured bangs, there is another haircut in which just a simple scissor cut from almost every angle is sufficient to give you a gentleman look.

This is one of the easiest styles one could ever adopt. I would say as there is no need to go to your stylist because your wife will do it for you.

19. Crop Out with Undercut

Almost cut to the extinction from the sides and a puffy texture at the crown, evenly cut hair from the back, is what it makes the undercut crop out haircut.

Ask your barber to take great care while giving your hair a round look because this is where the professional prowess of your barber counts.

20. Layered and Textured Locks

Layered and Textured Caesar Hairstyle boys favorite

If you want to flaunt your Caesar haircut, just keep it flashy, trim the hair, give them a beautiful mahogany colour and then layer them gently at your forehead.

Don’t let your barber trims the front side of your hair and let him do the back cutting. It will balance the proportion which will give you a textured look.

21. Small and Cute Red Hair

This design is not for men actually because it won’t give you a classy look. It is for teenagers or kids with curly thick hair. Trim the sides and taper the top slightly to have this kind of haircut.

Make sure your barber waters your hair properly because curls are pretty hard to handle and design.

22. Textured Top with Heavy Cropped Fringe

This men’s Caesar haircut is another amazing work of stylists. It gives you a casual look when you yourself are in the mood of flaunting hairdos.

A thick mane at the top trimmed sides and especially ask your barber to take care while forming the thick fringe.

23. High and Tight

The high and tight type definitely gives you a classy look because in this haircut, the crown is leveled up with the sides and it is perfect for your even head as well.

There is not much effort involved in designing this haircut but you may as well get your barber clear as not to round up the edges of your head.

24. Summer Crop Out

A proper summer cut is all you need if you are a party guy and want to roam around beaches doing waterboarding. It requires minimal styling and maintenance and is easy to handle as well.

Tell your barber to water the sides while trimming them because the whole look will ruin if he doesn’t pay attention to this style.

25. Wavy Bangs & Razor Fade Sides

Wavy Bangs & Razor Fade Sides hairstyle for men

Wavy bags & razor fade side hairstyle is the depiction of tremendous reform of ancient haircut. Long top and faded sides add value to your personality and give an amazing vintage cum modern look. Boost the swag by pairing it with a stylish beard.

You can instruct your stylist and guide him if he doesn’t know about it. Tell him how much area you want to fade and how much should occupy hair.

26. Imperial Crown

The imperial crown is another charming Caesar haircut that is in the trend. It covers the larger portion of the forehead while a smaller portion of the head is faded. The overall haircut makes a crown-like shape and gives you a different and appealing appearance.

Use medium-sized blade as two layers of fades are required for the hairstyle, i.e. one is lightly faded while the other is deeply faded. Never let your hairstylist cut forehead too short and make sure they cover the front of your forehead.

27. Curly Caesar Haircut

Curly Caesar Haircut for men

To get this haircut you need to grow 3-4 inch hair as it requires symmetrical shape. The style was famous for kids but later young boys and men also started it because of the cute looks. Equal length is necessary to get perfect curls. The haircut is ideal for curly hairs while in the case of straight hair you will be needed some hair products.

Most hairstylists are familiar with this hair cut. It needs a bit more efforts and the barber uses applies some hair products to curl and then style your hair.

28. Scissor Cut

Scissor haircut is an awe-inspiring addition to the list of Caesar haircut. A skilled and professional hairstylist can absolutely change your personality as the blend of razor fade sides and neatly trimmed long hair works wonder and stands you out from the crowd.

The entire style is done with scissors except for the sides of the head which require razor to get a faded look. The longer top can be styled in a great manner to boost your overall charisma.

29. Unconventional Look

Why follow traditional hairstyles? Get something different and unconventional by adding some colors to your hair. Highlight some of the top parts with a simple one color and leave the rest as it is. The style perfectly answers to the needs of long hair while fits well on blond hair.

Get the usual Caesar haircut and dye some parts of your hair to highlight them. Make sure your top hair has 2-3 inches length and don’t let your barber cut them a lot. Ask him to use the mild clipper for sides and tell him that you want length on top and fades at sides.

30. Natural Wavy Look

 Natural Wavy Look hairstyle for man

The adorable hairstyle is for those men who have wavy locks. It gives a natural stylish appearance without sacrificing much hair. Heavy strands at the top and zero fades on the sides give you an outstanding look while you can take the perks of the haircut at the peak by sweeping hair frontward to give a perfect finishing.

Tell your hairstylist that you want a natural wavy look as most barbers are already familiar to this hairstyle but if he has no idea then ask him to leave long strands on the top and use a mild razor on the sides.

31. Sleep Upswept Trim

It’s another amazing Caesar haircut as it makes a bowl-like shape on your head and blunt fringes on the forehead. Bald fade and messy upsweep give an exciting and appealing look It brings out your inner passion and shows your restless soul.

Make messy spikes from the top hair and ask your hairstylist to make a difference in bald and faded areas. Consider this tip even when you’re doing it at home.

32. Cropped and Messy

The combination of blunt fringe and skin fade distinguishes it from other Caesar haircuts and gives you a unique look. Strands are cropped from the front and top of the head while the locks are short and coincide with a blunt. Unlike wavy bang haircut, the length of the top hair is kept short while the forehead doesn’t completely cover as well.

Scissors are used to cut front hair while the trimmer is used for making side fades. The length of the strands shouldn’t be less than one inch. Otherwise, you will be able to get an exact cropped and messy haircut.

33. Spiky Bangs with Amazing Movement

Spiky Bangs with Caesar Haircuts

The hairstyle is a combination of spiky locks are fringes. Only a professional hairstylist can make these incredible movements on your head because even a slight improper cut can change the entire appearance.

The hairdresser should shave both sides at first and then clean the back. Cut the top and make elegant locks with strands. There must be a volume on the top so the strands and mild layers can be seen perfectly.

34. Crimped and Messy

Crimped and messy haircut demands two different textures in order to differentiate upper and lower part of the head. The hairstylist crimps your strands to give the lovely front and a chic look.

Use different products that hair dyes to maintain crimped and messy haircut. Avoid the excessive use of gel to ensure the factor of messiness.

35. Razor Cut Caesar

Razor Cut Caesar is an ideal hairstyle for athletes and funky guys. Go for this hairstyle if you don’t like messy hairstyle and find it difficult to get time for hair styling.

Never use clippers for Razor Cut Caesar and prefer razor to attain this perfect and incredible style. The precision your get from razor isn’t achievable from any other tool.

36. Extremely Short Caesar

Extremely short Caesar is ideal for dark hair where you can make a difference with the help of an outline. Unlike blond hair, dark hair even looks good in extremely short Caesar and doesn’t give a bald look.

Despite it looks simple but it demands expertise due to the complicated outline at the bottom. Accentuate the top with the bottom to get excellent finishing. The hairstyle matches well with the requirements of fine and straight hair.

37. Buzz Cut Caesar

favorite Buzz Cut Caesar hair for man

Buzz Cut Caesar is a splendid merge of a buzz cut and Caesar cut. Both styles are unique and the most demanded as well. It seemed their combination would not look good but it went outstanding.

Ask your hairdresser to give Buzz Cut Caesar and make sure he uses a good razor to ensure maximum precision and clean cut.

38. High Fade Caesar

cool High Fade Caesar hairstyle for men

Thick and hard hair have to face certain limitations when it comes to styling. High fade Caesar haircut compliances with thick hair that gives a volume on the top of the head and forms a chunky fringe.

High fade Caesar makes symmetry at the back and fringes in the middles of the head. Never use a sharp razor and prefer mild sections to ensure different fringes.

39. Caesar and 360 Waves

Caesar and 360 waves are specially designed for black men. It fits well for natural, wavy, and kinky hair. The hairstyle is wavy and fits well with textured hair. The styling of curly hair is no more difficult after the arrival of Caesar and 360 Waves.

Always use scissors for the styling of thick and hard hair while use razor for both sides.

40. Fringe Crew

 Fringe Crew hairstyle for men

It’s a mixture of conventional shorter and longer hair. The bangs give a real gentleman look while feathered bangs add style in your personality.

Ask your hairstylist for more feathers and use mild razor stage for ideal fringes and fades.

41. Naturally Messy

You can leave your hair with a naturally tousled or textured look if your hair has a slight hint of some curls. This will be a great bonus if you are balding! Curls tend to cover up your bald spots here and there.

42. A Little Over Your Forehead

You can leave your fringe to dangle over your forehead if you’d like. While the classic Caesar cut features fringes that are neatly combed forward at equal lengths, yours doesn’t have to be.

Takuache or Edgar Cut

43. Some Spikes

Be careful when you’re pairing your Caesar cut with spikes! This could go terribly wrong easily for thinning hair, but if you spike it up a little loosely, your scalp shouldn’t show through your hair as much.

44. Natural Waves

caesar cut with natural waves

A Caesar cut would look really neat even if your hair is of lighter color & texture! Create an illusion of wavy, thick hair with a slightly curled Caesar haircut.

45. A Fade Down the Sides

caesar cut hairstyle

Try embedding a fade into the sides of your haircut. Even if it doesn’t fit into the conventional definition of this haircut, it certainly gives you a boost!

46. Brushed Front

If you’re too lazy for a proper style-up of this simple haircut, considering just not brushing it at all. Instead, just run your fingers through your hair for extra dramatic effects.

47. Fringe Barely There

We didn’t recognize Robery Downey Junior at first sight. Did you? His hair was roughly cut and styled in this look. While not his best cut, it is certainly still quite befitting on him!

48. Aging

Need I explain further on how good this cut looks on aging people? Even though thinning and graying hair, a Caesar cut looks good on the elderlies.

49. Your Classic Military Look

Depending on how you cut your Caesar, you might be able to pull off a military-style cut which is quite conventional but still timeless – just like this one!

50. Really Bushy

Julius Caesar might not have worn his hairdo with a thick beard, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t do it! With a medium fade separating your hair and your beard, you can really see the contrast here!

51. Medium Fade

Here’s another option that you can go for. Keep your top just like the classic Caesar cut, but taper the sides down to a really close-shaved fade.

52. Subtle Contrast Is The Key

If you don’t want your haircut to stand out too much, something with less contrast is your best bet. Keep your sides and back short, but just a little bit shorter than the length at the top.

53. Tattoo Pairing

There’s nothing wrong with spicing your haircut up with other elements – such as a tattoo! You’re bound to get some eyes on you with those ink.

54. Curved Fringe

We can’t say that this hairdo is curly, because it isn’t. It’s just the top part that is a little more curled. This could help cover up some of the widow’s peak if your fringe is grown out a little.

55. Thick Fringe

What’s unique about this look is that the hair seems uniformly short all around – until you see the fringe. Then, you realize that the hair is actually a little thicker than it looks. Perfect for thinning hair!

56. Beardy Distraction

Here’s what you can do to hide the fact that your hair is thinning: You distract them with a beard, a mustache, or any other forms of facial hair that you can grow. Your Caesar cut will do the rest of the job!

57. Smoothened Down The Sides

If you’d like to give this cut your own twist, feel free to sweep your hair down the sides rather than having it all brushed forward.

58. A Crop

caesar cut with crop

Have your hair cut extremely short, pair it with a really bushy beard, and there you have it! Another trendsetter on the go!

59. Patterned Fade

Patterned Fade with caesar cut

Nothing better to spice up your hairdo with than a fade – or perhaps, a fade with designs on it! You’re also looking at a Caesar cut with some spikes embedded at the top.

60. Clean All Over

caesar cut hiarstyle

There is only one word to describe this look with: neat. The high fade’s blending into the neatly trimmed beard and mustache is simple appealing no matter how you look at it!

Caesar Cut Hairstyle for Curly Hair

You’ll be surprised to see how many celebrities have been tried curly caesar cut at least once throughout their career. Remember to let us know which one you like the best in the comment section!

Typically, Caesar cuts are straight cuts. However, as fashion goes on, alterations and modifications are made. You can still get Caesar cuts even if your hair is naturally curly. Here’s how your hair might look with a curly style!

61. Classical Celebrity

classic caesar cut

Is it just us or does this man portray the classical middle-aged celebrity-on-poster look? You can see some graying stubbles at the side, which adds on to the seasoned appearance that this person rocks.

62. Curled Up Front

Curled Up Front with caesar cut

For some styles, it may not be as easy to tell that it’s a Caesar cut. Take for example this one, where the fringe is neatly curled. It definitely looks attractive, however!

63. Just A Hint of Curls

You can barely tell that there’s curls on this look until you look at it properly. The curls here are subtle to say the least!

64. Julius Caesar

Of course, we have to include this guy inside our list! His style is, after all, what inspired the haircut we’re focusing on today.

65. Flat But Curly Top

Keep your Caesar cut classic and stylish with just natural curls as decoration!

66. Beard Fade-In

After you have cut a high fade for your looks, you can ad in a thick bushy beard to complement your overall style and looks!

67. A Hint of Gray

It doesn’t matter if your hair is graying or if you’re getting old. Curls on your Caesar cut will still allow your unique persona to shine through and keep you stylish!

68. Bleached

To stand out a little more, you can choose to dye your hair rather than using your natural colors. Cut your fringe short and uniform, and bleach or dye your hair – whichever color you prefer!

69. A Nice Blend

Prefer the classic? No problem! A simple line-up for your hairlines will give you the best look. Curly hair won’t go wrong even in this cut, so you’re all good.

70. A Little Textured

This is what we like to call a modern twist of the curled Caesar. It’s more like a messy style, even though it’s not too much. Overall it has a textured look!

71. Natural Mess

This Caesar cut has a very disconnected look! The beard and the hair is very distinguished thanks to the high skin fade.

72. Low Fade

Pair your Caesar cut with a low skin fade for a classy gently wavy look! Only minimal styling is required once you adopt this haircut.

73. High Skin Fade

If we have to dictate a way for Caesar cuts to stand out, this is it. The curls seem to fit right into the overall curly Caesar look, and we can’t explain why!

74. Medium Fade with Light Beard

Medium Fade with caesar cut

If you’ve run out of ideas for how you can style your hair, never hesitate to pair it with some light stubbles or beard. When it comes to a high fade, the least you can do is to complement the hairless parts with some facial hair!

75. Matted Curls

Caesar Cut with Matted Curls

Usually, if you have curly hair with this haircut style and you wear your cap a little too long, you can already attain this look. It might be a good look for those with longer faces!

76. Line It Up

Whether your hair is curly or straight, doing a line-up can’t go wrong. While your curls are a little less organized, you can make up for it with the line-ups. This look works even with only faint hints of facial hair!

77. Textured with a High Fade

If you prefer the natural-looking classic Caesar, you can attempt this look. He has his hair generally brushed forward. At the same time, the “I Just Woke Up” textured looks allow his style to appear more casual.

78. Tight Curls

There’s no knowing whether tight curls are easier to manage than loose curls or the other way around. What we do know, however, is that tight curls pair up so well with a clean high skin fade!

79. Classic Curly Caesar

Classic Curly Caesar

This is the embodiment of your classic Caesar cut, except that it’s a lot more curled up. As you can see from the picture, you can also rock this look with a face clear of facial hair.

80. A Little Spiked

caesar cut with spikes

Spiking your hair up is a good way to disguise your subtle curls if nothing else. This look isn’t just spiked. It’s also quite messy, to say the least, with the hair combed in all different directions. Nevertheless, it still fits perfectly into the definition of a Caesar cut.

81. Justin Timberlake

Let’s start off our list with a curly caesar cut. Of course It’s inevitable that Justin Timberlake and his early curly looks are remembered first. In a way, he oddly resembles Mark Zuckerberg in this picture!

82. Drake

Drake has always been one for a neat and polished look. His hairline was shaped precisely as is his stubbles and mustache. We’d recognize him by his signature look anywhere, anytime!

83. David Beckham

David Beckham put a little modern twist on his caesar cut in this look. The sides are shorter than the top, although not too significantly. Either way, I’m sure we can agree that he rocked this look!

84. Justin Bieber

At this point we’re just wondering which hairstyle Justin Bieber hasn’t tried. This classic caesar cut looks really good on him! It features everything the classic cut should have – equal lengths, swept & brushed front.

85. Channing Tatum

This Magic Mike actor looks good with almost any hairstyles! It could be due to his face shape, but we have no way of clarifying fact. His haircut is swept to the sides rather than to the front.

86. George Eads

This CSI actor just proves how a caesar cut can look good effortlessly on a middle-aged man. He styled his look with a small quiff at the top to spice it up. We aren’t against it!

87. George Clooney

This man ages like fine wine. His caesar haircut is still a classic one, although it’s not as combed down. This slightly messy look still managed to look totally swell on him!

88. Brad Pitt

This multiple award-winning actor sports the longer length range of a classic caesar cut. Unlike most other celebrities, Brad did not shave off his hair that grew into his otherwise-perfect hairlines.

89. Anthony Head

If we need to show this haircut looks good with thin hair, this is the proof! He looks absolutely swell in this haircut paired in a suit as well. Classy!

90. Wentworth Miller

This Prison Break series actor looks absolutely stunning with this haircut! His hair is slightly curly, giving the cut a unique textured look.

91. Barney Stinson

Even though Barney has a high forehead, the haircut still fits him really well! This shows how the caesar cut is a very versatile haircut. Let’s just agree to call the Caesar haircut a ‘One Style Fits All’ style.

92. Matt Damon

Matt’s face leans more towards the rounder and bigger side. His haircut in this picture frames his face well, perhaps further enhanced by that small quiff flicked upwards.

93. Eminem

This really old picture of Eminem only proves one thing. The Caesar cut has been trending through the years, and is still trending today.

94. Joe Jonas

Joe Jonas's caesar cut

Joe Jonas wore this classic hair in a slightly messier style. However, it’s undeniably that his hair is cut to a uniform length at all sides! That uniform length factor could be why his cut still manages to look so good.

95. Zac Efron

Zac Efron's caesar cut

Zac Efron might have looked even better in High School Musical in this haircut! We understand though, because this haircut made him look much more mature than a high school student.

96. Jensen Ackles

Dean Winchester pretty much kept the same hairstyle throughout the past 11 Supernatural seasons and counting. He might not have kept it tended to all the time, but it gives him a very natural yet stylish hairdo.

97. Misha Collins

Misha’s hair is a little curled, and we imagine that he’d wake up with naturally tousled hair. There’s no styling required to maintain this gentle look of his!

98. Ryan Reynolds

Yes, this is how Deadpool looks beneath his outfit. We are not sure how he manages to look this charming all the time, but it’s certain that his hairstyle has got something to do with it. Those eyes and that charming smile too, definitely.

99. Kellan Lutz

Kellan Lutz's caesar cut hairstyle

Recognize this Twilight character, Emmett Cullen? The gentle waves of his slightly curly Caesar cut gives his hair a fluffy look. This haircut seems to complement his face shape exceptionally well!

100. Ben Affleck

Ben Affleck's caesar cut

Yet another award-winning actor and filmmaker, Benjamin Geza Affleck-Boldt (that’s certainly a mouthful!) wore a comfortably short Caesar cut which looks excellent even when spotted with grays here and there.

One of the best applications of Caesar cuts is that this style can hide any signs of receding hair. This could be why you see this haircut often among middle-aged men or older ones. Here are some of the haircut styles adopted to conceal balding or receding hairlines!

101. Looking Slick

caesar cut for men

With enough hair products, even a Caesar cut can shine and appear glossy. The fringe for this style, in particular, is not brushed forward like other cuts, but it can look alright!

102. Subtle Patterns

caesar cut with subtle pattern

Caesar cuts can be easily confused with a bowl cut, and it’s easy to see why when you see this style. It’s paired with a nice high fade here though, with razor lines to match!

103. A Little Messy

Frankly, this guy looks as if he had just woke up from a hangover but is still experiencing the high. Our focus is on the hairdo here though. This can certainly hide some bald spots!

104. In The Water

Even in water, your Caesar cut has got you covered! People might see that you have thin hair, but guess what? It’s alright! You look dashing and there are no bald spots at all.

105. High Widow’s Peak

Concerns about widow’s peaks inevitably come with thin hair. Not to worry, however, since Caesar’s cut will look just as natural on you anyhow!

106. A Little Textures

Here’s one great thing about Caesar cuts – you can give it style and texture while still keeping the low-maintenance look. Here’s to a minimalistic stylish appearance!

107. Keeping It Brown In Style

You can definitely consider dyeing your hair brown and pairing it with some light stubbles. This look is suitable even for those with a more squarish jaw.

108. Shape It Up

We love the mini fade features just above the ears for this style. The neat trimming of that shape-up just enhances the entire look!

109. High Forehead

You can keep your fringe higher up, showing off your forehead and the neat hairdo that you are sporting. The curve detail just before the sideburns blend into the beard is just beautiful!

110. Seriously Thinning

Are you in that middle-aged stage of your life where your scalp starts to show through your thinning hair? Cut your hair short – about #1 or #2, and then keep it all up with a Caesar cut.

How to Get A Caesar Cut

First, keep in mind that your hair at the top should be only between 0.5 to 3 inches long at max. It’s better to stick to a shorter length. Once you have selected your preferred length, cut your hair all around – the top, sides, and back to the same length.

Alternatively, you can go for another variation of the Caesar cut which involves a taper. You can cut your hair at the sides and the back to make it shorter than your hair at the top. This can be done either by using scissors or by setting a #3 or #4 on your clippers and applying it.

Caesar vs Fade

caesar vs fade

A Caesar cut is a simplistic haircut in which a fade can be added at the sides if you wanted to. On the other hand, a fade is to make your hair from short to shorter, usually at the sides and the back of your head. Depending on your haircut styles and your face shapes, your fade can be high, medium or low. Just choose one that suits you best!

Caesar vs. French Crop Cuts

Caesar vs. French Crop Cuts

The Caesar and the French Crop are two very similar cuts, and some people confuse them for the same cut, but they have some key differences.

The Caesar cut is almost exclusively long hair on top that’s all the same length. Often, but not always, the Caesar cut’s shaved sections are all one length. With a French Crop, there is more room for layers and fading.


Read these frequently asked questions to learn more about the Caesar haircut.

What is a Caesar fade?

A Caesar fade is a cut where hair is longer on the top of the head and then goes into a fade on the sides and back of the scalp.

This is the variation most similar to a French Crop cut, but the Caesar fade still maintains a single consistent length on the top of the head.

What’s the length of a Caesar haircut?

Typically, a Caesar haircut is two inches on top of the head and 3 centimeters on the backs and sides. However, a Caesar cut can be anywhere from one to three inches on top and two to five centimeters on the backs and sides.

Will a Caesar cut look good on thin hair?

The Caesar cut looks good on some people with thin hair but not on others. It depends on how thin your hair is. If your hair is evenly thin, the cut may not look perfect.

If there are a few spots in which your hair is thinner, the Caesar is an excellent choice because you are already brushing all of your hair forward. This haircut covers small bald or thin spots with a touch of pomade.

Can I get a Caesar haircut with a receding hairline?

You may be able to get a Caesar haircut with a receding hairline as long as your hairline hasn’t receded more than a couple of inches on the sides.

Like with thin spots in the hair, if the rest of your hair is sufficiently thick, you can cover a receding hairline with styling and pomade.

The trick to getting it with a receding hairline is ensuring that the hair you brush forward will cover the receding hairline.

You can’t get your hair cut to one-inch length on top if your hairline is receding in two inches. However, you can get your hair cut to three inches on top to cover a hairline that has receded one inch.

Are Caesar cuts and crew cuts similar?

Caesar cuts and crew cuts are pretty similar. Like a Caesar, crew cuts have longer hair on top and shaved sides.

Unlike a Caesar cut, the crew cut can have a much wider variety of lengths for the top section, and the fade on the backs and sides can be more extreme.

Additionally, while the Caesar cut is often styled so that all hairs on the top of the head fall forwards, crew cuts are often styled up from the scalp or left alone.