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Can You Dye Hair Over Root Touch-Up Spray? How?

Nothing beats the feeling of having freshly colored hair. But, unfortunately, your hair will already start to grow out, and your roots will show off your natural hair color in just a few weeks.

Lucky for you, there are root touch-up sprays that claim to help you solve this problem.

But here’s the key question when using root touch-up sprays: can you dye hair over root spray?

Can I Dye My Hair Over Root Touch-Up Spray?

Yes, you can dye hair over root touch-ups. Root touch-up sprays are formulated specifically for that purpose. In addition to touching up your roots, you can also use the spray to cover grey hair.

Root Touch-Up Spray Vs. Hair Dye

Root Touch-Up Spray Vs. Hair Dye

Hair dyeing seems like an excellent option for touching up your roots. However, it comes with two issues—expensive and damaging to your hair.

On the other hand, a touch-up spray is a more convenient, affordable, and less damaging option for touching up your roots.

Root Touch-Up Spray Vs. Other Root Touch-Up Products

Root touch-up products come in different forms like paste, powder, concealer, and spray.

Why should you choose a spray over these other forms? Here are some reasons why:

  • Covers a large surface area for a quick and easy process.
  • Dries quickly (water-resistant formulations).
  • Applies the color precisely (sprays with adjustable nozzles).
  • Won’t stain your sheets and skin (water and sweat-resistant products).
  • Can be used whenever and wherever you are.

But of course, the root touch-up spray also has a few disadvantages. These are as follows:

  • The application can be pretty messy (if not used properly).
  • Chances of applying too much color to your hair (if the nozzle is not adjustable).

How to Use Root Touch-Up Spray?

How to Use Root Touch-Up Spray

Below are some tips on how to properly use your touch-up spray:

1. Slowly build up to desired coverage.

Just like makeup, you should start by applying only a thin layer of the spray and then continue to add more until you’ve achieved your desired coverage. This will prevent your root color from looking too heavy.

2. Cover your scalp with paper.

To prevent color from getting into your scalp, pull your hair to the side, then cover the opposite side (where your exposed scalp is) by placing a small piece of paper under your hair strands. After that, flip your hair and move the paper to the other side before spraying again.

3. Spray in bursts.

Compared to spraying in one continuous stream, spraying in bursts will give you better control over the amount of color that will go into your hair.

4. Use a teasing brush to blend the product into your hair properly.

A thin teasing brush will ensure that the color will evenly coat each and every hair strand. If possible, go for one with boar bristles, as this type of bristles can also distribute the hair’s natural oils to your roots, making them healthier and look shinier.

5. Apply a lighter shade around your hairline.

The baby hair around your hairline is thinner than the rest, absorbing the color much faster, causing the color to look darker in those areas. Applying a lighter shade in this area will ensure that your hairline will have a hue similar to the rest of your hair.

Bonus Point: You can use the spray to cover up your bald spots or fill areas where your hair is sparse. Simply locate the areas on your scalp and spray a bit of the product until it’s filled up.

So, Can you dye hair over root spray?

Yes, you can! That’s the most convenient, cost-effective, and efficient way to touch your roots. Just follow all the tips we’ve shared with you, and you can refresh your root color, cover up your grays, and even fill in your bald spots without causing damage or spending too much money.

FAQs About Coloring Roots

How long does a root touch-up spray last?

It depends on the manufacturer. Some root sprays last for only one wash, while others claim to last up to one month, so you should check out what the label says before buying one.

How frequently should I touch up my root color?

As per experts, you should schedule a root touch-up every 4 to 6 weeks and not later than 8 weeks.
However, this would depend on how long it takes for your hair to grow. Normally, the hair grows for about half an inch every month. So the ideal time to touch up your roots is when there’s already at least 1 inch of root showing.

How to choose the right color of root touch-up spray?

The right shade is the most important thing to consider when buying a touch-up spray. The shade you will buy should not be darker or lighter than the color of the rest of your hair if you want to achieve a uniform look.
To find the right shade, we highly recommend using the chart that the manufacturer provides.

Why go for root touch-ups instead of all-over color?

There are many reasons why root touch-ups are the best option for recoloring your hair. Here are some of them:
– Since the root of your hair already has a different color from the rest, it will still give off a different shade even if you dye your entire hair. The base color is already not similar, so it won’t match no matter what you do.
– All-over color should be done only every 6 to 8 weeks, so you’ll damage your hair when you re-color it earlier than the said duration.
– Let’s face it. All-over color is much more expensive than root touch-up sprays, even if you use a boxed dye at home.