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The 5 Best Semi-Permanent Hair Dyes to Cover Gray

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It happens to all of us as we get a little older. It begins harmlessly enough. You’re mindlessly combing your hair while looking at the mirror, getting ready for that exciting occasion. You move your luscious locks to one side and notice that you have a small patch of lighter gray hair making its way across.

Fortunately, you can still maintain complete control of how your hair looks by using a semi-permanent hair dye.

There are so many options available on the marketplace, and we’re here to help you choose the best hair care product from the leading companies. Today, we’re highlighting the five best semi-permanent dyes to cover gray hair.

The Best Semi-Permanent Hair Dyes to Cover Gray Hair

ARCTIC FOX Vegan and Cruelty-Free Hair Color

Those looking to counteract the signs of aging can do so in style with ARCTIC FOX semi-permanent hair color. The company offers stylish shades, including bright purple rain and phantom greens that will help you capture and hold attention at upcoming events.

The ARCTIC FOX Vegan line features vegan and cruelty free hair dyes, made of natural keratin, which closes gaps in the hair strands caused by damage over the years. The product offers that perfect blend of hair care protection and vivid, unique color options.

Overtone Coloring Conditioner

The Overtone Coloring Conditioner is the best option if you’re looking to color your hair with a limited amount of time. Within just 15 minutes, you can apply the Coloring Conditioner product and get instant results. One of the reasons behind the popularity of the product is it’s also suitable for darker hair.

So even brunettes can benefit from the full-color range within the selection.

Another advantage to the Overtone Coloring Conditioner is that their products are free from the ammonia, peroxide, and heavy alcohols present in most other industry products. So this could be the ideal choice for you if your hair or skin reacts to other chemically enhanced dyes.

Reviews have found that the Overtone Coloring Conditioner is also one of the more durable semi-permanent hair dye products in the marketplace. So if you’re looking to make a lasting change, it could be your perfect option.

L’Oreal Paris Colorista Semi-Permanent Hair Color

The L’Oreal  Paris Colorista represents the next innovation in personalized hair care. The pure direct dyes in a conditioning hair mask help you to get your desired look and cover your grays in a cruelty-free way. You can apply the hair dye without bleaching and benefit from L’Oreal’s award-winning production quality within a home-use product.

We recommend this product simply for the innovative process behind its application and the vegan formula. You should use L’Oreal  Paris Colorista if you’re not quite sure about which hair dye suits you best and require no bleaching.

Iriro Premium Natural Semi-permanent Hair Color

Those searching for the best semi-permanent hair color to cover up grays will discover that the Iriro Premium Natural selection offers a full array of choices.  Their options are designed for the environmentally-conscious consumer and are 100% vegan and animal-cruelty-free.

We also like the product because it’s a cream-based hair coloring option, and so you can rub the hair color into your hair.

Some users of the Iriro Premium Natural Semi-permanent Hair Colour find it reduces frizz and helps them regain control of the feel of their gray locks. And so, it might be a great choice if you’ve found that those stubborn grays have adopted a more rigid structure compared with your original hair.

Clairol Professional Beautiful Collection: Best Gray Hair Solution

As one of the more established brands in the hair dye marketplace, Clairol has established a reputation for consistent quality.

Clairol Professional Beautiful Collection Advanced Gray Hair Solution semi-permanent dyes cover grays with a natural-looking color to suit most hairstyles. The natural highs and lows of the Clairol collection also mean your hair retains its appeal in all forms of lighting.

So, even when you’re booking a trip, you don’t have to worry about comparing your hair inside the hotel and at the local restaurant. It’ll look great and appear completely natural in all environments.

The advanced gray hair solutions product line is available in 9 different shades, so you’re sure to find the right option. It offers an exceptional solution for semi-permanent hair coloring with 2x the gray coverage for an extended period.

This hair color uses oxygen from the air, eliminating the need for heat or hydrogen peroxide. So, this formula is ammonia and peroxide-free and needs no developer, ensuring gentle coloration that lasts up to 12 shampoos.

These hair colors not only effectively cover gray hair, but also act as a refresher for permanent hair color, adding a brilliant shine to dull-looking hair.

To use Gray Hair Solutions, shampoo your hair and then make it dry with a towel. Once your hair is dry, apply the hair color and leave it on for 30 – 40 minutes.

How to Get Lasting Results After Dyeing Hair to Cover Grays

So now you know a little more about the top products in the marketplace, it’s time to consider how to ensure your new color retains its appeal for as long as possible before you want to change it up again.

Here are our top tips for ensuring lasting results from your gray-covering hair dyes.

Use a Deep Conditioner

Experts recommend that you use a deep conditioner at least once per week to keep your dyed hair in the perfect condition for a healthy appeal. The conditioner will keep your hair hydrated and soft and prevent the brittle feeling some dyes cause over time. 

Shampoo Less Often

Water can cause the hair dye to rinse out of your hair quickly, and so try to avoid shampooing as often as you might have done before. If you want to retain the color quality of your hair, you might use a dry shampoo product to maintain hair health.

When you have to shampoo your hair in the shower, try using as little product as possible. This way, your hair will hold the dye a little longer, and you can retain your captivating new color.

Choose Alcohol-Free Styling Products

use alcohol free product to stop your hair color from fading

Alcohol can cause significant damage to dyed hair, and so you should check your hair care products to ensure they are alcohol-free. Check your hair gels and sprays to ensure use both alcohol and sulfate-free shampoos and conditioners you use are.

Committing to this level of product research will ensure your dye lasts several months longer in peak condition.

Add a Glaze

To further protect your dyed hair, you might consider using a glaze product that adds a little shine boost to your glowing new locks. Glazes use lightweight, water-soluble silicones to smoothen and coat the hair.

By regularly using hair glazes, you can lock in stylish colors and keep your hair looking shiny and full of life.

Now you’re ready to review your range of options and choose the best semi-permanent hair dyes to cover your grays.

Remember: do your research and check the ingredients of the product carefully. Whether you’re searching for innovative new styling treatments or a wide-color selection, there’s a product to help you craft your new hairstyle.