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4 Coffee Hair Dye Side Effects You Must Know

Coffee hair dye is a relatively new hair trend that has had positive results for users. Coffee is a natural alternative to chemical dyes. While it is less potent, it has fewer negative side effects and many more benefits.

coffee dye for hair

Coffee can be very beneficial to hair. Using coffee on your hair can stimulate hair growth, repair damaged hair, and spruce up a dark brown or black hair color.

Although there are many ways coffee can help rejuvenate your hair, you should know a few coffee hair dye side effects just to be on the safe side.


Coffee Hair Dye Side Effects

Coffee hair dye doesn’t have many harmful side effects. It has quickly become a popular hair treatment and dye because it has few side effects.

It can be a wonderful alternative to give your hair a darker tint while steering clear of the chemicals used in other hair dyes. However, as with everything in life, there are a few downsides.

Makes Hair Dry

Coffee Hair Dye Side Effects - Makes Hair Dry

One side effect of coffee hair dye is hair becoming dry and brittle from overusing it. Using coffee hair dye more than once every one or two weeks may be too often for your hair.

Frequent, consistent use may result in your hair drying out and becoming weaker.


Can Cause Hair Breakage and Loss

Another side effect that can accompany dry hair is hair breakage and loss. After the hair has weakened from the overuse of coffee hair dye, your hair may be more brittle and susceptible to breakage and hair loss.

Therefore, you should use coffee hair dye less often if you see any signs your hair is dry or breaking.


Can Cause Scalp Burn

Coffee Hair Dye Side Effects - Scalp Burn

Scalp burns can also be an awful side effect of using coffee hair dye. If you use the coffee too soon after brewing, the scalding coffee can burn your scalp.

Therefore, waiting for the coffee to cool before applying it to your scalp is crucial.



A coffee dye can be a renewing treatment for your hair. However, those with lighter hair should be careful of staining. It may not have the same dark, dying effect as chemical dyes.

It can also stain the clothes you wear while dying and the sink. The sink or surrounding area should wash off the sink or tub easily with normal washing.


Why Should You Use Coffee on Hair?

Coffee has great benefits for your hair. The caffeine in coffee can promote hair growth and fight hair loss. While the overuse of coffee can cause hair to become weak and brittle, appropriate use can strengthen hair and encourage more growth.

Coffee also exfoliates the scalp and can revitalize dark brown or black hair. Coffee may have an undesired staining effect on lighter hair, but it can do wonders to add a fresh look to darker hair.

Hair texture can also improve with the use of coffee hair dye. The coffee acts as a conditioner to leave your hair soft and smooth. In addition, the antioxidants in coffee can help fight frizz, dryness, or damaged hair.

Which Type of Coffee is Safe for Hair?

Which Type of Coffee is Safe for Hair
Coffee Hair Dye

Assuming you’re using coffee that has cooled and not using it too often in a way that will damage your hair, coffee is safe and beneficial to your hair.

The best coffee to use to reap all the benefits coffee has to offer is ground coffee beans. Instant coffee or flavored coffee may have more chemicals in them. Flavored and instant coffee can also prove less potent.

Darker roast coffee will make the tint on your hair darker. If you are looking for the coloring effect coffee can have on your hair, your best bet is to use dark-ground coffee.

It may not work as strongly or effectively if you have recently bleached your hair or if you have gray, red, or blonde hair.


Here are a few of the most commonly asked questions regarding coffee hair dye side effects.

How long does coffee tint last on hair?

The coffee tint lasts about one to three weeks. If you wash your hair regularly, it may only last about a week. However, washing your hair less frequently could extend the tint of the dye up to two or three weeks.
It is not like a chemical hair dye, so it is not as powerful as permanent hair dyes. The coffee tint will come out a little more with every wash.

How often can you use coffee dye on your hair?

You can use coffee dye up to once or twice a week as needed. If you’re using it as a hair dye rather than just a healthy hair treatment, the coffee hair dye will typically last one to two weeks. So you can safely use coffee in that time frame and avoid any overuse while getting all the benefits it has to offer.

Can coffee dye cause hair loss?

Coffee dye alone does not cause hair loss. On the contrary, using coffee dye on your hair can stimulate the hair follicles and encourage hair growth. It can also help repair hair breakage and split ends.
However, if you frequently use coffee hair dye, it can dry and damage your hair. Dry, damaged hair tends to be weak and brittle, leading to hair breakage or loss. Coffee dye used appropriately will actually work against hair breakage and loss.


Coffee is making waves as a hair mask, rinse or scrub. No matter how you use it, coffee provides great benefits for your hair. Coffee hair dye has very few negative side effects. However, using it too much can lead to dry or damaged hair.

Take caution when using coffee hair dye to avoid scalp burns and irritation. Coffee stains can be a great way to tint your hair, but it can also stain the tub or sink you use when dying.

So be careful with the coffee and clean it immediately after use. The limited damaging side effects do not outweigh the benefits of using coffee hair dye.

You can use coffee to tint your hair to spruce up your brown or black hair. Coffee is also great for strengthening your hair and creating soft, smooth locks.