Salvador Dali Mustache: How to Style & Curl Like a Boss

The Salvador Dali mustache is famous for being sort of an oddball, slightly reminiscent of the English mustache. Not many people would even think to try it but if you are feeling dangerous, just know that it’s going to take some time, especially if you are starting from a clean-shaven position.

Stylish mustaches don’t always come easily and sometimes you’ve got to cut them, wax them, and even train them to achieve the look that you want.


How to Nail Dali’s Mustache Look

how to style dali mustache

Dali himself wore the mustache in a few different ways. Sometimes it was short with a slight curl; other times, it shot upwards after it reached the end of his lips. Regardless of the exact look that you are going for, there is a process.

If you want to be as authentic as possible, you’ll need to let that mustache grow for a couple of weeks if not longer. Dali’s face was clean-shaven but you can feel free to test out the mustache before shaving your beard. Dali also had a thinner, tighter mustache so if yours is thick and bushy, you’ll have to decide whether or not you want to cut it down.


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Training Your Mustache

styling dali mustache

At its longest, the Dali mustache would practically reach his eyeballs. While your mustache is growing, you have to train it to grow in the right direction.

As your mustache grows, keep twisting it and bending it so that it stays narrow and comes to a point. Decide which angle you want the mustache to go and continue bending it to that angle. If necessary, you should comb your mustache, parting it in the middle so that the hairs point toward the corners of your mouth.

If you want the mustache to simply curve upward and point straight out, you’ll start bending it at the corners of your mouth. If you want a noticeable curl, make sure that you are twirling it to create the curl. You want to keep manipulating the mustache on a daily basis. You can also choose a French mustache if you like.


Putting on the Wax

tips to style dali mustache

Wax is essential for achieving the Salvador Dali mustache and it ensures that the hairs stay in place. Otherwise, they will droop. As you’re manipulating the mustache and getting it to look how you want, apply the mustache wax and twist your hair into shape.

There are a variety of waxes that you can use so if you have a favorite brand, don’t hesitate to use it. The wax will help you keep your mustache tight and it will give you greater control over the curl and the angle at which your hair points.

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Mustache Summary

styling dali mustache

To really nail the Dali mustache and achieve those curls, you’ll need some patience and some dedication. The steps for achieving this mustache style include:

  • Let your mustache grow for several weeks. Shave the rest of your face if you want to.
  • After your mustache has grown a bit, start combing it to each side and curling the ends. Do this on a daily basis so that your mustache gets used to this.
  • When your mustache gets longer, start applying some wax so that you can bend it into place.
  • Decide whether you want a full mustache or a tight mustache and trim it down as necessary.
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