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10 Ways to Pair Mustaches with Glasses for a Dapper Look

Back in the day, there were two types of guys – ones with cool mustaches and ones with nerdy glasses. But those days are long gone! Now, it’s super cool to combine a mustache with glasses for style.

So basically, you get to look smart and cool together with this combo. And if you’re thinking of trying this look, the options are endless.

Simply change up your mustache style or pick different glasses and you will instantly get a whole new vibe.

Best Mustache and Glasses Combinations

You can rock a well-groomed chevron mustache with top-notch aviator glasses or go bold with a handlebar mustache paired with oversized square frames.

Here are some styling ideas for pairing a mustache with glasses.

1. Chevron Mustache with Half Rim Glasses

chevron mustache with glasses

It is one of the most popular mustache styles among the celebrities. Pair the chevron mustache with sleek semi-rimless eyeglasses to get a professor-like appearance.

2. Vintage Mustache with Square Glasses

70s mustache with glasses

This old-school 70s style reminds us of the actors with mustaches and glasses back then. It has a thin mustache with a gap in the middle that goes a little over the upper lips.

So, if you want to get a hippie look in the 21st century with a retro vibe, you can just grow the mustache for a month and add square spectacles with a glossy black frame.

3. Handlebar Mustache with Rectangular Glasses

handlebar mustache with glasses

Pairing a handlebar mustache with glasses perfectly blends vintage charm with modern style. It has long twirled edges with an upward curl that resembles the handlebars of a bicycle.

When you combine it with rectangular spectacles, you will surely get an eye-catching appearance.

4. Parted Mustache with Thick Frame

black man mustache with glasses

This style features a parted mustache with a soul patch. The dark maroonish thick frame creates an artistic look. This mustache style suits African-American men with bushy curly hair.

5. Short Walrus with Metal Frame Glasses

short walrus mustache with glasses

While the regular walrus mustache has a full and bushy appearance, this one is a shorter version of a walrus mustache that is gray and trimmed slightly over the upper lip.

Paired this mustache style with a metal frame rectangular glasses. This combo is perfect for older men who are bald on top and have hair on the sides.

6. Pencil Mustache with Square Glasses

pencil mustache with glasses

This pencil mustache is a bit wider variation and slightly broader. Combined with a square-shaped glass gives a polished look to any young man. The beard and mustache look elegant with the quiff hairstyle.

7. Lampshade Mustache with Black Frame Glasses

lampshade mustache with glasses

This style has a wide, straight mustache covering the upper lip with a horizontal to curved line. When complemented with rectangle black-framed eyeglasses, it visualizes a confident look.

8. Over the Lips with Crystal Glasses

red mustache with glasses

The mustache grows out over the lips and shapes the mouth area. It can give a bit of a rugged appearance, even on a chubby face. However, using transparent spectacles will surely give a cute look.

9. Cowboy Mustache with Oval Glasses

cowboy mustache with glasses

Extending over both the upper and lower lips, this cowboy mustache gives an adventurous look with a blend of classic Wild West style.

It resembles the toughness of an older man. And pairing with an oval glass makes it well suited to a chubby face.

10. Patchy Short Mustache with Black and Transparent Oval Glasses

patchy mustache for Asian men with glasses

Hair growing unevenly across the upper lip gives a patchy appearance with a short and sparse mustache. But with half-black and half-transparent oval spectacles, you may keep the attention away from the stache.

As we conclude our styling options, one thing becomes clear; combining a mustache with glasses is like mixing classic and cool. You can look smart and stylish all at once.

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