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Does Semi-Permanent Hair Dye Wash Out Completely?

There are so many fun hair colors and styles to try, but not all hair trends last forever. Colors and lengths are ever-changing, and everyone has a different style that best suits them.

Semi Permanent hair dye works similarly as a permanent hair dye but only lasts for a short time, typically around six weeks, depending on your washing frequency. It fades and washes out over time. But the question is, does semi-permanent hair dye wash out completely?


Does Semi-Permanent Hair Dye Wash Out Completely?

Yes, semi-permanent hair dye will be washed out completely with shampoo over time. Note that It won’t wash out completely on the first wash. With every wash, some color pigments are washed out. So gradually, the color keeps fading and eventually, the semi-permanent hair dye will be washed out completely.

You can expect semi-permanent hair dye to remain in your hair for up to 8-12 washes. The color will keep fading after every wash and not stay as vibrant as it appears when first applied.

Hair types and colors are so varying that the effects of the dye will change along with the person. However, the hair dye will come out, maybe it will not last as long, or it may take longer, but because it is not permanent, it will not last longer than a few months. 

The number of washes combined with the type of shampoo and conditioner, plus the hair texture, all play a part in how long the color stays. It will fade and wash out within a month and a half of the application.


How Long Does Semi-Permanent Hair Dye Actually Last?

How Long Does Semi-Permanent Hair Dye Actually Last?

Semi-permanent dye only lasts about six weeks maximum. It will wash out and fade as early as four weeks after application. The fading may change the color of the dye.

It is a common fear to dye blue and ends up with green, but the faded look will not last long. 

Semi-permanent hair dye should not last longer than two months because the semi-permanent dye is missing two lasting ingredients that regular dye has. It also only affects the top layer of the hair, which is why it will fade and remove the semi-permanent dye completely.


Why Does Washing Affect the Lasting Effects of Semi-Permanent Dye?

Semi-permanent hair dye washes  out because it only attaches to the top layers of hair; it does not bond to the hair or creates a lasting change. As it only coats the top layer of the hair, as you wash away the layer, the color goes too. 

That means that the color will fade after every wash. It is important to limit the harsh products and rigorous methods you use to wash your hair if you want the due to last for a while.

Eventually, all the dye will be washed away, and after the hair repairs, it will be ready for the next color.


Is Dye Quality Important?

Dye quality will affect how long the hair color stays. Some semi-permanent hair dyes will condition or strengthen your hair based on the ingredients used, while others may damage it. The varying ingredients in the dyes play a part in how they will affect your hair. 

It may not be the end of the world if you use a cheaper dye on your hair, but it could thin or weaken the strands after extended use.

Additionally, a less expensive, low-quality color will fade faster, often leading people to dye their hair more frequently. And repeated use over time will significantly damage your hair.

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Is Semi-Permanent Dye the Only Option For Temporary Color?

If you like the color but are not ready to take the plunge into permanent dye yet, there are plenty of other options to test the waters. There are hair chalks, sprays, and temporary dyes that all work in a similar fashion. 

Hair chalk and spray will wash out with the next shower, meaning the color could last only for the day. These are great forms to experiment with and build up color confidence.

Alternatively, temporary hair dye is applied through a gel mask, conditioner, or other forms and comes out in one to two washes.


How To Wash Out Semi-Permanent Dye 

How To Wash Out Semi-Permanent Dye 

Contrary to how most wash their hair when you want to get out the semi-permanent dye, start by applying your conditioner.

Let the conditioner sit on your hair for about fifteen minutes, give or take. After that, you can use your shampoo and get through the rest of your routine. 

If you really want the dye gone, and conditioner and shampoo are not cutting it, you can use baking soda.

Apply the baking soda as you would with your other producers and let it sit on your hair for only one minute, then rinse as normal and that should remove all the dye.


Final Thoughts

Semi-permanent hair dye is an excellent way to experience changing your hair color without taking the full plunge and damaging your hair.

It lasts only a short while and slowly fades over time so you do not have to feel as pressured to pick the perfect color. 

Semi-permanent hair will last a few weeks, though it will fade over time with each wash. Semi-permanent hair dye offers a world of new opportunities and fun colors to try.